December 2021 PCS Newsletter

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With the holiday season in full swing, it’s nice to say that most of the pez we’ve been expecting have finally arrived in the Pez Collectors Store! Of course, there are always new pez being released in Europe and the USA so there is always more on the way! There are certainly plenty to choose from for adding to your collection and for gift giving this year!

The Office Pez Briefcase Gift Tins have arrived and they look really nice. The briefcase design has a heavy-duty handle and there is a clear window in the briefcase that shows Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly dispensers inside, along with 6 rolls of Pez Candy. The back of the tin shows a scene from The Office with the Dundie Award. We are also selling the pez loose for those who prefer to display loose and save on shipping! We are still waiting for the Twin packs to arrive, hopefully soon!

The Office Pez Briefcase Gift Tin

The Office Pez Loose

The Star Wars Back Pack Clips with mini Mandalorian and mini Baby Yoda are in stock These clips have an added loop on the back of the stem which holds the clip so you can attach them to your belt loop, backpack, purse strap or wherever you want to keep your pez handy!

Star Wars Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Back Pack Clips

PAMP Suisse has released a 2021 Christmas Set with the 2021 Elf and six 5 gram silver candy bricks! These sets sell out quickly and are great collectors sets with a limited production run of only 4000 worldwide.

PAMP Suisse Elf Pez with Silver Candy Bricks

The Nutcracker in Tube, the Full Body Santa Pez Ornaments in box and the mini Santa and Snowman pez ornaments are available now. We were starting to worry they wouldn’t arrive in time for Christmas, but they are here now, ready to be hung on your tree, wrapped up under your tree or simply added to your collection!

Nutcracker Pez in Tube  Full Body Santa Pez Ornament   2021 Elf Pez  

Mini Snowman and Mini Santa Pez Ornaments

The 2021 Wawa Promotional Pez Truck with white and red Christmas lights on a navy-blue background are in stock. These come mint on card with a light blue background showing the Wawa logo, a Christmas ornament, a dreidel, a bow, a candy cane, a snowflake, and other various Winter holiday symbols. This makes the 10th Wawa promotional pez release!

2021 Wawa Promotional Pez Truck MOC

The 2021 Marvel Thor pez is in stock now as well. He has a smaller head and helmet than previous versions and the winged helmet extends down on the sides to his jaw.

2021 Thor Pez

Crystal Christmas Trees are on their way to us from Europe. These were released as part of the Advent Calendar boxed set in Europe. They come with a play code on the side of the stem. These should be arriving anytime now and we will get them listed just as soon as we have them in hand and available to sell!

Crystal Christmas Tree Pez

In case you have missed any pez along the way this year, we still have stock for many of the 2021 pez releases. Click on the pictures to take you directly to the items you may need to add to your collection!

32nd LaSpina Price Guide  2021 European Mickey and Minnie Pez  2021 Hello Kitty Bee Bonnet Pez  2021 Mickey in Blue Ballcap pez  2021 Valentine Heart Pez pair  Best Mom Ever Pez  2021 European Bambi and Dumbo Pez  Eternals Pez Assortment  Eternals Pez Twin Packs  European Bees Pez Set  European Disney Cars Pez  2021 European Emoji Pez Set  Game Of Thrones Pez Gift Tin

Harry Potter Mini Pez Back Pack Clips  Kwik Trip Banana Truck Promotional Pez  PAMP Suisse 2021 Easter Chick with Silver Pez Candies  Paw Patrol Crystal Pez Twin Packs  Crystal Paw Patrol Pez Set  Peeps Pez Set  Pez Advertising Trucks set  Pez Treats Assortment  Pink Floppy Ear Bunny Pez  Strawberry Pez Candy Mascot  Red Cab Blank Pez Truck  Sing 2 Pez Set  Space Jam Pez Set  Space Jam Pez Twin Pack2021 "Teenage" Vampire Pez  European Miraculous Tikki and Plagg Pez  2021 Tom and Jerry Pez   USA Bees Pez Set  Harry Potter Voldemort Pez   2021 White Full Body Bunny Pez

We expect the 3 European Hello Kitty with Puppy pez to be released in December and then our order will be on the way to us, so we hope to have them in stock sometime in mid to late December! The set of 3 includes Hello Kitty with LOVE printed on the stem, Hello Kitty with paw prints on the stem and the all new full body Hello Kitty Puppy.

2022 Hello Kitty Puppy Pez

According to the very reliable information shared by Pez Ghosty through the Pez Palz Blogspot, there will be an exclusive limited edition of 2022 dispensers for the New Year. 1011 of the dispensers are expected to be released through Pez USA website, and the other 1011 released through the Pez International webstore. And, it won’t be another ball mold, so we are sort of guessing that they will do something special with the candy brick mascot to celebrate New Year 2022! We hope to add a few of these to the Pez Collectors Store.

In January, 2022, we can look forward to adding Cupcake to the Pez Treats Assortment. This will be flowed into the assortment, so it could be a while before the pez is readily available.

Pez Treats Cupcake

New Mickey and Minnie Mouse pez are scheduled to be flowed into the Mickey and Friends assortment in January, 2022. Mickey has a red cap with the Mickey Mouse silhouette and Minnie has a light blue bow with polk-a-dots.

2022 Mickey and Minnie Pez

We look forward to the new Emoji Pez from Europe in early 2022. Star eyed emoji, and closed eyes sticking out tongue, crystal poop on a neon pink stem and Happy on a blue stem are new emojis or new stem colors to add to your emoji collection!  

2022 European Emoji Pez

There is a great lineup of pez expected in 2022 and we will provide more details in upcoming newsletters, including Care Bears, Sonic and more! Hopefully, supply chain issues will resolve themselves soon and scheduled pez will be available as expected!

Care Bears Pez  Sonic Pez Assortment

That is all the news we have for you this month! Happy Pezzing and thanks for reading the Pez Collectors Store Newsletter! We wish you all the very best through the holiday season and into the new year! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and season’s greetings whatever you celebrate!

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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