August 2010 Newsletter

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August 2010 Pez Collectors Store Newsletter

Summer has brought many new pez dispensers and there are even more that will be coming out soon. The Pez Collectors Store has been working hard at adding all available pez dispensers to our inventory to offer you the greatest possible selection! The list just keeps growing and we are actively restocking older releases as much as possible when we can find them!
The European Power trucks have begun to appear and the Pez Collectors Store has four of the new European Rigs in stock now. There are a total of 8 new trucks which was a surprise as the European Sales catalog showed only 4 different styles. Each of these 4 styles appears with two different cabs, making a total of 8 different dispensers. The cool white Power truck features the word POWER printed on the top of the white trailer and comes with a small smoke stack cab or with a V-shaped grill cab with no smoke stacks . The other releases currently in stock have a blue cab with small smoke stacks or a blue cab with the V-shaped grill and no smoke stacks, both with a black trailer.

European Power Truck White with Smoke Stacks  European Power Truck Blue Cab with Smoke Stack

European Power Truck Blue V-Grill Pez  European Power truck V-Grill Pez

The Geico Gecko has been restocked in the Pez Collectors Store and it is joined by Chuck E. Cheese. These are wonderful promotional pez produced with completely new pez molds just for these mascot characters. The Chick-Fil-A cow pez seems to have led the way for several companies to have their mascot character immortalized on a pez and these are just awesome dispensers!

Geico Gecko Pez  Chuck E. Cheese Pez  Chick-fil-a Cow Pez

The blue 2009 GetGo hauler pez was well received by GetGo customers and Pez Collectors alike so it was released again, but this time on a red truck instead of a blue truck, and on card instead of in bag. These are also available now in the Pez Collectors Store.

2010 GetGo Hauler Promo Pez  2009 Blue Get Go Pez

We have also restocked the PEZ COLLECTORS Ln Street Signs. The ones we had sold out very quickly – we knew we loved them, and so did our customers!

Pez Collectors Lane Street Sign

For those who also collect the Au'Some Klik candy dispensers, Yoshi has joined the Mario Kart lineup and he looks great driving his car! Check out the cool Klik candy dispensers in the Other Candy Dispensers section of the Pez Collectors Store!

Pez-a-Mania was a great opportunity to restock some retired dispensers so be sure to browse the Pez Collectors Store for pez you want including the Series 1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pez, D-series Trucks and Japanese mini pez. The last set of Japanese Bandai mini pez were released in November, 2008 and there have been no new releases since that time. It is not expected that production of these will resume and inventory is becoming very hard to get. We were able to add a few sets which we had previously sold out of, but we were not able to get many.

Restock of Series 1 TMNT Pez   Restock D-Series Truck Pez 

 Restock Bandai Mini Pez Pokemon 6

The lineup for new promotional pez that should be coming out soon includes a new version of the Wegman’s  truck pez featuring tomatoes instead of roasted chickens, a Food Lion truck pez and a WaWa truck. These should be coming out soon and we will have them in stock just as soon as possible - we think in October or so.

Wegmans 2010 Pez  Food Lion Pez

  Wawa Promo Truck Pez

September promises to bring a lot of new pez – Thomas and Friends Gift tins will feature a lunchbox gift tin with two new dispensers. These gift tins are similar to the Hello Kitty Gift tins and the new Gordon and Henry dispensers are supposed to be available only in this gift set. That is what we have been told, but we have been told that before only to see the dispensers released separately, so don’t hold us to that!

Thomas and Friends Pez Gift Set

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will finally be making an appearance in September. The gift set features Snow White on a full size stem and the 7 dwarfs on mini stems. Each of the Dwarfs will have its name printed on the stem in the gift set.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Pez Gift Set

Halloween will be here soon, but the new Halloween Pez will be available even sooner. The Vampire pez should be included in shipments coming to us soon!

2010 Halloween Vampire Pez

Winter Plush pez will replace the Arctic Babies and these look really cute! The scheduled release for these is also September 1, so we expect to have these by the middle of September as well.

Winter Plush Pez

August 5 – 7 the Pez Collectors Store will be at the Minnesota Pez Convention in Bloomington, MN. The MNPezCon is a wonderful fun filled event. This is the 15th annual MNPezCon and the last one that will be hosted solely by Juli and Dana Kraft. It is sure to be a lot of fun and we hope to see you there! Get your Pez guns ready for a celebration party and don't forget the ammo!


 Pez Space Gun   Pez Candy Ammo

We hope you are as excited as we are about the new additions to the Pez Collectors Store and the new releases that will be coming soon! Till next month... 

Happy Pezzing!
All the best,
Chris Jordan

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