Pez Collecting 101

Welcome to Pez Collecting! This Pez Collecting 101 page is a work in progress. We hope to provide you with information in a handy reference form that is useful for pez collectors at all levels.

Collecting Pez is a great hobby enjoyed by thousands of people across the US and many more throughout the world.  Levels of collecting are as varied as the collectors themselves.  Some collectors are casual collectors, picking up just the items that they happen to see in the checkout line at the store and they may have a few that they have grouped together as their collection.  If you are reading this, you have probably moved beyond that level of casual collecting.  You are now seeking out information and trying to learn more about the hobby and the dispensers. 

Perhaps your shopping trips now include a mandatory sweep of the store in search of the Pez tucked on the bottom shelf, the end cap or the glorious full display right there front and center in the store.  Perhaps you have experienced the disappointment of glancing left and right, up and down the aisles, only to discover that this particular store doesn’t carry pez or only carry seasonal pez or don’t have anything new.  These are signs of an active collector.

If you are looking on the internet for more information about pez, you are probably a bit beyond the level of the active collector.  Do you schedule shopping trips specifically looking only for pez?  Go searching store to store in an attempt to find each and every one of the pez in a particular set or all of the different sayings or variations of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Valentine Hearts?  This is a dedicated collector!

Do you search eBay for Pez, google for Pez, schedule vacations around pez conventions, spend hours in various pez forums, chatrooms and email lists?  Yep, these are signs of a passionate collector (some may say obsessed, but I think passionate is much nicer and more descriptive).  How wonderful to have something in your life to be passionate about!

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