July 2021 PCS Newsletter

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We have so much to share with you this month with new pez arrivals, new pez coming and pez news in abundance! We attended the Sweets and Snacks Expo to learn all about upcoming pez releases and future plans. There is an exciting line up on the way for the rest of 2021 and into 2022!

Space Jam - A New Legacy Pez arrived. The assortment includes LeBron James, Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird. Bugs and Tweety are all new molds which is welcome since it has been over 20 years since pez has released new versions of these great Warner Brothers characters in the USA. Bugs and LeBron are also available in a Space Jam graphics twin pack with 6 rolls of pez candy! These are all available now in the Pez Collectors Store!

Space Jam - A New Legacy Pez

Space Jam - A New Legacy Pez Twin Pack

The Cherry Pez Mascot was released as an exclusive in May, then quickly retired. June 8, the Grape Pez Mascot was released as an exclusive, and limited to 6 per customer. It was available on the pez website then retired within a few hours. Two weeks later, on June 22, the Dragon Fruit limited edition exclusive was released at a higher price and limited to two per customer. Information from the website says there were 3000 produced for the USA. These mascots join the previously released Strawberry, Lemon, Orange and Mystery Flavor Mascots. If you are trying to keep track of which mascots have been released, and which might be released in the future, perhaps a list of candy flavors might be helpful! We don’t know which of these PEZ Co. might release as a mascot, but the mold exists and the collectors love them, so there is every reason to believe more will come in the future! The recent USA flavors include:

  • Assorted Fruit
  • Assorted Sourz
  • Banana (retired)
  • Candy Corn
  • Cherry
  • Cola (retired)
  • Cotton Candy
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Grape
  • Lemon
  • Mystery Flavor
  • Orange
  • Chocolate (retired)
  • Raspberry
  • Sourz Blue Raspberry
  • Sourz Green Apple
  • Sourz Pineapple
  • Sourz Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Vanilla Cupcake

July 1, Paw Patrol Crystal pez with colored crystal face versions of Chase, Skye, Marshall and Rubble is scheduled to begin shipping. These crystal Paw Patrol Pez are the same molds as their opaque counterparts and they look really nice. We will have these in stock very soon!

Paw Patrol Crystal Pez

Twin packs of crystal Paw Patrol are on their way as well! Chase and Rubble are in one twin pack and Marshall and Skye are in the second twin pack. We will have these pairs of twin packs in stock just as soon as our order arrives in the Pez Collectors Store!

Crystal Paw Patrol Pez in Twin Packs

Harry Potter Mini Pez Backpack Clips are due to begin shipping July 1. This item won the 2021 Most Innovative New Product Award for the Novelty/Licensed products category at the Sweets and Snacks Expo. Congratulations PEZ Candy, Inc.! The mini stems have a loop on the back that the backpack clip is attached to. The clips can be attached to a backpack, a purse, a beltloop or just about anything, so your pez dispenser is always handy! These will be in stock in the Pez Collectors Store just as soon as we receive our order!

Mini Harry Potter Pez Backpack Clips

Last month, we mentioned that mini Mickey and mini Minnie backpack clips would be coming in September. At the Sweets and Snacks Expo, we learned that release of the timeless Disney pair backpack clips would be delayed until June, 2022 to make way for the mini Mandalorian and the Child backpack clips to be released September 1, 2021!

Mandalorian mini Pez Backpack Clips

PAMP Suisse is releasing another Pez with 30 grams Silver Candy Bricks. This is the Summer Edition and it features the Chillin' emoji with sunglasses on a red stem. The Silver pez candy bricks also feature the Chillin' emoji. It is a limited edition of 4000 pieces produced and it comes with a certificate of authenticity.  These are scheduled to begin shipping July 5 and we expect to have them in stock soon thereafter.

PAMP Suisse Summer 2021 Chillin' Emoji Pez with 30gm Silver Pez Candy Bricks

An updated Thor will be added to Marvel Assortments with a first shipping date of August 1, 2021 ahead of the movie Thor: Love of Thunder releasing Feb 18, 2022.

2021 Thor Pez

September is always a big release month for Pez and this year is no different! Pez Trucks will be released. The three PEZ Trucks are truly PEZ Trucks – they feature the PEZ Mascot, the PEZ Girl and Pez Candy Bricks on the sides of the three different trucks. The cabs shown at the Sweets and Snacks Expo were all small smoke stacks that were unpainted, but it is possible that any of the other Rigs cabs could be used as well with these trailer designs.

Pez Trucks Card    Pez Trucks

Sing 2 Pez are scheduled for release September 1. Ash, Johnny and Gunter will be included in the pez assortment. Ash is a porcupine on a red stem, Johnny is the gorilla on a light blue stem and Gunter is a pig on an orange stem. These are all bust molds, but not the same bust shape for each – Johnny’s bust  is much larger than Gunter’s which is larger than Ash’s. The Sing 2 pez set is scheduled for release in Europe and we expect them to be the same.

Sing 2 Pez Card     Sing 2 Ash Pez     Sing 2 Johnny Pez

The Game of Thrones Pez Gift Tin will be released September 1. It is hard to believe but 2021 is the 10 year (Iron) anniversary of GOT, so the Iron Throne Gift tin is perfect! Characters in the set will include Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Night King. As much as we hoped Tyrion would be on a mini stem, this will not be the case. These pez come in the Iron Throne Gift Tin along with a 6 pack of new Dragon Fruit Flavor Pez Candy. We tried the candy at the expo and I really liked the new flavor!

Game of Thrones Pez Gift Tin  Game of Thrones Pez Tin back

Game of Thrones Pez

The Game of Thrones Pez Gift Tin was one of the finalist nominees selected for consideration for the 2021 Most Innovative New Product Award in the Novelty/Licensed category. Again, Congratulations PEZ Candy!

Game of Thrones Pez Gift Tin Most Innovative New Product Award Nominee

The Office Pez Gift Tin will also be released September 1. The briefcase shaped tin includes Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly along with 6 rolls of pez candy.

The Office Pez Gift Tin

The Office Pez Gift Tin Back

The Office Pez

The Office pez characters will also be available in twin packs with Michael and Dwight, and with Jim and Pam. These will be shipping from Pez Candy beginning September 1.

The Office Pez Twin Packs

Christmas pez are also due to begin shipping September 1. The Full Body Santa Pez Ornament is a great throwback to the early, original Full Body Santa, but the new one has a loop on the top of the hat to use as a hanger. This pez comes in a box with a To/From tag on the top of the box for gift giving. This product was also a finalist nominee for the 2021 Most Innovative New Product Award for the Novelty/Licensed category!

Full Body Santa Pez Ornament

There are two new Christmas Ornament mini pez in new blister packaging. The 2020 Santa on a mini stem and the 2019 Snowman with beanie on a mini stem are both in blister packaging front, with a flat back instead of the plastic balls which the ornaments used to come in.

Mini Snowman and Santa Pez Ornaments

There will be a new elf mold for 2021 with a green hat with red trim and a green stem. This 2021 Elf will be available in tube, on card or in poly bags. There is also a new Nutcracker for 2021 that is available only in tubes.

2021 Elf Pez    Nutcracker Pez in tube

September 24 is the first ship date for the Marvel Eternals. After many delays, the movie is due to be released November 5. The Eternals assortment will include Ikaris, Sersi, Kro and Celestial. Ikaris and Sersi are Eternals, Kro is a Deviant and Celestial is one of the original genetic engineers of Eternals and Deviants. These dispensers were not on open display at the Sweets and Snacks Expo, but pictures of an Ikaris, Kro and Celestial pez are circulating on the internet that look quite good. We suspect the pictures may be legitimate though we have not been able to independently verify them. Since there has been a tight embargo on this pez release, we will not reshare those images at this time.


November 1 is the first date that Valentine Pez will begin shipping and the new dispenser for Valentines Day, 2022 is the White Bear with closed eyes and a lipstick kiss on his forehead.

Kissed Valentine Bear Pez

December 15 is the first scheduled shipping date for Easter 2022 pez. The new Easter Rabbit looks quite like a proper rabbit, sitting on his haunches. The other new Easter 2022 pez is the Egg in Tube. The new Easter egg has a Butterfly and a flower printed on the egg and it will come in tube only.

2022 Easter Rabbit Pez  Butterfly Easter Egg Pez  Butterldy Easter Egg in Tube

2022 promises to be a great year with new pez releases. In January, 2022, the Cupcake will be added to the Pez Treats Assortment.

Pez Treats Cupcake Pez

A new Mickey Ballcap and Minnie Mouse pez will be added to the Mickey and Friends assortment in January 2022.

Mickey Mouse Pez on Card  Minnie Mouse with Blue Bow Pez on card

A Care Bears assortment is planned for February, 2022. Included in this assortment are Cheer Bear (pink), Share Bear (purple), Grumpy Bear (blue), and Funshine Bear (yellow). The bears are full bodies so their bellies show their emblem just like the Care Bears are usually depicted.

Care Bear Pez on card   Care Bears Pez

A Sonic pez assortment is mentioned in information we received, but there were no examples available at the Sweets and Snacks Expo. We will have more information for this long before the first scheduled ship date of Feb. 1, 2022 which is well ahead of the Sonic 2 movie release! Hopefully the assortment will also include Knuckles and Tails! 

Sonic 2

Justice League may be getting a new Batman in the assortment beginning in February, 2022. More details will come!

Marvel will add Dr. Strange beginning March 1, 2022. This new dispenser was on display and he looks great!

Dr. Strange Pez

Hello Kitty Puppy will be added to the 2020 Hello Kitty Assortment. If this follows past experience, Europe will likely get a new 2022 Hello Kitty set of 4 which will likely relate to the Hello Kitty Puppy! She sure does look cute!

Hello Kitty Puppy Pez

E.T. will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary and Pez will celebrate with mini E.T. pez twin packs shipping June 1, 2022. The pez on display state that they are concept only, so it is likely that there will be some change to the original E.T. molds.

mini ET Pez

While there were no samples on display, we did learn that in 2022, we can also expect a Lightyear Assortment April 15, a Mandalorian assortment with Boba Fett April 15, Jurassic World assortment May 1, Animal Crossing assortment July 1, and LOL Surprise Series 3 July 1, 2022. For Gift Sets or Collectors Sets, we can look forward to a Batman Twin pack February 1, Mickey and Minnie mini Backpack Clips June 1, Game of Thrones Pez Twin Pack August 1, and a Black Panther Pez Gift tin and a Mandalorian Pez Gift tin in September, 2022!

There have not been any new Funko POP!+PEZ releases or announcements, but Walmart Exclusive Seinfeld with Tweety Pez POP!s which were preordered long ago have begun to make appearances. This was such a classic episode of Seinfeld and aired just as pez collecting began taking off in popularity. We have just a few of these in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store! 

Seinfeld with Tweety Pez POP!

The Pezamania 40ish pez convention sounds like it will be huge! It has sold out of registration packets and the hotel rooms are all booked up at the Holiday Inn, with overflow going to several nearby hotel venues! We are looking forward to attending and trying to figure out what to take with us since it has been two years since the last time we all converged in Cleveland! We should be in our usual room – room 115 unless something changes.

Pezamania 30ish

Pez on the River is still accepting registrations and it will be a great event! Mark your calendar, make your hotel reservation, and get your registrations done for September 9 – 11! We look forward to seeing you there!

Pez On The River

Answers to the song titles depicted with pez game posted in last month’s PCS Newsletter – My favorite artist is Billie Eilish and her songs depicted by the 6 pez from left to right and back to front were – Party Favor, I Love You, You Should See Me In A Crown, Bad Guy, Bury a Friend, When the Party’s Over. The picture overall with all the pez represents yet another song – My Strange Addiction (though My Future would have been a really good guess, too). Thanks for playing along!

My Favorite Artist Song Titles depicted with Pez

That’s all the news for this month! Happy Pezzing! 

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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