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October 2023 PCS Newsletter

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The fall pez releases are as bright and colorful as the leaves this time of year and it seems like the new pez will be dropping almost as fast as the leaves this fall! There are so many new pez that we have just added to the Pez Collectors Store, along with several collections that have been purchased and are slowly being added to our inventory, so browse our website and be sure to keep watching for all the new additions of new and old inventory!

Boy with Cap Vintage Pez  Psych Flower on Sparky's Card  Psych Hand Pez on Sparky's Card  VIP2 Bride Pez  VIP 3 Baby Girl Pez

We received the Groom with Mustache Pez from Europe and are expecting a few more European brides on their way to us now. Blonde hair, Brown hair, and Black hair brides join the groom with mustache and without mustache and the beautiful brides will be back in stock soon! The new Groom with Mustache, Redhead Bride and Groom without mustache are in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store!

European Groom with Mustache Pez  European Red Hair Bride and Groom Pez

European Blonde Bride Pez  European Brown Hair Bride Pez  European Black Hair Bride Pez

Pez USA released a new Do-It-Yourself Red Cab Truck to decorate. This truck is the big scoop version with a large wind deflector on top of the cab, and a horizontal slatted grill. The previous red cab version had small smoke stacks and a v-grill.  These visitors center exclusives are in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store.

Red Cab with Scoop DIY Pez Truck  2021 Red Cab Small Smoke Stack Blank Truck Pez

New 2023 Pez Socks have been added to the Pez Collectors Store. These look quite similar to the 2021 Orange Crazy Socks we had previously, but did you realize your socks are dated? Literally, the Crazy Socks have a PEZ copyright 2021, and the new Pez Socks have a PEZ copyright 2023! It must be time to change your socks!

2023 Pez Socks

Phone Grips are a great new licensed item shaped like PEZ candy packs. The retro Starry Orange candy pack or the classic Assorted Fruit Pez Candy pack will look and work great on you phone! These are available now in the Pez Collectors Store!

Orange Starry Pez Candy Pack Phone Grip  Assorted Fruit Pez Candy Pack Phone Grip

There were no new pez added to the standard Halloween assortment for 2023, but we have been treated to a surprise release of an exclusive crystal Ghost named Rooky and a Halloween Pumpkin Orange Care Bear web store exclusive in both Europe and the USA. We will have both versions in stock soon. The pez appear to be the same but the cards are quite different on these limited edition pez. The USA has sold out of the crystal ghost and it has been officially retired. These are both great additions to the Halloween pez collection and the two different cards are really awesome examples of European vs. USA releases!

 USA and European Halloween Care Bears and Crystal Ghosts Pez

Halloween Care Bear Pez                                              Crystal Ghost Pez

A PEZ Halloween House Chocolate Cookie Kit has been released. It includes a Mystery Halloween Pez and all the pieces to assemble and decorate the cookie pieces in a Haunted house. We will have a few of these kits in stock soon.

Halloween House Chocolate Cookie Kit

The Snowman and Santa Ornaments arrived and we have just a few left in stock. The Santa is a different brighter red than the original Santa Ornament. The Snowman Ornament is new for 2023 and both of these are awesome full body dispensers. They come with a loop on top for hanging and in a gift box with To/From areas to label. The original dark red Full Body Santa and the bright, lighter red Full Body Santa are also available now!

Full Body Santa and Snowman Pez Ornaments

Full Body Santa Ornament Comparison

Dark Red Full Body Santa Ornament  Light Bright Red Full Body Santa Ornament

The Pez Visitors Center “coming soon” display shows a Crystal Polar Bear with Green and Red Cap. We expect this will be released as an Exclusive, limited edition and we will try to get some in stock!

Crystal Bear Pez Coming Soon

We are also expecting the Chanukah PEZ dispensers with Kosher PEZ candies to be released soon. We will have these in stock as soon as possible and certainly in time to celebrate Hanukkah!

Hanukkah Pez with Kosher Candy

We are sorry to say that PEZ Candy cut our orders for the platinum finish retro Mickey and Minnie 100 Years of Wonder twin packs, and the 100 Years of Wonder Platinum finish Giant Mickey so we didn’t receive nearly as many as we had ordered. We have sold out of these and are unable to order more.

The 2023 gift tin features are the Disney 100 Years Gift Tins. Disney is celebrating 100 years of Wonder with iconic characters - Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Pluto with a platinum metallic silver look finish. Marvel is a Disney license and has its own Platinum Gift Tin with Spiderman, Ironman, Ant Man and Black Panther. Likewise, Star Wars, another Disney license has a 100 Years platinum gift tin with R2D2, Darth Vader, Grogu and Chewbacca. Each of the 100 Years of Disney pez has a metallic finish to celebrate the platinum anniversary! These are in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store, either in the Gift Tins or loose for those who prefer to display loose and save on shipping!

Disney 100 Years of Wonder Platinum Mickey Pez Gift Tin Disney 100 Years of Wonder Pez Loose

Marvel Platinum Pez Gift Tin Marvel Platinum Pez Loose

Star Wars Platinum Pez Gift Tin Star Wars Platinum Pez Loose

The Trolls 3 Pez assortment celebrating the Trolls Band Together movie release November 17. The Trolls 3 pez set will include a new Poppy with tiara, her sister Viva with curly yellow hair, and a dark purple hair Branch on a green stem. There will also be a twin pack released with Poppy and Viva. The Trolls 3 polybags and Twin Packs are shipping to us now and will be in stock in the Pez Collectors Store next week!

Trolls 3 Pez Assortment

PAMP Suisse has released a 2023 Christmas holiday Reindeer Pez with 30 g of silver in the form of pez candy bricks. As always, the candy bricks feature the Reindeer head and PEZ logo. The boxed sets come with a certificate of authenticity and only 3000 of these sets were produced. We expect these to be available in the Pez Collectors Store by late next week.

PAMP Suisse 2023 Reindeer Pez 30g Silver Boxed Set  PAMP Suisse 2023 Reindeer with Silver Pez box back

The 2023 Emoji pez are scheduled to be released in Europe in mid-October and will be on their way to us soon after.

2023 European Emoji Pez Assortment

The Barbie pez have been released in Europe and they look great! They are scheduled to come to the USA February 1 and are expected to be the same dispensers.

2023 Barbie Pez Assortment

We are still waiting for the Liberty from Paw Patrol, the new Superman with Outlined S, and Ahsoka to be ‘flowed’ in to the existing assortments. Unfortunately, PEZ must rotate their inventory and ship out the oldest product first before shipping new assortments that include the new characters, so we are waiting for the old inventory to be depleted in order to get the new dispensers. Likewise, we anticipated that we would receive the new Pokemon and Paw Patrol twin packs, but we received old inventory instead, so we are still waiting for these to begin shipping as well.

Liberty Paw Patrol Pez  Superman Pez with Outlined S  Ahsoka Pez

The Pez Outlaw movie won an Emmy for OUTSTANDING LIGHTING DIRECTION AND SCENIC DESIGN! Congratulations to Bryan and Amy Storkel and the entire Sidestilt Films team. The Pez Outlaw is now streaming on Netflix and available for purchase through many sources. The Pez Outlaw Story has brought new collectors to our wonderful hobby and increased awareness of the company, the brand, the wonderful collectors and the joy of the hobby itself. Thanks for sharing your story, Steve Glew!

The Pez Outlaw Emmy Award

Funko’s The Office Christmas POP!+PEZ set is on its way to us now! Dwight Schrute as Elf, Dwight Schrute as Belsnickle and Michael Scott as Classy Santa POP!+PEZ will be in stock shortly in the Pez Collectors Store!

Dwight as Elf POP PEZ Dwight as Belsnickle POP PEZ Michael Scott as Classy Santa POP PEZ

We also have orders placed and are waiting for the Five Nights at Freddy’s Holiday POP!+PEZ set to arrive. This set of 4 includes Freddy (Holiday), Foxy (Candy Cane), Chica (Gift), and Bonnie (Lights).

Holiday Freddy POP PEZFoxy Candy Cane POP PEZChica Gift POP PEZBonnie Lights POP PEZ

That’s all the news for this month! Happy Pezzing!

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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