February 2023 PCS Newsletter

The new year is off and running with lots of new pez flowing out of the factory and into new pez assortments. Pez International released the 2023 PEZ Catalog and there are so many new releases planned – some the same and some different than the planned releases for the USA! It’s going to be an exciting year!

The Donut with Sprinkles was added to the Pez Treats Assortment and is now available in the Pez Collectors Store. It joins the Taco, the Burger, Pizza and Cupcake treats. I ‘donut’ wanna know what its sassy version might say! I am happy with the Sprinkles and plain stem for now!

Sprinkles Donut Pez Treats

 Asterix is a very popular comic in Europe. The Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom film is scheduled for release February 1, 2023 in France. Pez has updated the Asterix and Obelix pez with new molds and has added Idefix (in the original French version), also known as Dogmatix elsewhere in Europe. This new European Asterix, Obelix and Idefix pez set is available now in the Pez Collectors Store!

2023 European Asterix and Obelix with Idefix Pez set

The Kronlachner Promotional pez is an advertising pez for the Austrian Kronlachner salon. This is an upscale salon offering luxury styling and beauty products. The grey puck on a grey stem features the Kronlachner crown logo and the pez comes with two Kronlachner The Concept candy packs! These promotional pez have a very limited distribution and are a great addition to the promotional pez collection. We have only a few of these in stock now!

Kronlachner Pez and Pez Candy Packs

Disney Princesses Cinderella, Rapunzel and Snow White have all undergone recent updates and all three are available now in the Pez Collectors Store. For those who already got the European Snow White and Cinderella pair, Rapunzel is available separately as well!

New Princess Pez Cinderella, Rapunzel and Snow White Pez loose  Rapunzel Pez Mint in Bag

Belle will also be revised and available later this month or the first of next month! She has a new mold, with her hair all behind her shoulders and the off the shoulder sleeves of the bodice are the same color as the rest of the bodice, quite different than the previous two versions!

2023 Belle Princess Pez

We expect Gabby’s Dollhouse pez to arrive anytime now. Our order included the Gabby’s Dollhouse Twin Packs as well as the full set in polybags, and we are waiting for the twin packs to be available so the order will be shipped to us. These will be in stock as soon as possible.

Gabby's Dollhouse Pez Set

Gabby's Dollhouse Pez Twin Packs

The new Care Bears assortment with Good Luck bear is due to begin shipping from Pez beginning February 1. Because this is a new dispenser being added in place of Share Bear in the Care Bears assortment it may take a while before the new Good Luck Bear is flowed into the assortment. We will have them in stock as soon as possible. Likewise, two new Twin packs are expected.

Care Bears Good Luck Bear

Care Bears Pez Twin Packs with Good Luck Bear

The European Hello Kitty Yoga Pez Set includes 3 different Hello Kitty characters. Namaste on a blue stem with closed eye Hello Kitty with Hawaiian Hibiscus flower will be released in the USA in March, but the other two Hello Kitty with Bows, Inhale and Exhale and Yoga will be available only in Europe. This set will be coming to the Pez Collectors Store soon!

European Hello Kitty Yoga Pez Set  

A set of 3 new European Pokemon Pikachu pez including Smiling Pikachu on green, Laughing or open mouth Pikachu on blue and Winking Pikachu on orange are expected to be released soon and will be on their way to the Pez Collectors Store!

2023 European Pokemon Pikachu Pez Set

The 2023 European Emoji set will include a new Nerdy pez with glasses, Brown Poop emoji with small eyes and small black pupils and tongue instead of teeth, a new Kisses emoji and a bonkers looking Crazy emoji. The faces are all new for the 2023 European Emoji set.

2023 European Emoji pez set

2023 European Emoji pez set

Easter will be coming soon and two new pez are expected in the USA. The full body blue bunny will be released on a full size green stem (the previous version from 2019 was on a yellow stem). The new Easter Egg in Tube this year will feature a flower with a buzzing bee on a blue easter egg and pink stem. The same two dispensers will also be released in Europe.

2023 Full Body Blue Bunny on Green Stem      Blue Easter Egg pez with Flower and Bee

According to the European PEZ Catalog, the Little Mermaid assortment will be released and it is expected to be the same as the assortment planned for release in the USA April 1. Ariel is being updated and will join Flounder and Sebastian in the set. In the USA, there will be a US version of Ariel and Flounder in a twin pack box, and in Europe, the same pair will be featured in a European style twin pack shown below.

The Little Mermaid Pez Set with Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian PezEuropean Little Mermaid Pez Twin Pack

Europe will also release the new Ghost Spider Pez and it will likely be the same as the Ghost Spider due for release in the USA in Marvel Assortments beginning May 1.

2023 European Ghost Spider Pez

The new Looney Tunes assortment will include Bugs Bunny and Tweety, that look to be the same as those released with Space Jam, along with a new Sylvester and a new Daffy Duck. The same assortment is due to be released in the USA June 1. The HBO Max premiere of Coyote vs. Acme had us truly hoping for a remake of Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, but sadly they don’t seem to be scheduled for this year! The USA will also see Twin packs featuring Bugs and Daffy, and Sylvester with Tweety Bird.

2023 European Looney Tunes Pez Set

Liberty will be added to the Paw Patrol set in Europe as well as in the USA. Beginning September 1, the Paw Patrol assortment in the USA will include Liberty and will include limited edition gold Chase, Skye and Marshall dispensers! The faces of the limited editions are done in Gold tones!

European Paw Patrol Liberty Pez

A new dispenser (TBD) will be added to the European Trolls assortment. A new dispenser will also be added to the assortment in the USA beginning October 1, ahead of the Trolls 3 movie release! We expect the new European dispenser will be the same as the new USA dispenser.

2023 European Trolls Pez with new TBA pez

A new Pony will be added to the European My Little Pony Assortment later this year. Zipp will join the new Sunny, Izzy and Pipp dispensers in the assortment!

2023 European My Little Pony Zipp Pez

A new Playmobil assortment will be released in Europe featuring a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Princess and Knight pez dispensers. Playmobil is a German line of toys featuring human figures with smiling faces and a wide range of accessories to make different characters that interact in play with various animals, buildings, vehicles and accessories in themed series playsets. The pez dispenser set is quite cute but is not scheduled for release in the USA at this time.

2023 European Playmobil Pez Set

Suzy Sheep will be added to the Peppa Pig assortment in Europe this year. At this time, there are no plans for her release in the USA.

2023 European Peppa Pig Suzy Sheep Pez

A new Reindeer Pez is also shown in the European catalog for Christmas 2023. Like all of the Christmas Pez, this dispenser comes with a Playcode in Europe making it different than the version released in the USA!

2023 European Christmas Reindeer Pez with Play Code

There is also a new Barbie Pez Assortment in the works for release in Europe, but no details are available at this time, so we will share that information as it becomes available.


The Pez Outlaw movie was released on Netflix and rapidly rose to the #5 spot in the Top 10 Movies in the U.S. Today. It is a must see and it is incredible to see this movie and the story reaching far beyond the pez collector community!

The PEZ Outlaw movie on Netflix

Save the date for the Spring 2023 Virtual Pez Convention April 15. New VPC merchandise featuring the 2023 logo is available now at https://vpc-2.creator-spring.com/ and it all looks so great! The funds benefit the Virtual Pez Convention Scholarship fund so you get great merchandise and help further the education of deserving students! It’s a WIN-WIN all the way around!

2023 Virtual Pez Convention

VPC Ladybug

That’s all the news for this month! Happy Pezzing!

All the best,
Chris Jordan