September 2010 Newsletter

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September 2010 Pez Collectors Store Newsletter

Summertime and the convention season is over, kids return to school and hopefully the weather will give us all a break soon. September is also the time of year when Pez Co releases many of the greatly anticipated new pez products and this year is no exception. A few new items have arrived already and others will be coming soon.

The 2010 Halloween Pez have arrived and the Vampire is the newest addition. He is awesome looking – not too scary and very detailed! The complete Halloween mix includes the Witch with bats on the stem, the Jack-o-lantern pez and the Black Bat, but it seems that the Black Cat and Toti the Skeleton have joined the glow in the dark Polly Pumpkin, Slimy Sid, Naughty Neil and Happy Henry in retirement.

Vampire Pez          Vampire Pez mint in bag

The Philadelphia Phillie Phanatic Major League Baseball pez has just been released and is now available in the Pez Collectors Store. This cute mascot really brightens up the baseball lineup!

Phillie Phanatic MLB Pez

We should be receiving the new logo San Francisco Giants within the next week or so. This new “SF” logo will replace the previous Giants logo, adding yet another Major League Baseball Pez to the lineup!

San Francisco Giants SF Logo MLB Pez     San Francisco Giants SF Logo MLB Pez Mint on Card

New NCAA Basketball pez are also coming! The University of Connecticut and Syracuse are supposed to be shipping to us this week and will be in stock sometime next week. The UNC 2009 National Champions pez with the printed stem will also be available!

University of Connecticut Basketball Pez    University of Connecticut Basketball Pez Mint on Card      Syracuse Basketball Pez     Syracuse Basketball Pez Mint on Card     UNC 2009 National Champions Pez    UNC 2009 National Champions Pez Mint on Card

Two of the Full Body Hello Kitty pez previously released in Europe are now available in the USA. The Full body Hello Kitty with Red bow wearing overalls and the full body Hello Kitty with pink bow holding a heart are available now, mint in bag in the Pez Collectors Store.

Full Body Hello Kitty with Pink Bow   Full Body Hello Kitty with Red Bow Pez

The Pez Collectors Store has also added some pez to the Vintage Pez section. Many have already sold but there are still some left!

Vintage Rooster Pez  Vintage Nurse Pez  Vintage Duck Child Pez

Gary from SpongeBob is back in stock, as are the Yankees 27th World Series Championship baseballs, White Sox baseballs and the 2010 Hello Kitty Lunch box Gift tins with a crystal Full Body Hello Kitty Pez. If you haven’t gotten these yet, they are available again!

Gary from Euro SpongeBob Pez Set  Yankees 27th World Series Championship Pez  White Sox Major League Baseball Pez

2010 Hello Kitty Pez Gift Tin

We have recently added the new Wild Life Klik dispensers for those who enjoy the other candy collectibles. The new series features a Walrus, a Ringtail Lemur and a Polar Bear!

New Wildlife Klik Candy Dispenser Set

September is the scheduled release date for the Thomas and Friends Lunchbox Gift set. This gift tin will include two new Thomas the Train friends pez - Gordon and Henry.  These are scheduled to begin shipping September 1 so we hope that our orders will be among the first to ship and that we will have them in stock within a few weeks.

Thomas and Friends Pez Gift Tin

Snow White and the Seven Dwarf Gift Sets are also scheduled for a September 1 ship date, so these should also be in stock by the middle of September.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Pez Gift Set

Winter plush pez are due to begin shipping to us by September 1 as well.

Winter Plush Keychain Pez Dispensers

Two more NCAA Basketballs – University of Kentucky and Ohio State basketballs are due out in November.

University of Kentucky Basketball Pez          Ohio State Basketball Pez

We anticipate receiving 4 new Euro Bully and Euro Transporter trucks by the end of September. The Euro trucks have a new cab style with a large scoop as seen on the red tanker truck and a large stack cab as seen on the yellow truck which has a great pez logo on the sides!

  Euro Truck Pez

Then new Promotional Truck Pez for Food Lion and WaWa are expected sometime in October, so we will tell you more about them next month!

September promises to have lots of new pez in the Pez Collectors Store and these new releases will be available just as soon as we have them in stock. If you would like to be among the first to hear that the new pez have arrived, follow us on twitter and we will tweet as soon as new pez arrive! Till next month... 

Happy Pezzing!
All the best,
Chris Jordan

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