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November 2021 PCS Newsletter

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Much anticipate Pez have finally begun arriving and more are on their way. Along the way, there have been a few surprises, some that could have been anticipated and some that were complete surprises! The good news is, there are always more to look forward to! November will bring much to be thankful for! 

The Eternals Pez set has finally arrived. Ikaris, Sersi, Celestial and Kro are the four characters in the 2021 Marvel Eternals pez assortment, all immortal superheroes and deviants that helped shape the history and civilizations of Earth. They are available in single polybags or in the twin packs with Marvel Eternals graphics. These are in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store.

Eternals Pez Assortment

Eternals Pez Twin Packs

The Sing 2 pez arrived in the Pez Collectors Store and sold out quickly, but we do have more on their way now! Gunter, Johnny and Ash look great!

Sing 2 Pez Assortment

The newest blank truck with stickers for decorating your own now comes with a red cab. This truck is available now.

Red Cab Blank Truck Pez

A new promotional pez truck has arrived! The Kwik Trip Banana truck is a promotional pez for the Kwik Trip convenience stores located primarily in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The chain sells bananas at $0.39 a pound, hence the bananas on the side of the truck! We have the new pez truck rigs in stock now!

Kwik Trip Banana Truck Pez

Wawa also has a new promotional pez truck. The 2021 truck features the Wawa goose pulling a string of red and white Christmas lights and the Wawa logo all in white on a blue background. The card features a Christmas ornament, a dreidel, a bow, a candy cane, a snowflake and other winter holiday symbols. The cab is white and the trailer is blue. We will have these in stock soon!

2021 Wawa Pez Truck    2021 Wawa Pez loose

Pez has produced another candy mascot for their Halloween holiday flavor Candy Corn pez. Like other candy brick mascots, this is a limited edition online exclusive and they sold out within an hour or so. We will have a few of these available soon.

Candy Corn Pez Mascot

Steve Glew holds a place of notoriety in the history of pez and pez collecting. An article about the Pez Outlaw was featured in the April, 2015 Playboy Magazine. Sidestilt Films is now putting the finishing touches on the feature film ‘Pez Outlaw’, the story of Steve Glew and his escapades in bringing European pez into the USA during the mid to late 1990s. According to the product description, “Steve Glew is a man from small town Michigan who was never expected to amount to much in life. But he always knew he was destined for something big. In 1995, he discovered the value of Pez dispensers and, against all odds, started smuggling the product into the US from Eastern Europe to the tune of millions of dollars. The collectors loved him, but the Pezident became his arch-nemesis and was hell bent on destroying him.” The film is scheduled for a test screen for an audience Halloween weekend according to director/producer Bryan Storkel.

Sidestilt Films Logo    Pez Outlaw

A custom 3-D printed Pez Outlaw ‘dispenser’ has been produced by Larry Mason, with a tilting Steve Glew head, a no feet stem, bunny slipper shoes, an inner sleeve signed by the Pez Outlaw Steve Glew, and different color hats. They are not fully functional dispensers as they do not have a candy button or inner spring. Only 350 of the dark blue hats, 175 of the copper color hats and 125 of the neon orange hats were produced. We have just a few of these available now, but as soon as the movie is released, I anticipate the demand will increase and the prices will go up!

Pez Outlaw Blue Hat    Pez Outlaw Copper Hat    Pez Outlaw Orange Hat

In continuing anticipation of receiving our order for Mini-Christmas Ornaments and Full Body Santa Pez, we have received notice of shipping and expect these to arrive to us on Wednesday, November 3! They will be listed and available for purchase just as soon as we have them in hand!

Mini Santa and Snowman Blister Ornaments

Full Body Santa Pez Ornament

The Mandalorian Pez Back Pack Clips are also anticipated to arrive on November 3! We will have these in stock just as soon as we have physical possession of them!

Mini Mandalorian Pez Backpack Clips

November 30 is “Bring your Pez to Work Day”. It all started in 2010, when Lou in the advertising department at Providence Journal in Providence, RI brought a dozen pez dispensers to work to give to his co-workers to offset the craziness of that busy time for advertisers. Pez Collectors have continued the tradition by participating in the November 30th Bring Your Pez to Work Day! What pez will you take to work? The Office Pez seems like an obvious choice for many!

So, we anxiously await The Office Gift Tins and twin packs which were also supposed to begin shipping September 1, and then were pushed back until mid to late October, which is clearly past, so it’s looking like November at this time.

The Office Pez Gift Tin

The Office Pez Twin Packs

Valentine Pez are supposed to begin shipping November 1, but given that things seem to be running several months behind, we don’t anticipate getting the newest dispenser for a while! The new 2022 Valentine pez will be a white bear with a kiss on his forehead.

2022 Valentine Kiss Bear

The Holidays are just around the corner so now would be a great time to update or start your Pez Wish List! It is easy to create your wish list by logging in to the Pez Collectors Store and browsing through the thousands of pez we have listed. Click the Add to Wish List button for each product you would like to add to your personal Wish List. You can even make comments or rate the items on your wish list to indicate those you really want the very most! Provide your friends and family with a link to your wish list by clicking on the Tell a Friend link or just tell them to visit the Pez Collectors Store and search for your wish list using the Find a Friend’s Wish List option! Be sure to include a Pez Collectors Store gift certificate on your wish list so you’ll be prepared for other new additions when they arrive!

Pez Collectors Store Wish List

That is all the news we have for you this month! Happy Pezzing and thanks for reading the Pez Collectors Store Newsletter! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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