May 2022 PCS Newsletter

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Another month has flown by with several surprises from Pez Candy! We are looking forward to attending the Sweets and Snacks Expo and learning about many new pez that are being planned for the rest of 2022 and into 2023! Of course, we will share as much information as we are allowed in our June newsletter!

Our shipment of Sonic, Knuckles and Tails from the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog video game arrived in early April and these are in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store.

Sonic the Hedgehog Pez Set

Pez did release a limited edition exclusive Easter Egg in tube. The Easter Egg features a skipping rabbit with the 2022 date printed on the purple dyed Easter Egg, on a yellow stem. They sold out and are retired on the pez website. We have just a few of these in stock for those who may have missed their release.

2022 Dated Easter Egg with Bunny Pez in Tube

Last month, I wrote that “We have been told that the Batman Twin Packs are ‘discontinued’ and there is no word of them being released in the future, either as twin packs or in polybag assortments. No reason was given for the cancellation.” What Pez Co. did not tell was that while our order and the orders of other small accounts were canceled, the some of these were produced and were exclusive to the pez website, select CVS and Cracker Barrel stores. The twin pack comes with a modern black hood and caped Batman and an exclusive to the twin pack Retro blue hood and caped batman with the old black bat on yellow background oval Batman logo on the chest. Both versions of the Batman are made with a new mold which has short ears and drapes over the shoulders. The website sold out quickly and retired these. We have just a few available now in the Pez Collectors Store.

Exclusive Batman Pez Twin Pack with Modern and Retro Batman Pez

The modern Black Batman is not exclusive to the twin pack and is available in the Pez Collectors Store now. The short ears and draping of the hood over the shoulders is quite different than previous versions of the batman and the logo is much thinner than previous versions.

Modern 2022 Black Batman Pez mint in bag

Pez released yet another exclusive pair online. The Mama Bear and Papa Bear are quite cute. They use the same mold as the white kissed Valentine Bear which was also produced as the Teddy Bear in previous years. The Mama Bear and Papa Bear are intended for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The Papa Bear’s card says World’s Best Papa and the Mama Bear’s card says World’s Best Mama. The good news is that these are available now, in time to actually give as gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and they are so cute, you’ll want to add them to you collection as well! We have a limited number of these available now in the Pez Collectors Store.

Exclusive Mama Bear Pez Mint on Card  Exclusive Papa Bear Pez Mint on Card  Mama Bear and Papa Bear Pez Loose

Speaking of Mother's Day, we have just a few of the Best Mom Ever Mother's Day Exclusive Pez from the USA and from Europe, mint on card in stock! We wish all mothers a very Happy Mother's Day!

European Best Mom Ever Mother's Day Pez Mint on Card    USA Best Mom Ever Mother's Day Pez Mint on Card

We have just received notice of shipment for our order for Mandalorian, Baby Yoda (full size stem) and the new Boba Fett. These are expected to arrive within a few days, hopefully on May 2, and we will add them to the Pez Collectors Store as soon as they arrive!

Mandalorian, Baby Yoda and new Boba Fett Pez

The Lightyear assortment has also been shipped to us and will be arriving within a few days, hopefully on May 2. We look forward to adding Buzz Space Ranger Suit, Buzz XL Suit and Sox to our website just as soon as we have them in hand!

Lightyear Pez Set

The 2022 LaSpina Price Guide to PEZ 33nd Edition will be arriving in the Pez Collectors Store on or about May 4. Prices of pez can fluctuate and over the past year, prices of many dispensers went up significantly in value. The 33rd edition now contains 247 pages of all the known head color variations and the price ranges for each so you can determine estimated values when buying or selling or insuring pez. Information for Totems, TV Pal, Funny Face Zepher and Yummy dispensers is also included. The handy checklist helps you keep track of your collection and comes in really handy when out searching for new pez. This is the 'gold standard' when it comes to estimating the value of vintage pez and tracking your collection!

LaSpina 2022 Original Collector's Price Guide to Pez 33rd ed.

Pezimals are scheduled to begin shipping June 1. These will be available only on blister cards or loose for those who prefer to save on shipping. Milo the Monkey, Ella the Elephant and Gigi the Giraffe are the first of what we expect will be a menagerie of new pez dispensers with nearly endless possibilities for the assortment!

USA Pezimals Pez Mint on Card

ET will celebrate its 40th Anniversary this June 11th year and a 40th Anniversary ET Pez Twin Pack is due to be released June 1. The twin pack includes both the brown and a red hooded ET versions, both on mini stems this time! Of course, there are iconic ET graphics including ET with the glowing heart and lighted finger, and the classic flying bicycle with ET in the basket in front of the full moon image on the twin pack box! We look forward to adding these to the Pez Collectors Store and hope that they will be released in time for anniversary celebrations!

ET Pez twin pack  

Mini ET Pez

The mini Mickey Pez backpack Clips that were scheduled for release June 1, 2022 have been delayed until sometime in 2023, with no release date set yet (at least, according to what we have been told when trying to order these).

Mini Mickey Pez Clips

Later this month, we plan to attend the 2022 Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago to see the new pez releases planned for the remainder of 2022 and through 2023! We are really excited to get updated information and hopefully an update of expected release dates for upcoming products. Of course, we will share as much of the information as possible in the June 2022 Pez Collectors Store Newsletter.

Registration for the Michigan Pez convention closed April 23 at midnight, so hopefully those who want to attend have all registered and booked their hotel rooms. We can’t wait to see everyone June 23 - 25. Having had an extra two years to plan and prepare (I am trying to look on the bright side of COVID cancellations), I know that Jim and Jody will have lots of over-the-top events and activities planned for this convention and it will be EPIC!

Michigan Pez Convention 5th Year

There is still time to register for Pezamania 2022, but you really need to act fast to get your registration submitted and your hotel room booked to attend this wonderful convention! This is the longest running and largest convention and our hosts Rick and Sue put their heart and soul into planning and organizing it and they rock it like the super heroes they are! We look forward to seeing everyone July 21 – 23! Visit to get registered!

Pezamania Super Heroes Logo

Congratulations to all of those graduating this year! It would be awesome if there were a special pez to celebrate your achievements. We congratulate and commend all those graduating this year!

PCS Graduates

That’s all the newest news for this month! Happy Mother's Day and Happy Pezzing!

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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