December 2023 PCS Newsletter

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Today is “Bring Your Pez To Work Day”.  November 30 is the official date. It all started in 2010, when Lou in the advertising department at Providence Journal in Providence, RI brought a dozen pez dispensers to work to give to his co-workers to offset the craziness of that busy time for advertisers. Pez collectors have continued the tradition by participating in Bring Your Pez to Work Day! When November 30th happens to fall on the weekend, it gets pushed to the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving. Be sure to take your favorite dispenser to work if you aren’t lucky enough to always be surrounded by pez! 

PCS Bring your pez to work Day

The holiday season is in full swing and there are plenty of pez to decorate with and enjoy for the holidays plus more that can be enjoyed year-round! Be sure to use the My Favorites Wishlist function to create your pez wishlist to share with friends and family to make their gift giving easy! We have plenty of different pez from vintage to the newest releases, along with shoes for pez, Pez Grandstand displays, price guides, T-Shirts and accessories, licensed items such as Gingerbread House Kits, so there is something for every pez collector! We also offer gift certificates!

pcs christmas wishlist

pcs Gift Certificate

The 2023 European Emoji pez arrived and include Crazy, Nerdy, Blowing Kisses and Beady Eyed Poop pez. These fun additions to the European Pezmoji assortment are available only in Europe and have not been released in the USA. We have these in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store!

2023 European Emoji Pez Set

The European Barbie Pez for 2023 are great new dispensers. This is the third version of Barbie Pez. The first set was released in 2012 in the purse shaped gift tin. In 2018, Europe released a second version set and this is the third version of Barbie featuring much more modest necklines and great new hair colors and hair styles. Barbie is also expected to be released in the USA in February, 2024 and we expect them to be mostly the same, though there may be some slight variations in colors or stems. The 2023 European Barbie Pez Set is available now in the Pez Collectors Store! 

2023 European Barbie Pez Set

The 2023 Wawa Pez Truck features the classic Wawa logo and goose flying through a red sky background with over a snowy landscape with holiday decorated houses and trees creating a holiday houses landscape. The side of the trailer also shows the 2023 edition date. The cab is red and has a wind scoop, but with no smoke stacks - it is a different cab than previously used cabs! The 2023 Wawa Pez Trucks can be ordered now by clicking on the image!

2023 Wawa Holiday Houses Truck Pez

Star Wars Ahsoka version 2 or B is available now in the Pez Collectors Store. Ahsoka Tano B from the Mandalorian Star Wars Pez assortment is a new mold for 2023 and she is now on a silver stem. She wears her pseudo-samurai armor and looks like a warrior! Great new addition to the Star Wars Mandalorian pez assortment. 

Star Wars Mandalorian Ahsoka B Pez

Star Wars robotic droid R2D2 has been remade with a new pez mold for 2023. The original 2002 mold has been released in the original variation, crystal variation and a red dot variation, but these were all the same mold. The new mold looks similar, but is quite different in details and painting. A few of the most noticeable things are that the legs are much longer, reaching below the top of the stem by about 3 x as far as the original. The base is shaped differently, there is a diamond shape in the center of the bottom of the body that didn't exist on the original version, the lower body is has only two lines painted on the front top of the body and none of the lower body has detail painted or outlined in the new version. These are in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store!

2023 Star Wars R2D2 Long Leg Version B

The 2023 Exclusive Baby Yoda or Grogu has all new greetings printed on the stem! Baby Yoda is celebrating the 2023 holidays with Joy to the Galaxy and Up to Snow Good printed on the red stems. The cards and sayings are different than those from 2022. The way his is buried in the white collar, it almost looks like Grogu is in a Christmas stocking! We also have a few of the 2022 Galaxy Greetings and Merry Force Be With You printed stem Grogu pez pairs available. 

2023 Star Wars Baby Yoda Christmas Pez Pair MOC  2022 Baby Yoda Christmas Greetings Pez Pair

The 2023 Christmas Tree with Lights has Christmas lights strung around the tree among yellow garland. It is on a red stem and it comes in tubes with 6 rolls of pez candy! 

2023 Christmas Tree with Lights Pez Mint in Tube

The 2023 Reindeer pez is a new mold for the Reindeer. His antlers are small and close to the head, and he has no collar or scarf. His nose is black. He looks quite different from previous Reindeer releases. He is available now in the Pez Collectors Store on card, in bag or loose and ready to display for those who prefer to save on shipping! 

2023 Reindeer Pez Mint on Card  2023 Reindeer Mint in Bag  2023 Reindeer Pez Loose

A new Exclusive Crystal Polar Bear Pez has been released in Europe and the USA on a limited-edition card. This is the newer Christmas bear with his ears in front of the edge of the stocking cap. He looks like he is made of clear ice! The European version comes with Sugar Cookie and Mandarin flavored pez candies! The USA card is quite similar, but has PEZ in a red banner, the Made in the USA symbol on the top (referring to the candy) and it comes with standard pez candy flavors, and it has the Pez Candy Brick Mascot shown on the card. The crystal Polar Bear dispensers will likely be identical. We have a few of these on their way to us from Europe and will add them to our inventory as soon as possible. 

European Crystal Polar Bear Mint on Card  European Crystal Polar Bear LooseLimited Edition Crystal Polar Bear Pez on USA Card

A new Canadian pez assortment has just been released. The 2023 Canadian NHL Pez assortment is Jerseys with the team’s logos! The Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, and Winnipeg Jets are the 7 team jerseys made for this year! Each dispenser has the NHL Logo shield on the front of the stem.  These are shipping to us now and we expect to have them in stock within a week or two. 

2023 Canadian 7 NHL Team Jerseys Pez

January 15, 2024, is the first expected release date for the Popcorn Treats pez. This will be flowed into the Pez Treats assortments, so it will be harder to find as retailers exhaust their existing supplies and reorder and Pez Co. exhausts their existing inventory of already packaged treats that don’t include the Popcorn. We will have these in stock as soon as we are able to get them.

Popcorn Pez Treats Dispenser

Mickey in Sorcerer Hat is scheduled for first release January 15 and will also be flowed into the existing Mickey and Friends Assortments. This Fantasia version of Mickey looks great as a pez and we can’t wait to get them in stock! 

2024 Mickey Mouse with Sorcerer Hat Pez

In early 2024, we expect the release of the 2024 European Emoji Pez assortment. This new assortment looks really great! The set includes Party, Heart, Rainbow and Smirk. The Party looks like it is blowing a party popper, the Heart is a much different face but the same mold as the Valentines Day heart pez released in the USA, Rainbow uses an ombre fade over the ball mold and Smirk is a classic smirk face! We have placed our order and hope to get these soon after their release in Europe in early 2024. Thanks to Ghosty Pez from the pezpalz blog for sharing the images! 

2024 European Pez mojis Pez Set

The wait continues for the Five Nights at Freddy’s Holiday POP! PEZ as our distributor has again pushed their first shipping date back. It currently says Dec 11, but this could change again as each week it is pushed further out.

Five Nights at Freddy's Holiday Pez Freddt Five Nights at Freddy's Holiday Pez Foxy Five Nights at Freddy's Holiday POP Pez Chica Five Nights at Freddy's Holiday POP Pez Bonnie

It’s been a wonderful year at the Pez Collectors Store and we wish all of our customers, new and old, a very merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a rejuvenating Winter Solstice, and season’s greetings to all! May you all enjoy the blessings this holiday season has to offer.

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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