Sid the Sloth on Blue with Eyelids from Ice Age 3 Pez MIB

Sid the Sloth is a pez dispenser from the Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs Pez Series comes on a blue stem.  This Sid has eyelids - a greenish line above the eye, that was absent on the original release of the Sid in Ice Age 2. The Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs pez set includes this Squirrel with the Acorn. This Squirrel with Acorn pez dispenser was added to the set, along with Dino Mamma the T-Rex. The previous character of Diego the Sabertooth Tiger was on a green stem in the Ice Age 2 set, but is on a blue stem in the Ice Age 3 set.  Manny the Mastadon seems to be the same as in the Ice Age 2 set, but Sid the Sloth was on blue with no eyelids in the Ice Age 2 and is now on red and on blue, both with eyelids. Scrat seems to have been replaced by the Squirrel with Nut pez dispenser. The Ice Age 3 Sid on blue is shown loose for better viewing but yours comes mint in bag with pez candies (bags may vary)!

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