October 2021 PCS Newsletter

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Anticipation! That is the name of the game right now as we anxiously wait for the newest pez arrivals! The wait is over for some of the newest releases – we have many new items in stock now with more on the way! Since there were no planned releases for October, the delays from Pez just give us more to be excited about this month! 

New arrivals in the Pez Collectors Store include the Game of Thrones Pez Gift tin! The Iron Throne tin looks great and I personally really like the sculpt for Tyrion (yes, he should have been on a mini stem and he is not) and the Night King. Dany and Jon look good too. The faces and busts have incredible detail! These are in stock now! 

Game of Thrones Pez Gift Tin

The PEZ Advertising Trucks are a new addition to the advertising trucks lineup. There is an orange cab with a white trailer with pez candy bricks, a white cab, blue trailer with the Pez logo and candy brick mascot, and a white cab, yellow trailer with the Pez girl. These look great!

Pez Advertising Trucks

Harry Potter and Hermione Mini Pez Backpack Clips arrived and the mini stems are modified with a molded loop on the back to attach the clip. The stems have the Hogwarts Emblem on the mini stem and the Harry Potter and Hermione Granger heads are the charm style versions. These new Backpack Clips won the Most Innovative New Products Award for the novelty candy class at the Sweets and Snacks Expo! These are available now in the Pez Collectors Store!

Harry Potter mini Pez Backpack Clips

The 2021 ‘Teenage” Vampire Pez is in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store. There will also be a crystal version of this pez that will be a Pez Limited Edition Exclusive with Candy Corn flavor pez candy which we will have in very limited quantities within a few days!

2021 "Teenage" Vampire Pez    Crystal Vampire Pez

Crystal Paw Patrol pez twin packs finally arrived and are in stock now. We now have the dispensers available in the twin packs with great Paw Patrol graphics.

Crystal Paw Patrol Pez Twin Packs

The Netflix Money Heist, aka La Casa de Papel, Opaque hood Dali and Crystal hood Dali pez are in stock now. At this time, the dispensers are a Pez International limited edition exclusive, available only from their online shop. They are the first dispensers in the PEZ Lifestyle line. Pez is not celebrating the lifestyle of bank robbers, rather, according to the website, “the new PEZ Lifestyle range combines a sense of nostalgia with the latest trends to create a whole new product. It is designed for fans of all ages – whether lovers of the cult brand or followers of a certain series. PEZ Lifestyle pays tribute to all those who are captivated by the latest, potentially cult trends.”  The dispensers from Europe come with packs of candy wrapped to look like gold bars! We have the pair mint on card or loose to save on shipping! Gold Candy Packs will be available separately for the candy pack collectors!

European Money Heist Pez Pair Mint on Card  Money Heist Pair Loose

Money Heist Pair plus 2 Gold Bar Candy Packs  Two Gold Bar Candy Packs

There are also 10 rare black stem dispensers with the main characters names printed on the stems – Helsinki, Tokio, Nairobi, Berlin, Rio, Moscow, Stockholm, Professor, Denver and Lisbon, sold by Pez only on European Amazon sites, and they are currently listed as unavailable, so they may be sold out. The set includes a red stem Dali, a crystal red stem Dali and one of the 10 different black stem robbers. The black stem was randomly included, so buying 10 sets in no way assured getting all 10 different characters. It is unknown if these will become available in the USA, either through Amazon or some other venue. All in all, trying to get them all looks like a real money heist and you might need to rob a bank just to try to get them all! We do not anticipate having these in stock in the Pez Collectors Store.

Money Heist Professor Dali Mask Pez

10 different Money Heist Pez Black Stems with Names

We have just a few of the European Dragon Fruit Mascot pez, mint on card with Mango, Lychee and Nashi flavor pez candy packs. The graphics on the card say Sweet Summer Vibes. We also have just one US carded Dragon Fruit pez remaining in stock.

European Sweet Summer Vibes Dragon Fruit Pez Mascot

A new blank pez truck with a red cab and white trailer comes with stickers you can use to decorate the truck yourself is on its way. The previous version of this truck came with a blue cab. We will have these available in just a few days.

Red Cab Blank Truck Pez with Stickers to Decorate

We have been anxiously waiting all month and Sing 2 is finally shipping to us this week according to PEZ. We look forward to adding Johnny, Ash and Gunter soon!

Johnny Pez from Sing 2  Ash Pez from Sing 2  Gunter Pez from Sing 2

It seems like the new pez are all running about a month behind the original planned shipping dates and things just keep getting pushed out further and further. Regardless, we will have all the newest pez in stock just as soon as they are shipped to us from Pez Co. The Eternals Pez have been pushed back multiple times due to delays in the filming of the movie which is scheduled to be released in theaters November 5. We are now being told that instead of shipping September 24, they won’t be shipped until October (no date given), but we have orders in place for the Eternals Kro, Ikaris, Sersi and Celestial in polybags and for the twin packs and we will have them in stock just as soon as they are shipped to us from Pez Co.

Celestial Pez  Ikaris Pez  Kro Pez

Mandalorian Pez Backpack Clips are now supposed to begin shipping in October, though no specific first ship date has been provided.

Mandalorian Mini Pez Backpack Clips

Christmas Pez are now supposed to ship sometime in October and we will have them in stock as soon as we receive our orders. The new Christmas Pez include a new Elf, the Nutcracker in tube, the Full Body Santa Ornament and the mini-Snowman and Santa blister ornaments.

2021 Elf Pez  Nutcracker Pez in Tube  Full Body Santa Ornament and Mini Snowman and Santa Blister Ornaments

The Office Gift tins and twin packs are delayed until mid to late October. We will get these listed as soon as our order is in hand!

The Office Gift Tin

The Office Pez Twin Packs

In other news, normally Pez Candy has a booth at the Big E Fair (Eastern States Exposition) which runs from September 17 – October 3, and there is usually a limited-edition dispenser made for the Exposition, but Pez is not attending the fair this year, so there is no new dispenser.

October 9 is the next Virtual Pez Convention event. This time, there will be a pez art charity auction to benefit the VPC Scholarship fund, and of course there will be a few tours of pez collector’s collections, and a seminar, as well as the casual Happy Hour. Registration is free at www.virtualpezconvention.com – you just need to register to get the Zoom link to be able to join in all the fun and meet up with fellow collectors from the convenience of your own home or wherever you happen to be!

2021 Virtual Pez Convention

The 11th Pezylvania Pez Gathering is scheduled October 16, 2021 at the Renninger’s Antiques and Farmers Market in Kutztown, PA. Details for this fun one day event can be found at www.pezylvania.com.

2021 Pezylvania

That’s all the news for this month! Happy Pezzing!

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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