January 2024 PCS Newsletter

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It’s hard to believe that 2023 is over and 2024 is beginning. The year seems to have flown by in the Pez Collectors Store and we hope that all of the wonderful pez releases have found their way to your collection! If not, we have plenty of most of the pez released throughout the year still available. And, we will have the 2024 releases as well, as soon as they are available. We even have some of the new 2024 pez in stock now. Ring in the new year! Welcome, 2024!

Happy New Year 2024

PEZ Co. predicts that 2024 is going to be Out of this World! To prove it, they launched the Exclusive Limited Edition 2024 Glitter Crystal Space Shuttle. 2024 pieces were produced for the USA and 2024 pieces were produced for PEZ International. The USA website sold out within less than an hour with a limit of two per household! A few customers violated that rule and ordered extra, and these orders were modified, leaving PEZ with an extra 200 dispensers. They warned that these would be available and specified a time they would be listed. Those 200 sold out within the first minute or so. The shuttle is a clear crystal with glitter with 20 printed on one wing and 24 on the other. We do have a few of these on their way to us from Europe and will have them available as soon as they shuttle their way across the Atlantic and land in the Pez Collectors Store in a few days.

USA 2024 Crystal Space Shuttle Pez MOC  European 2024 Crystal Space Shuttle MOC  USA 2024 Crystal Space Shuttle Pez Loose

The back of the dispenser has the PEZ copyright molded in a planet with a ring around it like Saturn! That's a pretty cool detail! 

Pez Planet Copyright on back of Space Shuttle

PEZ Co. also released an exclusive limited edition 2023 Crystal Polar Bear. He is icy cool with black painted features a red stocking cap with green trim and his ears both in front of the hat band. We have a few of the USA carded versions in stock now.  This dispenser was also released in Europe and we have these coming to us now on European cards!

2023 USA Crystal Polar Bear Limited Edition Exclusive  2023 Crystal Polar Bear Loose European Crystal Polar Bear MOC

National Hockey League Jersey Pez were released for Canadian distribution only. These 7 Jersey Pez feature the team logos for the Calgary Flames, Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, and Montreal Canadiens. Each dispenser has the NHL Logo shield on the front of the stem. The 7 different NHL Team Jerseys come loose and are in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store. I suspect that this will not be the last we see of the very versatile Jersey Mold. I can imagine a whole series of Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball team Jerseys and PEZ T-shirt designs printed on this mold! For now, enjoy the original release of the Jersey mold!

2023 Canadian NHL Jersey Pez Set of 7 Loose

Chewbacca has joined R2D2 and Ahsoka as the newest Star Wars Mandalorian pez. All three of these dispensers feature all new molds and look quite different compared to their earlier versions. The evolution of the new 2023 Chewbacca can be seen from left to right! These are all available now in the Pez Collectors Store.

 2023 R2D2 Long Arms Pez MIB 2023 Ahsoka Pez MIB 2023 Chewbacca Pez MIB

Evolution of Chewbacca Pez over the years

The Full Body Easter Bunny Ornament has arrived in the Pez Collectors Store. This adorable bunny is similar to the Full Body Santa and Snowman Ornaments – it comes in a gift box with a tag for To: and From: for gift giving. The dispenser stem and sleeve are inside the full body ornament and the Easter Bunny has an Easter Egg in front of his legs and feet saying Happy Easter. These are really adorable - he even has a cute little bunny tail! Order yours today from the Pez Collectors Store!

Full Body Bunny Pez in Gift Box Full Body Bunny Pez Loose - front and back

Easter Egg Pez are released in tubes in the USA and this year’s new egg is green with a bunny holding a carrot. These will be in stock soon in the Pez Collectors Store!

2024 Easter Egg Pez - green egg with Bunny holding Carrot  2024 Easter Egg Pez Mint in Tube

For Valentine’s Day, 2024, there is a new Valentine’s Day Bear twin pack but it includes the 2020 Valentine Love Bear with hearts on the cheeks and the 2022 Valentine white Kissed Love Bear with a kiss on his forehead. It is always possible that PEZ Co. will produce an exclusive online dispenser for Valentine’s Day, but there are no new pez for Valentine’s Day available at this time.

2024 Valentine's Day Pez Bears Twin Pack

2020 Valentine's Day Love Bear with Hearts on Cheeks  2022 Valentine's Day White Bear Kissed on Forehead

Brides with a variety of hair colors and Grooms with a variety of facial hair options have been available in Europe. We have more coming in a few days and will restock the Blonde, Brunette, Black hair brides in addition to the Red head bride, and will add the groom with full beard and mustache, in addition to the groom with mustache and the clean shaven groom, and we will add the dark skinned brides and grooms as well! Check back in a week or so and we will have all the variations availble in the Pez Collectors Store!

Red Head Pez Pal C Bride  Blonde Pez Pal C Bride Brunette Pez Pal C Bride Black Hair Pez Pal C Bride Black Hair Dark Skinned Pez Pal C Bride

 Pez Pal C Groom Pez Pal C Groom with Mustache Pez Pal C Groom with full beard and mustachePez Pal C Dark Skinned Groom

There have been many surprises throughout 2023 with exclusive limited-edition releases and many different licensed items. Among the surprising licensed items is the collaboration between Pez Candy, Inc. and Quidd in launching a NFT collection featuring a curated selection of digital PEZ dispensers. “Each collectible is a one-of-a-kind digital item that can be minted by collectors to the Ethereum blockchain and accessed via their self-custodying MetaMask wallet. All minted NFTs will be verifiable on the blockchain, ensuring authenticity, scarcity, and interoperability.”, according to the Candy & Snacks today December 13, 2023 article. Personally, I prefer the cute little plastic candy dispensers that are fun toys that come with a candy treats, but for those with unlimited virtual space, the NFTs are an option!

quidd x PEZ NFTs

We attended the Sweets and Snacks Expo in May, 2023 and were privileged to get sneak peeks at the lineup of Pez for the remainder of 2023 and the first part of 2024. We shared this information in the June, 2023 Pez Collectors Store Newsletter. There have been a few updates to that information and I am sure there will be more as 2024 proceeds!

January 15, 2024, is the first expected release date for the Popcorn Treats pez. This will be flowed into the Pez Treats assortments, so it will be harder to find as retailers exhaust their existing supplies and reorder and Pez Co. exhausts their existing inventory of already packaged treats that don’t include the Popcorn.

Popcorn Pez for Treats Pez assortment

Likewise, Mickey in the Sorcerer Hat is also scheduled for first release January 15 and will be flowed into assortments. We will have these in stock as soon as possible.

Mickey Mouse in Sorcerers Hat Pez

Goofy also has a new mold and look with the open mouth showing his tongue in a black background.  His hat has no black hatband and is somewhat shorter with a tuft of hair in front. His head is less narrow at the top. Again, these will be flowed into the assortment and we will have some mint on cool European cards, arriving soon!

2023 Goofy Pez Mint on European Card

February 1 is the first scheduled shipping date for Gabby in the Gabby’s Dollhouse Assortment. Gabby herself will join Pandy Paws, MerCat and Cakey Cat. Gabby will also be in the new twin pack with Pandy Paws and great Gabby’s Dollhouse graphics.

Gabby from Gabby's Dollhouse Pez   Gabby's Dollhouse Pez Twin Pack with Gabby and Pandy Pez

Barbie is also scheduled to be released in the USA February 1. These have been available from Europe for several months now. We have the European versions in stock now and we expect that the USA release will be mostly identical. A twin pack with the Blonde and the Curly haired Barbie will be released March 1.

2023 European Barbie Pez Set Loose

Europe will be releasing the 2024 Emoji pez assortment with Party, Heart, Rainbow and Smirk. These are ordered and will be shipping to the Pez Collectors Store as soon as they are released in Europe.

2024 European Pezmojis Emoji Pez

2024 is 25th anniversary of Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants shows and Pez International will release an updated, smaller head size Smiling SpongeBob, Patrick, Nerdy SpongeBob and Gary in the spring. The USA will also be releasing Smiling SpongeBob, Nerdy SpongeBob and Patrick with shipping scheduled to begin May 1. Then September 1 the USA will release the same characters in a Pineapple shaped Tin, along with a Silver Edition SpongeBob, in honor of the 25th Anniversary!

2024 European SpongeBob Pez Set

Space Mission will be released in Europe and in the USA, this time with a white opaque Space Shuttle with flames on the stem, plus a Gold and a Silver Astronaut. A set was on display at the Vienna International Pez Convention and they look fabulous. The set in the USA will also include a Mars Rover! The USA set is scheduled for release April 1.

2024 European Space Mission Pez at VIP III Convention

The Calendar of USA releases for 2024, with updates to the information provided at the 2023 Sweets and Snacks Expo include:

  • January 1 Easter Tubes with Green Easter Egg showing Bunny with Carrot*
  • January 15 Pez Treats Popcorn*
  • January 15 Mickey with Sorcerers Hat*
  • February 1 Gabby added to Gabby's Dollhouse asst.*
  • February 1 Gabby and Pandy Paws Twin Pack
  • February 1 Barbie pez asst.*
  • March 1 Blonde and Curly Hair Barbie Twin Pack
  • March 1 new mold standing Hello Kitty full body head for 50th anniversary
  • March 1 Suzy Sheep added to Peppa Pig asst.
  • April 1 Space Mission Astronauts, Space Shuttle and Mars Rover
  • April 1 Zipp joins My Little Pony asst.
  • May 1 New Smiling and Nerdy SpongeBob and Patrick
  • June 1 Despicable Me 4 new Tim and Mel plus 2 other characters
  • June 1 Despicable Me 4 Twin Pack
  • June 1 Lion King with new molds Simba, Mufasa, Timon and Pumba
  • June 1 new Lion King Twin Pack Simba and Mufasa
  • June 1 mini-Mickey and Minnie Pez Clips Double Cards
  • June 1 New mold Daisy and Donald added to Mickey and Friends asst.
  • June 1 Donald and Mickey Twin Pack for Donald’s 90th Anniversary
  • July 1 Moana asst with Moana, new Hei Hei and Maui
  • July 1 Moana and Maui Twin Packs
  • July 1 Blue and Orange Bat for Halloween
  • July 1 Green girl witch with red hair for Halloween
  • August 1 New Tiana Princess*
  • September 1 Giant Pikachu dispenser
  • September 1 Pokemon mini-Pikachu and Pokeball Clips Double Card
  • September 1 mini–Hello Kitty and Unicorn Clips Double Card
  • September 1 Amy added to Sonic asst.
  • September 1 Crystal Sonic Knuckles, Tails and Amy Gift Box
  • September 1 Minecraft Assortment with Steve, Creeper, Pig and Alex
  • September 1 Minecraft Twin Pack Pairs with Steve and Creeper, and with Alex and Pig
  • September 1 Minecraft Gift Box with Steve, Creeper, Alex and exclusive Enderman with printed stems
  • September 1 Pineapple shaped SpongeBob Gift Tin with new Patrick, Smiling SpongeBob, Gary and Silver Edition 25th Anniversary SpongeBob
  • September 1 New Elf with big round eyes and new Nutcracker on Green Stem in Tube

Those with an * were on display at the Sweets and Snacks expo, and featured in the June 2023 Pez Collectors Store newsletter. We will show images of the other upcoming new items as soon as the images are made public or 30 days prior to the first scheduled release. Many will be on display when we attend the 2024 Sweets and Snacks Expo in May.

This is likely only a partial list of upcoming new PEZ for 2024 in the USA. I have no doubt that there will be many new surprises along the way and we can’t wait to share them with you and have them in stock in the Pez Collectors Store! Additionally, there will be more European Pez releases and the 2024 catalog will be released soon so we can share the new pez with you!

We have been very disappointed with the lack of availability of the Funko Five Nights at Freddy’s Holiday POP! PEZ through our distributor. We were only able to get an extremely limited number of Holiday Freddy and no Bonnie, Foxy or Chica at this time. Granted, the total production was limited to 1500 of each character, but we hoped our orders would be filled and were quite disappointed that they have not been available to date. We have just a few of the Holiday Freddy POP! PEZ in stock in the Pez Collectors Store.

Now is the time when many people begin planning vacations and requesting time off, so be sure to add the following Pez Convention dates to your calendar!

That’s all the news to get us started for 2024! We wish all of our loyal subscribers and wonderful customers all the very best for the New Year! May you all be blessed with a peaceful, prosperous and joyous 2024! Happy Pezzing!

All the best,
Chris Jordan
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