March 2021 PCS Newsletter

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February has been bitter cold for most of us in the USA, but things have finally started heating up and so have the new Pez releases. We have finally received some of our shipments from Europe and have more on their way. Pez USA has also had a few new releases which we have added to our inventory and more are coming. We are finally beginning to see a tiny glimmer of light at the end of the COVID tunnel and are looking forward to getting together at PEZ conventions later in the year!

Easter pez have arrived and the new pink floppy ear bunny and the white full body rabbit are available now in the Pez Collectors Store!

Pink Floppy Ear Bunny Pez  White Full Body Rabbit Pez

The Lavender Peeps Pez is available now in the Pez Collectors Store, along with the set of 3 Peeps Pez in Yellow, Blue and Pink. These Peeps Pez have ‘Peeps’ printed on the stems. This printed stem differentiates the Yellow Peeps pez from 2020 which was a Walgreens exclusive with no printing on the stem.

Lavender Peeps Pez Mint on Card   Peeps Pez Set of 3 Mint on Card

The USA Mickey Mouse with baseball cap pez has arrived and is in stock now. This new Mickey is part of the 2021 Mickey and Friends assortment and is available only in the USA.

2021 Mickey Mouse in Baseball Cap Pez

The 2021 European Mickey and Minnie Hashtag pez set includes Mickey and Minnie with printed stems. The printing includes hashtags – ShesMine and couple name #MicMin as well as X(heart)X(heart) and printed hearts. The Minnie Mouse pez are wearing sailor caps with a flower, similar to the sailor cap she wears in the 2020 USA Mickey and Minnie assortment. There are so many variations possible with Mickey and Minnie and different hats and facial expressions!

European Mickey and Minnie Pez Set with Printed Stems

Masha and the Bear pez arrived from Europe and can be found in the Pez Collectors Store. These pez are based on a Russian animated tv series, based on a folk story by the same name. These pez are cute as can be!

Masha and the Bear Pez Loose

The European Emojis with printed stems are in stock now. These have printed stems with sayings that reflect the emoji expressions – a Rainbow Poop pez with happens. printed on the stem, Love Pez with yellow crystal head and printed stem that says Love it, Chillin’ pez with printed stem that says Keep cool, and Surprised pez with OMG! on the stem. These are a fun new twist on the emoji pez!

2021 European Emoji Pez with Printed Stems

March 15 is the first scheduled ship date from Pez Candy, Inc. for the Limited Edition Bee Pez assortment with printed stems. The yellow stem says Bee Happy, black stem says Bee Amazing and the green stem says Bee Original. Our order is placed and we will have these in stock as soon as our shipment from Pez Candy arrives.

USA Limited Edition Bees Pez Set

The European Hello Kitty Bee Bonnet pez are on the way and we are hoping that mail service from Europe will be faster than it has been.  We look forward to adding these soon!

European Hello Kitty Bee Bonnet Pez Set

The European Disney Animal Friends assortment for 2021 includes new Dumbo and Bambi pez, with all new molds. These are on the way from Europe and will be added to our inventory as soon as the shipment arrives – hopefully any day now!

2021 European Dumbo and Bambi Pez

European Tom and Jerry Pez are expected to be released in March and we will have them in stock as soon as possible. The new molds for Tom and Jerry look great and will be great new additions to pez collections!

2021 European Tom and Jerry Pez

European Disney Cars are also expected to be released in March. Hopefully shipping from Europe will be fast and we will have Rust-eze Lightning McQueen, Rust-eze Fabulous Lightning McQueen, and Jackson Storm Disney Cars pez in stock soon!

2021 European Disney Cars Pez

Beginning April 1, the USA Harry Potter Pez will have Voldemort added to the assortment. Voldemort has a great Slytherin snake printed on the stem. The Voldemort head is ‘charm’ style so he isn’t too scary looking. Since this pez is new to the existing assortment, it will be ‘flowed in’ so it may be a while before the old inventory is shipped out and new inventory with Voldemort becomes available. We will get these as soon as possible!

Harry Potter Voldemort Pez

The Pez Collectors Store has added a new size 5 Tier Grandstand Display for Pez. We are offering a 14.75” long 5 Tier Grandstand that is perfect for the IKEA Detolf glass cabinets, or other similar shelves and cabinets. Of course, we still offer the 21” length and the 29.5” grandstands designed for the IKEA Billy bookcases. The lengths chosen for our grandstands are based on popular display shelving and cases used by many collectors and we had many customers asking for the shorter length to fit the Detolf cabinets. We are pleased to add this new size to our offerings!

14.75" 5 Tier Grandstand Display for Pez

Funko POP!+PEZ still have no new product offerings for regular retail sales through June, 2021. The trend seems to be towards only having exclusive releases. The next planned release is for the Virtual Emerald City Comic Con Masters of the Universe Kobra Khan and Spikor twin pack in a limited release of 1000 pieces. Funko had a lottery for Funko Fan Club members who were invited to enter the lottery on February 14, to be notified if they were chosen on February 24. Those who were chosen will be able to shop at the Virtual Con Spring 2021 on March 3 and remaining exclusives will be available on March 4 through

Masters of the Universe Kobra Khan and Spikor POP! PEZ Twin Pack

MOTU Kobra Khan and Spikor POP! PEZ loose

The next Virtual Pez Convention is scheduled for March 20 at 5pm Eastern time. This is an opportunity to get together virtually through a Zoom meeting, chat with other collectors, see tours of others collections, attend informative seminars, play games and win prizes! There are also auctions and a chance to support the VPC Community Involvement Scholarship charity. Registration is free and details can be found at Hosts Landon Proctor and Morgan Rhinehart do a phenomenal job at keeping the community connected through these VPC conventions.

2021 Virtual Pez Convention logo

Regular pez conventions are tentatively planned, but subject to changes based on the COVID pandemic situation and restrictions in place for gatherings in various states and cities. The 2021 Northeast Pez Convention and the PIG gathering had to be canceled. Hopefully, with the increasing availability of vaccines and the decreasing numbers of infections and deaths, it will be safe to gather again in the summer, even if some social distancing and masks are required in order to keep one another safe and healthy!

Michigan Pez Convention is currently scheduled for June 24 – 26, 2021. Hosts Jim and Jody Blaine will provide updates through the website and on Facebook.

Pezamania 30ish is currently scheduled for July 22 – 24, 2021. Hosts Rick and Sue Marlowe will provide details through the website and on Facebook.

Pez On the River is currently scheduled for September 9 – 11, 2021. Hosts Sandy and Cheryl Gardner-Ghionzoli have all the details at and on Facebook.

That is all the news for this month. Happy Pezzing! 

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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