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The promotional pez are specially produced dispensers for promoting specific stores and are exclusive to distribution through those stores. The promotional pez trucks include: 2005 - Walgreens pair

2009 - GetGo Blue, Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery, Rite Aid, Rite Aid error, Sheetz, Wegmans Chicken, Winn Dixie

2010 - Ace Hardware, CVS  white, GetGo Hauler Red, Wawa, Wegmans Tomato

2011 - Bottom Dollar, Craftsman, CVS Hauler Red, CVS red, Food Lion, Price Chopper, ShopRite, Stewarts Ice Cream, WalMart Rigs Set of 8, Wegmans Sushi

2012 - HyVee, Wegmans Vegetable, Toys R Us

2013 - Market Basket, Safeway, Safeway Employees, Von’s Employees, Dominick’s Employees, Carrs Employee, Randall’s Employee, Tom Thumb Employee, Pavilion Employee, Walgreens At the corner of Happy & Healthy, Up market: Fresh, Nice!, Duane Reade, Chevron Havoline

2014 - Ace Hardware Paint Bucket, Office Depot, HEB Logo, HEB Volunteer, Wawa with Canadian Goose

2015 - Wawa Christmas Train

Also included in this category are the Chick-Fil-A Cow pez, the Geico Gecko Pez, the Chuck E Cheese pez, Sparefroh, Target dog, and the Bolo Bear. These were completely new pez molds and are great promotional items. 

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(image for) 2006 WalMart Rigs Pez Limited Edition Set of 4 MOC
2006 WalMart Rigs Pez Limited Edition Set of 4 MOC
In 2006 a quantity of 300,000 limited edition Rigs were produced for Wal-Mart using their nationally recognized logo.  These redesigned semi-trucks called Rigs have rolling wheels and unique cab shapes.  There are a total of 4 in the set, each having a different cab, grill and smokestack design. These come mint on the special limited edition Wal-Mart Rigs card! Awesome addition to the pez collection!

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(image for) Jack In The Box Promo Pez Set of 3 MIB!
Jack In The Box Promo Pez Set of 3 MIB!
This set of 3 different Jack In the Box pez were released as a promo for the Jack In the Box restaurants in 1999.  These are the original Jack In The Box pez with the "Mfg. for Jack in the Box Restaurants" copyright on the back of the head.  They come mint in bag (bag colors may vary) with candies!

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(image for) Set of 2 Limited Edition Walgreens Pez Trucks MIP
Set of 2 Limited Edition Walgreens Pez Trucks MIP
This set of 2 different Walgreens trucks were produced as a limited edition and only distributed to select Walgreen Stores across the USA.  The pair features the Walgreen logo on the side of the trailer and says PEZ on the back of the trailer.  Great addition to any collection!  These come mint in the Limited Edition bag!

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Displaying 81 to 83 (of 83 Products)

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