10 Narrow Clear PCS Shoes for Pez - One Size Fits All

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The PCS shoes for pez have an ingenious design which allows one shoe to fit all no feet pez. Current pez with a deep spine or vintage pez with no spine for which you previously had to have a size 1 or size 2, or size S or size M will all fit perfectly in the PCS shoe. There are two options - the forward facing narrow shoe for pez that you want to display in the regular manner, facing forward, or the sideways facing wide shoe for pez that you want to display turned sideways such as vintage ad regulars, diecut stems, psych eyes and flowers or valentine hearts. PCS offers these shoes in clear, colorless plastic so the stem shows through the plastic and always matches the color of the stem, or in classic black for those who prefer an opaque color shoe. The PCS shoe platform or feet is the same thickness as thick feet on current pez, so the shoe will fit beside current pez with feet in the PCS Wall Displays, PCS Grandstand Displays and in some other displays. You will receive 10 Narrow Clear PCS Shoes with this purchase.


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