March 2019 PCS Newsletter

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Pez collectors can chase away the winter blues with bright colorful new pez! We have added several new assortments, along with new Easter Pez to help bring some cheer to the cold and snowy days, and there are more new ones coming in the next month as well! Funko POP! PEZ continue to greatly expand our options with lots of new releases announced at the New York Toy Fair that will be coming over the next 6 months or so. We will have them all in stock in the Pez Collectors Store. Having so many new releases provides great options for collectors! Collect them all or collect just the ones you really like – however you collect, enjoy your collection and the hobby!

Ugly Dolls Pez have arrived in the Pez Collector Store. The three characters included in the pez assortment are the red Moxy, green Ox, and blue Ugly Dog. Ugly dolls come from a place where ugly means unique and special and in Uglyville, weirdness is celebrated, strangeness is special and beauty is embraced as more than meets the eye. The Ugly Dolls movie about acceptance, diversity, joy and friendship will be hitting theaters in May, but you can add the pez to your collection now!

Ugly Dolls Pez

PJ Masks pez have come to the USA. These superhero pez take the form of Cat Boy, Gekko and Owlette when young Conner, Greg and Amaya put on their pyjamas and activate their animal amulets. The PJ Masks pez are in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store.

PJ Mask Pez Mint in Bag

The Unicorn Emoji has joined the Surprise Emoji pez in the Pez Collectors Store. These new emoji pez are the newest additions to the PezEmoji assortment. The Surprised Emoji is fairly self-explanatory as it expresses a feeling or emotion, but I wondered what feeling, emotion or sentiment the unicorn emoji was supposed to represent. According to Quora,"Generally the unicorn emoji means magical or mystical. As if someone were to say they're special in a positive type dynamic. It can also be used when someone is trying desperate to convince you that something that is fake is actually real."  This Unicorn emoji pez comes mint in bag with pez candies!

Unicorn Emoji Pez  Surprised Emoji Pez

Paw Patrol Pez Twin packs have been updated with new graphics and the addition of Rubble! The pair of twin packs includes Marshall and Skye in one and Chase and Rubble in the second. The new graphics on the box are bright and fun! These are available now in the Pez Collectors Store.

Paw Patrol Pez Twin Pack Pair

The Easter pez assortment includes a new full body blue Bunny sitting on his rump with his feet sticking out, and a sitting, full body Duckling. The lamb with purple kerchief and eyes is being found on a full size blue stem and the blue Ducky is being found on a full size yellow stem at some places. These were previously only on mini stems. 

2019 Full Body Blue Bunny Easter Pez  2019 Full body Duckling Easter Pez  2019 Purple Eye and Kerchief Lamb on Blue Stem Pez

Easter Eggs with mini pez are in stock now. The mini pez included in the eggs this year are the new full body blue bunny, the full body duckling and the lamb introduced last year. This mini pez set comes in eggs with Vanilla Cupcake flavored pez candy for Easter!

2019 Mini Pez in Easter Eggs

The new Easter Egg Tubes include a new Blue Easter Egg with a picture of a Hatching Chick, and a Golden Egg with 2019 printed on the egg. These Easter Egg pez are available only in tubes.

2019 Easter Egg with Hatching Chick Pez in Tube    2019 Dated Golden Easter Egg Pez in Tube

March 1 is the first scheduled release date for the new Captain Marvel and Thanos. Captain Marvel and Thanos will be available separately in the Marvel Pez Assortment. There will also be two new Marvel Pez Twin Packs – one featuring Captain Marvel and Thanos and a second featuring Ant Man and Black Panther. We will have these in stock just as soon as our order is shipped to us!

Captain Marvel and Thanos Pez Twin Pack  Marvel Ant Man and Black Panther Pez Twin Pack

April 1 is the release date for the new "Bluetiful" Crayola crayon. The new color was reported to be Cerulean in earlier pez sales information, but is now listed as "Bluetiful". It may be the same color as the blue gift set crayon and simply be 'new' to the polybag and carded assortments, which would be disappointing! It looks a lot like the blue Crayola crayon in the 4 piece gift set in pictures, so we will have to see them side by side to compare.

Bluetiful Crayola Crayon Pez

Pokemon Pez are scheduled for release in the USA April 1. These will come separately in the standard polybag or carded assortments and will also be available in a boxed gift set with their names printed on the stems.  Pikachu, Squirtel, Bulbasaur and Charmander are the 4 new Pokemon pez in the assortment and gift sets.

Pokemon Pez

Funko has released the Pez Pal set with 3 Funko Limited Edition stickered Pez Pal Boy with Cap, Fireman and Policeman, and with a T-Shirt featuring the same Pez Pal Pez in a great box that looks like a Grape Pez Candy Pack. These are available only through the Funko Catalog (or at headquarters in Everett, Washington).

Funko POP PEZ Pez Pal T-Shirt Boxed set  Policeman Pez Pal with Funko Sticker

Fireman Pez Pal Pop Pez with Funko Sticker  Boy with Cap Pez Pal Pop Pez with Funko Sticker

The Pez Pals are also available as a shared exclusive, without the stickers from the Pez Collectors Store. These have a different UPC and product number than those available with stickers from Funko. The Pez Collectors Store is also the only source at this time for the chase versions of the Pez Pal Pop Pez dispensers. Get them now before they sell out!

Policeman Pez Pal Pop Pez Policeman Pez Pal Chase Pop Pez Fireman Pez Pal Pop Pez Fireman Pez Pal Pop Pez Chase Boy With Cap Pez Pal Pop Pez Boy with Cap Pez Pal Chase Pop Pez

We are also offering the Pez Pals as a Bundle pack of all 6 including chase versions, at a discounted price.

Pez Pal Pop Pez Bundle with Chase

We are offering Bundle packs of several other complete sets at discounted prices. Check out the Original Marvel 8pc Bundle, the Masters of the Universe 6pc Bundle, the Golden Girls 4pc Bundle, the Hanna-Barbera 6pc Bundle, Doctor Who 4pc Bundle, and the Nightmare Before Christmas 5pc Bundle! Buy the full set with one easy click and save!

Original 8 Marvel Pop Pez Bundle

Masters of the Universe Set of 6 Pop Pez Bundle

Golden Girls Set of 4 Pop Pez Bundle

Hanna Barbera Set of 6 Pop Pez Bundle

Doctor Who set of 4 Pop Pez Bundle

Nightmare Before Christmas set of 5 Pop Pez Bundle

We are expecting more Star Wars Snaggletooth chase in stock within a week or sooner.

Star Wars Snaggletooth Pop Pez  Star Wars Snaggletooth Pop Pez Chase

At the New York Toy Fair, Funko revealed a lot of new Pop! PEZ scheduled for release over the next several months. We will have these in stock as soon as possible. The dates listed below are the expected shipment dates from Funko, but these are always subject to change. We expect to have them in stock and available for sale within a week to 10 days after they have shipped from the warehouse.


  • POP PEZ: Marvel - Beast
  • POP PEZ: Marvel - Logan
  • POP PEZ: Marvel - Ghost Rider
  • POP PEZ: Marvel - Ant-Man – Classic

‚ÄčMarvel Beast Pop Pez  Marvel Logan Pop Pez  Marvel Ghost Rider Pop Pez  Marvel Ant Man Pop Pez


  • POP PEZ: Harry Potter - Dobby
  • POP PEZ: Harry Potter - Harry Potter (Sorting Hat)
  • POP PEZ: Harry Potter - Ron Weasley (Sorting Hat)
  • POP PEZ: Harry Potter - Hermione Granger (Sorting Hat)
  • POP PEZ: Harry Potter - Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter Dobby Pop Pez Harry Potter Harry Potter Pop Pez Harry Potter Ron Weasley Pop Pez

Harry Potter Hermione Granger Pop Pez Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Pop Pez


  • POP PEZ: Caddyshack - Gopher
  • POP PEZ: Caddyshack - Carl
  • POP PEZ: Hanna Barbera - Atom Ant
  • POP PEZ: Hanna Barbera - Ricochet Rabbit
  • POP PEZ: Hanna Barbera - Wally Gator
  • POP PEZ: Hanna Barbera - Dick Dastardly

  Caddyshack Gopher Pop Pez      Caddyshack Carl Pop Pez

Hanna Barbera Atom Ant Pop Pez  Hanna Barbera Ricochet Rabbit Pop Pez  Hanna Barbera Wally Gator Pop Pez  Hanna Barbera Dick Dastardly Pop Pez


  • POP PEZ: Star Wars - Logray
  • POP PEZ: Ghost Busters - Slimer
  • POP PEZ: Ghost Busters - Stay Puft
  • POP PEZ: Ghost Busters - Dr. Peter Venkman
  • POP PEZ: Ghost Busters - Dr. Raymond Stantz
  • POP PEZ: Ghost Busters - Winston Zeddemore
  • POP PEZ: Ghost Busters - Dr. Egon Spengler

Star Wars Logray Pop Pez

Ghost Busters Slimer Pop Pez  Ghost Busters Stay Puft Pop Pez  Ghost Busters Dr. Peter Venkman Pop Pez Ghost Busters Dr. Raymond Stantz Pop Pez Ghost Busters Winston Zeddemore Pop Pez  Ghost Busters Dr. Egon Spengler Pop Pez

No Date yet

  • POP PEZ: Star Wars - Ponda Baba w/ Chase (correct spelling)
  • POP PEZ: Star Wars - Lando

Star Wars Ponda Baba (Correct Spelling) Pop Pez    Star Wars Lando Pop Pez

  • POP Pez: Disney Villains - Maleficent
  • POP Pez: Disney Villains - Evil Queen
  • POP Pez: Disney Villains - Cruella
  • POP Pez: Disney Villains - Ursula

Disney Villains Maleficent Pop Pez  Disney Villains Evil Queen Pop Pez  Disney Villains Cruella Pop Pez  Disney Villains Ursula Pop Pez

  • POP PEZ: Wreck It Ralph - Fix-It-Felix
  • POP PEZ: Wreck It Ralph - Vanellope
  • POP PEZ: Wreck It Ralph - Ralph

Wreck It Ralph - Fix-it-Felix Pop Pez  Wreck It Ralph Vanellope Pop Pez  Wreck It Ralph - Ralph Pop Pez

  • POP PEZ: Ad Icons - Big Boy
  • POP PEZ: Ad Icons - Green Giant
  • POP PEZ: Ad Icons - Sprout

Ad Icons Big Boy Pop Pez  Ad Icons Green Giant Pop Pez  Ad Icons Sprout Pop Pez

Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers and Knives Chau make their Pop! PEZ debut at Emerald City Comic Con March 14 – 17, 2019. The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Pop! PEZ will be available in the Funko Shop during the ECCC as a Funko Limited Edition.

Scott Pilgrim Pop Pez Set

That’s all the news for now! Happy Pezzing!

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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