February 2021 PCS Newsletter

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February is the month to celebrate Valentine’s Day and those we love! What better way than with the things we love too – PEZ! There are new Valentine’s Pez and other new characters to brighten our day and lighten our mood. The European Pez Catalog has been released and there are plenty of new releases coming from Europe throughout 2021 in addition to all the planned USA Pez releases. We are excited to share this information with you!

New Valentine hearts are in stock in the Pez Collectors Store. The 2021 Silly Valentine is a light pink tint crystal head on a pink stem and the 2021 Happy Valentine is a lighter red with a lighter red stem. The pair is shown in the photo on cards, with the 2020 versions loose for comparison.

2021 Valentine Hearts Pez With Lighter Colors

Yellow, Pink and Blue Peeps Pez are in stock now. The yellow Peeps pez released last year did not have the word Peeps printed on the stem as the 2021 versions have. There is also a Lavender version which we will have in stock soon in limited quantities.

Peeps Pez Yellow, Pink and Blue Mint on Card

The Pez Treats Cheeseburger, Pizza and Taco pez arrived in the Pez Collectors Store and quickly sold out, but our next shipment is due to arrive within a few days and they will be back in stock!

Pez Treats - Cheeseburger, Pizza and Taco

The 2021 European Mickey and Minnie Pez were shipped to us on December 31 and we are still waiting for the shipment to arrive. We hope to receive our shipments soon. Unfortunately, the USPS is still overwhelmed with increased volume and staff shortages due to COVID and all shipments seem to be taking much longer!

2021 European Mickey and Minnie Pez

Masha and the Bear Pez were also shipped to us on December 31 and we are still waiting for them to arrive as well.

European Masha and the Bear Pez

European Hello Kitty with Bee Bonnets are on their way to us now. This trio of new Hello Kitty pez all come on printed stems – Hello Kitty Bee Bonnet with  Bee happy print, Hello Kitty Bee Bonnet with Hello Kitty print, and a crystal head Hello Kitty that says Just Bee you with a picture of a bee printed on the stem. The Hello Kitty on the pink stem is also scheduled for release in the USA, but the Bee Happy and Just Bee You are currently only planned as European releases. These will be in stock as soon as our shipment arrives!

European Hello Kitty Bees Pez Set

The 2021 European Animal Friends assortment includes a new Dumbo and Bambi with an all new mold. These are shipping to us now and we hope to have them in stock very soon!

European Dumbo Pez  European Bambi Pez

The 2021 European Emoji pez assortment includes the Love Pez with yellow crystal head and printed stem that says Love it, Chillin’ pez with printed stem that says Keep cool, Surprised pez with OMG! on the stem, and Rainbow Poop with happens printed on the stem. These are also shipping to us now and will be in stock as soon as they arrive!

2021 European Emoji Pez with Printed Stems

Bees are all the buzz this year and PEZ is getting into the honey pot in a big way! The USA will release three new Limited Edition Bee Pez with printed stems. The yellow stem says Bee Happy, black stem says Bee Amazing and the green stem says Bee Original. These are scheduled for shipment from PEZ to begin March 15 so we hope to have them in stock soon after the initial release date!

USA Limited Edition Bee Pez

Pez International is also releasing limited edition Bee Pez. The European pair includes Honey that has Bee Yourself printed on the orange stem, and Buzz that has Bee Kind printed on the blue stem. We have ordered these as well and will get them in stock.

European Bee Pez

PEZ International has released their catalog for 2021 and there are several assortments that are planned for release in Europe that are not currently planned for release in the USA.

New versions of Tom and Jerry will be released in Europe. This sweet pair comes with new molds and an updated look.

Tom and Jerry Pez

The Disney Cars assortment is being updated in Europe as well. Rust-eze Lightning McQueen, Rust-eze Fabulous Lightning McQueen, and Jackson Storm will be included in the assortment.

European Disney Cars Pez

The European Miraculous Assortment will add two new characters – Tikki and Plagg. We will get them in stock, along with more Ladybug and Cat Noir which we have sold out of for now.

European Miraculous Pez Set with Tikki and Plagg

Europe will also be releasing the Sing 2 characters Ash, Johnny and Rosita. The same set is expected to be released in the USA with a ship date of September 1 and we anticipate that the European set and the USA set will be the same.

Sing 2 Pez

The European catalog shows the new Eddie the Vampire pez which is also expected to be released in the USA. This is sort of the teenage version – still cute like the 2013 Baby Vampire, but developing his pseudo-evil side on his way to maturity like the 2010 Daddy Vampire. How fun to watch them grow!

2013 Baby Vampire Pez    2021 Eddie Vampire Pez  2010 Daddy Vampire Pez

The European catalog shows Floppy the Bunny which seems to be the same as the 2018 Tan Floppy Ear Bunny, Sheila the Sheep on a yellow stem with blue Irises and collar which seems to be the same as the 2017 lamb released in the USA on a lavender stem, and Lennie the Bunny which is a white full body Bunny on a green stem that is the same as the 2021 Bunny released in the USA.  We have placed an order for the Sheila the Sheep on yellow stem and hope to get them in stock soon!

2021 European Easter Pez

Funko held their 2021 Funko Fair with announcements of upcoming releases, but there were no new POP! PEZ announced. There are no new POP! PEZ available in product offerings through May for general retailers. It is always possible that there will be more exclusives available through retailers such as GameStop, but there is nothing available for open distribution.

The newest release is the Funko Insider Club Masters of the Universe Evil-Lyn POP! PEZ. This variation has a slightly metallic look with dark purple and metallic blue spikes on her headdress. It comes with a Funko Insider Club sticker on the box.  This new variation is available through the GameStop Funko Insider Club Masters of the Universe 4 piece box set that also comes with a POP, a pen and a pin.

Funko Insider Club Evil-lyn POP PEZ variation

That is all the news for this month. We wish you a very happy Valentine's Day with lots of love! Happy Pezzing! 

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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