Hong Kong Fake Pez

PEZ are one of the fastest growing collectables in the United States. Unfortunately there are those who see this not as a fun and wholesome hobby, but as a way to steal a buck. PEZ collectors must now beware of counterfeiters. There were a number of PEZ being sold on eBay from Hong Kong that have been shown to be fake. These include One Eye Monsters, Mimic the Monkey, Indian Chiefs and Ponies. The Hong Kong sellers may not be active now, but their fakes were purchased, often by uninformed buyers. These fakes are out there and to spot one, you need to know what to look for. The links below contain information on who was selling fakes, what the differences are, and how to spot them. We are sorry to have to include them as PDF files, and will try to reformat them as soon as possible.

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Hong Kong Fake Pez

Mimic Comparison

One Eye Monster, Indian and Pony Comparison

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