September 2021 PCS Newsletter

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The big month for new pez releases has arrived! We always look forward to September, though this year a few anticipated items will be delayed until October. We have been very busy in the Pez Collectors Store with adding some older inventory, so if there are a few items you have been needing to fill holes, check again to see if we have added the item to our inventory! The next Pez Convention will happen in September and we hope to see you there!

Tikki and Plagg arrived from Europe to join the Miraculous Pez assortment. These fun additions are European only releases. These are available now in the Pez Collectors Store.

European Tikki and Plagg from Miraculous Pez Assortment

We have just a few of the Dragon Fruit Pez Candy Brick Mascots available in the Pez Collectors Store for those who may have missed out.

Dragon Fruit Pez Candy Brick Mascot

A new 2021 Dumbo from the Disney Animal Friends assortment has been released in the USA. The mold is all new and Dumbo is cute as can be! These were first released in Europe along with a revised Bambi pez but only the Dumbo has been released in the USA. We now have these in stock in the Pez Collectors Store.

Disney Animal Friends 2021 Dumbo Pez MOC

Pez International is sharing some hints about an upcoming upcoming limited edition release of a dispenser that will be revealed on September 2 and will become available on the international website September 3. All indications point to the dispenser being in honor of Money Heist Season 5, scheduled for release at the same time on Netflix. And, the additional hints suggest that the pez candies may be wrapped as gold bars! Unfortunately, it looks like La Casa De Papel will be a European only release – no hints of anything special coming from Pez USA! We will do our best to get some of these in the Pez Collectors Store.

Money Heist Hints from Pez International

Season 5 Money Heist

Pez Candy Gold Bars

The Harry Potter Pez Back Pack Clips we had expected to begin shipping August 9 were pushed back to September. We hope this will be the last delay and hope to have them in stock within a few weeks.

Harry Potter Pez Back Pack Clips

The Paw Patrol Crystal Pez Twin Packs which were supposed to be released July 1 are now anticipated to begin shipping in September. Our order is still placed and we will have these in stock as soon as Pez Co. begins shipping them.

Crystal Paw Patrol Pez Twin Packs

The Sing 2 pez assortment is supposed to begin shipping September 1 and we hope that they will be on time! Gunter, Ash and Johnny will all be welcome additions to the pez collection! 

Sing 2 Gunter Pez  Sing 2 Ash Pez  Sing 2 Johnny Pez

Game of Thrones Pez Gift Tin is due to begin shipping September 1 and will include Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister and the Night King in an Iron Throne gift tin.

Game of Thrones Pez Gift TinGame of Thrones Pez Gift Tin Back

The new Thor pez has been spotted is a few places but we have waited to place a new order for Marvel pez to be sure we get new inventory that includes the new Thor. We expect to have them in stock later this month!

2021 Thor Pez

The 2021 ‘Teenage’ Vampire Pez is supposed to be included in the new Halloween assortments but we are waiting until the existing old inventory is shipped to be sure we get the new assortment with the new Vampire. They should be in stock in a few weeks – in plenty of time for Halloween!

2021 Vampire Pez

The new Pez Trucks are supposed to begin shipping September 1 as well. We have not heard of any delays and hope that our order will be filled as expected so we will have them in stock soon!

Pez Trucks

The Marvel Eternals Pez are due to be released September 24. These will be available individually in polybags or cards and will also be available in twin packs with Ikaris and Sersi, and with Kro and Celestial. We still have not received an official update on what the dispensers will look like, but since we are within the 30 days prior to first scheduled release, we will share some images that have been floating around the internet that might be what the dispensers will look like. We are really excited to see the final products! We hope to get these in stock by the end of September or early in October!

Possible Eternals Celestial Pez  Possible Eternals Icaris Pez  Possible Eternals Kro Pez

Marvel Eternals

The Office Pez Gift tins that were originally scheduled for September shipment have now been pushed back to October. We will have them in stock as soon as our order is filled!

Office Pez Gift TinOffice Pez Gift Tin Back

Likewise, the Office Pez Twin Packs were also delayed until October and they will be available in the Pez Collectors Store just as soon as they are shipped to us!

The Office Pez Twin Packs

Mandalorian Pez Back Pack Clips were pushed back to October instead of shipping as anticipated in September. This wasn’t too surprising since the Harry Potter Back Pack Clips were delayed.

Mandalorian Pez Back Pack Clips

Christmas Pez traditionally begin shipping September 1, but it sounds like these will be delayed until October as well. This includes the Full Body Santa Pez Ornament and the mini Santa and Snowman Ornaments, the new 2021 mold Elf and the Nutcracker in tube. Even with the delays, these will be in stock in plenty of time for Christmas!

Full Body Santa and Mini Snowman and Santa Pez Ornaments2021 Elf Pez    2021 Nutcracker Pez in Tube

Pez On the River is coming quickly! September 9 -11 in Winona MN, collectors will reign in the Kingdom of Pez! My official Royal Title is the Pez Peddler – Proud Purveyor of Pez, bestowed on the Yahoo Pez list by Amy Pez Queen of the Universe. I look forward to living up to my title! We will be attending the convention and hope to see  many of you there! Don’t forget to bring your Kingdom of Pez Costume Contest entry – dress any pez to fit the theme of Kingdom of Pez, or do an entire Kingdom scene using Pez dispensers of your choosing. All the details can be found at

Pez on the River

The next Virtual Pez Convention will be the VPC Fall Fest and Charity Art Auction, taking place October 9 at 5:00 pm EDT. You can get more information on the Virtual PEZ Convention group page on facebook and you can register for the event at – it is a great way to meet other collectors and share information and fun all through the power of Zoom!

Virtual Pez Convention

The 11th Pezylvania Pez Gathering is scheduled October 16, 2021 at the Renninger’s Antiques and Farmers Market in Kutztown, PA. Details for this fun one day event can be found at

Pezylvania XI

Josh Bales has a date set for the PigPigPig (the third Pez Informational Gathering). It will be held March 1 – 6, 2022 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Cincinnati/West Chester, Ohio. All the details can be found at

P.I.G. logo

That’s all the news for this month! Happy Pezzing! 

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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