Injection Mold Codes

Not all dispensers will have the Made In XXX notation.  Those produced for distribution in European countries and countries other than the USA may not bear this notation.  Items distributed in the USA are required to show the country where they were produced.  Whether the Made in XXX is present or not, most dispensers will have a number known as the IMC or injection mold code which is an indication of the county in which the dispenser was made.  This number is on the side of the stem, in the upper right hand corner of the pebbling, above the P E Z which reads downwards.  Below is a table which the IMC with the country the stem was made in.

IMC Made in
1 Austria/Hungary
2 Austria/Hong Kong
3 Austria/Hungary
4 Austria
5 Yugoslavia/Slovenia
6 Hong Kong/China
7 Hong Kong/Austria
8 Austria
9 Vermont, Connecticut/USA
V Yugoslavia

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