February 2024 PCS Newsletter

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January has been a great start to 2024 with new pez releases and new information about the upcoming pez releases. There is so much to anticipate for this year! We are really excited to get all of the newest pez in stock as soon as they are available. There is no doubt that we will all need more space and at least one new grandstand to display all the new pez! We have also been busy adding some vintage and quasi-vintage pez, so be sure to browse around the Pez Collectors Store a bit and don’t forget to add shoes for those no-feet pez! Starting off the year with Pez Treats is perfect and Popcorn is always a great treat. Get your box of popcorn today! We have just a few in stock and will have more soon!

Pez Treats Popcorn Pez Mint on Card

A new limited edition Retro Pez Girl with a pillbox hat has been released in both Europe and the USA! In the USA, she is on a TEAM CHERRY card and packaged with 3 packs of Cherry flavor Candy. The Cherry Pez Mascot is in the upper corner of the card, waving a flag saying Collect them All! The Cherry Pez Girl wears a white pillbox hat with a red band with the PEZ logo. She has blonde hair and comes on a red stem. In Europe, the same dispenser is on a Limited Edition card with an image that says Collect them All! which shows a brunette wearing a yellow PEZ banded pillbox hat and a dark skinned brown hair girl with an orange PEZ banded pillbox hat as well as the blonde with the red banded PEZ hat. The candy packs on the card are lemon, orange and cherry packs. It is expected that at very least, there will be a Lemon Pez Girl and and Orange Pez Girl in addition to the Cherry Pez Girl, but much like the candy brick pez mascot, there are a lot more flavors that might be produced.

Team Cherry Pez Girl on USA Card  Cherry Pez Presenter Girl on European Card

For Valentine’s Day, 2024, there is a new Valentine’s Day Bear Twin Pack. It includes the 2020 Valentine Love Bear with hearts on the cheeks and the 2022 Valentine white Kissed Love Bear with a kiss on his forehead. These cute bears are a lovely pair in the Gift Box twin pack with a heart shaped window and a To:___ and From:___ gift tag on the top of the twin pack box. We have a few of these in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store.

Valentine Bears Pez Twin Pack Gift Box

If you are looking for something a little less common for your valentine, check out the Sag’s Mit Valentine. You can add your own message to this 20+ year old valentine heart pez. You may want to pick up a fresh pack of candy for it though!

Sag's Mit Pez Valentine Heart Mint on Card

The Full Body Easter Bunny Ornaments are back in stock in the Pez Collectors Store. This adorable bunny is similar to the Full Body Santa and Snowman Ornaments – it comes in a gift box with a tag for To:___ and From:___ Tag for gift giving. The dispenser stem and sleeve are inside the full body ornament and the entire head tilts, just like a standard pez dispenser! The Easter Bunny has an Easter Egg in front of his legs and feet saying Happy Easter. These are really adorable - he even has a cute little bunny tail! Order yours today from the Pez Collectors Store!

Full Body Easter Bunny Pez Ornament in Gift Box Full Body Pez Easter Bunny Ornament Loose

The 2023 Easter Egg in tube has a green egg with a picture of a bunny holding a large carrot. This new easter egg comes only in tubes in the USA. We have just a few of these in stock now and will have more soon!

2024 Green Easter Egg Bunny holding Big Carrot Pez Mint in TubeEaster Egg with Bunny holding Carrot Pez  

The full range of pez Brides and Grooms are available now including the newest releases – the dark-skinned Bride and Groom and the Groom with full beard and mustache. They join the clean-shaven Groom, the Groom with mustache and the Red Head, Blonde, Brunette and Black Hair Brides. These are available individually so you can mix and match as you wish!

Dark Skinned Bride Pez Loose  Dark Skinned Groom Pez Loose  Groom Pez with Full beard and mustache

The Groom with Full Beard and Mustache is the first dispenser reported to have the new US Patent Number 11, 459, 164 molded on the side of the stem. Unfortunately, it does not appear to use the technology for attaching the head to the sleeve which is cited in the patent documentation - it has a standard leaf spring with plastic hinge pins used in previous patent number pez.

Patent 11, 459, 164

According to the patent descriptions and drawings, the new design for heads includes an interlocking of two halves over a cap which would then attach to the inner sleeve. The patent information can be found at https://patents.google.com/patent/US11459164B2/en?oq=11459164. We will be watching new dispensers to see if they have the new patent number and indeed have the new patent design!

US Patent design illustration

Goofy has been updated for the Mickey and Friends assortment and is available now on a European Card that looks really cool or in bag or even loose if you prefer to display loose and save on shipping!

2023 European Goofy on Card 2023 Goofy Pez MIB 2023 Goofy Pez Loose

The 2024 European Pez Catalog was released and we are pleased to be able to share some images of upcoming European Pez Releases. The catalog does not provide specific release dates but we do have quarterly release information.

The 2024 European Hello Kitty set is a set of 3 new Hello Kitty dispensers for release during first Quarter. The Full Body Hello Kitty is expected to be the same as the one scheduled for release in the USA, but the European Set also includes Hello Kitty Blinking (I would have said Winking since only one eye is closed) on a blue stem with white bows printed on the stem and a blue bow on her head, and Hello Kitty Hearts with a dark magenta colored printed stem and Hearts for eyes with a crystal pink bow. We will get these in stock just as soon as they are released!

2024 European Hello Kitty Pez Set

Gabby’s Dollhouse is also scheduled for first quarter release and is available now in Europe. Gabby is the new addition to the set, joining Pandy Paws, Cakey Cat and Mercat. She is also due to be released in the USA and we will have these in stock soon!

2024 European Gabby Pez

The 2024 Pezmojis set is expected to be released soon during the first quarter. We will have these in stock as soon as they are released.

2024 European Pezmojis Emoji Pez Set

The Mars Mission is a first quarter European Release which appears to be identical to the set being called Space Mission in the USA in April. The set includes the Gold Astronaut, the Silver Astronaut, the Space Shuttle and the Mars Rover.

2024 European Mars Mission Pez Set

Mickey and Friends is also scheduled as a first quarter release, with a package refresh but the images show an updated Donald and Daisy.  The USA is expecting the new Mickey in Sorcerers hat which is not included in the European release catalog and the updated Donald and Daisy will be in the new USA assortment in June.

2024 European Donald and Daisy Pez Updates

Second quarter releases in Europe include the SpongeBob assortment with Smiling, and Nerdy SpongeBob, Patrick and Gary. Gary is not included in the USA assortment scheduled for release in May but we will get the Gary as soon as it is released!

2024 European SpongeBob Pez Set

Despicable Me 4 is a second quarter release and is also expected to be released in the USA in June. It seems that both the USA and Europe plan to include Tim and Mel plus two additional characters to be announced!

2024 European Despicable Me 4 Pez Set

Tiana is due to be updated in the European Disney Princess assortment as a third quarter release. She is also scheduled for release in the USA in August.

2024 European Tiana Pez

Europe will be getting the Transformer pez set with the Transformer logo printed on the stems during third quarter. Bumblebee, Megatron and Optimus Prime are similar to the 2015 USA release, but do seem to be somewhat different molds! There is no information at this time that these new Transformers will be released in the USA. We will be sure to get them in stock from Europe!

2024 European Transformers Pez Set

Fourth quarter releases in Europe include Lion King with Simba, Pumba, Timon and Mufasa. The same assortment is expected in the USA in June and we anticipate that the sets will be the same in both Europe and the USA.

2024 European Lion King Pez Set

Amy will be added to the Sonic 3 assortment during the 4th quarter and is expected to be released in the USA September 1. We expect that the European and the USA releases will be the same.

2024 European Amy from Sonic 4 Pez Assortment

Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are scheduled for release in Europe. These great Japanese manga characters are quite popular in Europe and the USA, but there is not plan for Naruto to be released in the USA, so we will be sure to get them in stock from Europe!

2023 European Naruto Pez Set

Oscar the Bat is a new addition to the European Halloween pez assortment. This new bat is also planned for release in the USA.

2024 Oscar the Bat Pez

Have you ever wished you could have your head on a Pez Dispenser? Collectors in the European Union and Switzerland have the opportunity to have a 3-D printed head on a pez dispenser produced of their head. Simply download an iOS mobile app (android version is coming in the spring) and then upload an image you want made into a pez. Select a face shape, a hairstyle, a bust style and a stem color, then a pez avatar is made to resemble your photo. The basic avatar head is 99 Euro plus shipping. A premium head is available for 149 Euro plus shipping for those who have a specific hairstyle or profile that they want replicated on the dispenser head. For this, images of both sides of the head must also be included. Unfortunately, glasses cannot be worn at this time and no hats or other headgear can be worn. We are excited to see some of our European friends on a pez and hopefully this might someday be available for collectors in the USA. Of course, if you have a European friend, they could place the order for you!  

Your Head on a Pez

M2 Machines has released a new PEZ 1959 VW Double Cab Camper, Trailer and 1960 Delivery Van Set. The vehicles are decorated with the PEZ logo and a large candy brick. They come in a fun Pez Candy decorated box with the Pez Boy and Pez Girl on either end. This is a fun new M2 Machines Pez licensed item!

M2 Machines VW Camper, Trailer and Van

That’s all the news for this month! Happy Pezzing!

All the best,

Chris Jordan


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