November 2023 PCS Newsletter

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The Pez Collectors Store just got a facelift! We have been really busy doing an update to the website to freshen up the page and make it easier to navigate. You can choose how to browse, by Category, Just Added, Featured, etc. or simply type a name of the pez you want in the search box. Links to sign up for the PCS Monthly Newsletter are functioning properly now. The Mobile view is easier to use with larger pictures and easier buttons. We have added a new Save for Later function on the shopping cart. This function is for your convenience if you want to be sure to remember things that you plan to add to future orders. Please be aware that we can't actually hold these items for you and there is a chance that we might sell out before you return to purchase them. The Wish List has been updated and is now called My Favorites. Existing wishlists have been moved to the new My Favorites Wishlist function. You can add items to your Favorites Wishlist to share with friends and family via a personalized link. You can notate each item in Your Favorites Wishlist based on how much you really want it, which can be really handy during the upcoming gift giving holiday season! Visit us at and browse a bit, and let us know what you think of the updates!

Of course, as we go through collections we purchase, we are constantly adding new items or replenishing older items that had been out of stock and deactivated, listing older items in different packaging or loose or somehow different, so there is always something new available in the Pez Collectors Store! It is easy to see what we have just added by clicking on the Just Added section. For the newest pez releases, click the Categories then select Newest Pez Releases. Or, just enjoy scrolling and see all the wonderful pez for sale!

Brown Bear with Golden Tongue Mint on Floating Candies Card  Mickey Mouse with Poke Thru Nose on Double Down Stem MIB  European Mario and Luigi Pez Twin Pack  Pez Sports Set Stop Watch and Dispenser Mint in Package

The Pokémon Pikachu Pez twin packs with pokeballs have finally arrived in the Pez Collectors Store! These were scheduled to be released July 1 and are available at last. The graphics show Pikachu and have the Laughing and Winking Pikachu pez, each with a pokeball pez.

Nintendo Pokemon Pikachu and Pokeball Pez Twin Pack Pair

Laughing and Winking Pikachu pez and pokeballs are also available in poly bags. These are the same as the European Pikachu pez released earlier, but the European set also includes a Pikachu on a green stem, while the Pokeball pez is available only through the USA assortment!  

Pokemon Pikachu and Pokeball Pez Set of 3 MIB

Paw Patrol’s long-hair Dachshund pup, Liberty is the young City Rescuer. This is the newest addition to the Paw Patrol assortment, joining Chase, Skye, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble and Zuma. Liberty is available now!

Paw Patrol Liberty Pez MIB

The 2023 Superman Pez is a new molded bust with an outlined S, sweetheart neckline and no collar. He still has his classic curl on his forehead but is easily distinguished as quite different from previous release with different molds. He is in stock in the Pez Collectors Store.

2023 Superman with Outlined S Pez MIB

Trolls 3 Band Together Pez set is a new assortment with a new mold for Poppy. She is sporting a braided tiara instead of the headband of flowers. Branch is quite similar to previous releases, but is on a green stem and Viva is a new addition. She is Poppy’s sister and she rocks fabulous yellow hair. These new Trolls pez are available now!

Trolls 3 Band Together Pez Set of 3 MIB

The Trolls 3 Pez Twin Pack features the new Poppy and her sister Viva in a nice display box showing the girls Band Together! These can be found in the Pez Collectors Store by clicking the linked image!

Trolls 3 Band Together Pez Twin Pack

The 2023 PAMP Suisse Christmas Boxed set This limited edition of only 3000 Christmas Reindeer Pez with 6 pez candies made with 5 grams of silver comes in a boxed set and is available now through the Pez Collectors Store. The front of the 5-gram Silver Pez Candy features the weight and purity of the bar (.9999 pure silver, sandwiched between the letters P.A.M.P and a Pez Reindeer head on the front. The back of the silver Pez Candy bricks displays the iconic PEZ logo. The silver candies are in a plastic box with the PEZ logo on the lid of the box. Each box has a certificate of authenticity. What a wonderful addition to the Pez collection. We have just a few remaining!

2023 PAMP Suisse Reindeer Pez with 30g Silver Pez Candy Bricks

The Full Body Snowman and Santa Pez Ornaments are back in stock. The pair includes the darker red version of Santa, though the lighter version is also available separately!

Full Body Santa and Snowman Pez Ornaments

Dark Red Full Body Santa Ornament Pez    Light Red Full Body Santa Pez Ornament

The set of 3 Hanukkah pez, or Chanukah as is written on the card, are mint on card with 3 packs of Paskesz kosher candy. The three pez dispensers are the yellow ball mold with Smiling, Laughing and Love Dreidel emojis. It is nice to see a pez made for Hanukkah and as much as we wish the head was a dreidel instead of a ball mold with a picture, the three dreidel emojis are fun anyway!

Hanukkah Pez Set of 3 Dreidel Emoji Pez

Funko POP! PEZ from The Office featuring Dwight Schrute as Belsnickel, Dwight Schrute as Elf and Michael Scott as Classy Santa have arrived in the Pez Collectors Store. These can be found now in the Pez Collectors Store!

The Office Holiday POP PEZ Bundle

In honor of Halloween, Pez USA and Pez International released an exclusive limited edition Trick or Sweet Care Bear and we have just a few of both available now. They have sold out and are retired in the USA. The cards are quite different, though the Trick-or-Sweet Care Bear is the same with an adorable jack-o-lantern stomach and hearts on his feet and rump!

USA Trick or Sweet Care Bear Pez MOC  European Trick or Sweet Care Bear Pez MOC

Pez USA and Pez International also released the exclusive limited edition glittery crystal Ghost which is called Rooky Ghost in Europe. The cards are different and both versions look great. We have only a few of each available in the Pez Collectors Store.

USA Exclusive Ltd. Ed. Glitter Crystal Ghost Pez MOC  European Exclusive Ltd. Ed. Glitter Crystal Rooky Ghost Pez MOC

The European Brides come with Blonde, Brunette and Black hair in addition to the Red hair Bride available in the USA. The Groom comes clean shaven in the USA, but is also available with a mustache in Europe and we have all these variations in stock now.

European Blonde Bride Pez  European Brunette Bride Pez  European Black Hair Bride Pez  Red Haired Bride and Clean Shaven Groom Pez European Groom with Mustache Pez

Brides and grooms mean weddings and a special candy pack is available from Pez International! The European Love is sweet candy packs are a wonderful addition to the candy pack collection! We offer them two packs at a time, so you can display both the front and back of the candy pack.

European Love is sweet Pez Candy Packs

Pez International has also just released the Black Bride and Groom using the new pez pal molds. Previous versions that were available used the old pez pal mold with the larger nose. We will have the new Black Brides and Grooms in stock as soon as they make their way to us! According to pezpals blog, there are also plans for a fully bearded groom which will make a great addition and we will also have these available as soon as possible.

European Black Bride Pez  European Black Groom Pez      Fully Bearded Groom Pez

The 2023 European emoji pez assortment is shipping to us now and we expect it to arrive within a week or so! This set of 4 new PezMojis includes Nerdy with glasses, a new poop with round beady eyes and a tongue sticking out, Kisses with closed eyes and hearts, and Crazy with crazy lopsided eyes and tongue sticking out. We will have these listed as soon as the shipment arrives!

2023 European PezMojis Set of 4 Pez

The 2023 European Barbie are also shipping to us now and we will have them in stock within a week or so. The new barbie set includes 4 Barbies with blonde, brunette, purple and black hair and they look great!

2023 European Barbie Pez Set

The 2023 Wawa Pez Truck has been released and is shipping to us now. They feature the Wawa Goose flying over a snowy winter town scene with holiday decorated houses and trees. As always, the truck is dated with 2023. We will have them available soon.

2023 Wawa Pez Truck

Ahsoka is also on the way now. This is the second version of this Star Wars pez, so it will be Ahsoka B. She wears pseudo samurai armor. The Ahsoka B will be available by the end of the week.

Ahsoka Star Wars Mandalorian Pez

There are new molds for Chewbacca and R2D2 that will be coming soon. The new versions will get “flowed-in” to assortments, so they will be hard to find for a while. The new Chewy has mor hair on the top above his eyes and less on the bottom below his chin than previous versions. The R2D2 mold is different as well but the most immediately identifiable thing is that there are two horizontal lines instead of 3 printed on the front below the dome top and there is no printing below those lines on the front. The old versions all had a stack of horizontal lines and an outlined 8 shaped box on the lower part of the body, but this is not highlighted in the new version. We will get the two new versions of these classic Star Wars pez in stock just as soon as possible.

2023 Chewbacca Pez     2023 R2D2 Pez

The 2023 Reindeer and the 2023 Christmas Tree Pez will be available soon. The Tree is strung with Christmas lights and it will be available only in tubes this year. The new Reindeer Pez will be available in bag with pez candies!

2023 Reindeer Pez      2023 Christmas Tree with Lights Pez

We are still waiting for our order for the Five Nights at Freddy’s Holiday POP! PEZ assortment and hope that they will be available soon!

Five Nights at Freddy's Holiday Freddy POP PEZ  Five Nights at Freddy's Holiday Foxy POP PEZ   Five Nights at Freddy's Holiday Chica POP PEZ   Five Nights at Freddy's Holiday Bonnie POP PEZ

That’s all the news for now. Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Happy Halloween Postcard

All the best,

Chris Jordan

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