March 2008 Newsletter

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Spring is fast approaching and we will be happy to see it arrive! We are also happy to announce the arrival of several new pez and of course we have some sneak previews of more new pez we are expecting soon!  We also have a surprise announcement at the end of the newsletter that we hope will excite you as much as it does us! 

Easter is coming soon and Pez has shipped the Easter Pez dispensers which have a few changes this year!  The biggest change is seen in the lamb.  The 2008 lamb is a bit thinner in the face and has more wool both on the back of her head and under her chin! Her bow stands up and she no longer has the headband.  The eyes are a very different shape and her nose is heart shaped.  This is a totally different mold, so she will be called Lamb D! Take a look at the comparison pictures showing Lamb C on the right and Lamb D on the left.  We think the new version is much cuter! The new lamb can be purchased in the Pez Collectors Store in the current US, Holiday, Easter section.

lamb d frontLamb D back

The 2008 Easter Chick also looks a little different with a somewhat different shade of yellow for the chick, a darker purple shell and a different shade of green for its stem. The 2008 version is shown on the left and the comparison 2007 version is on the right. The new chick can be purchased in the Pez Collectors Store in the current US, Holiday, Easter section.

2008 Chick in egg

The 2008 version of Mr. Bunny also has an updated look in his eyes.  The pupils are now looking to the side rather than centered and down, and the blue of the eyes is much darker this year.  The 2008 version is shown on the left and the comparison 2007 version is on the right. The new Mr. Bunny can be purchased in the Pez Collectors Store in the current US, Holiday, Easter section.  We have not noticed any differences in the Mrs. Bunny included with our 2008 shipments.

2008 mr bunny

While we are on the subject of Easter, the Pez Collectors store will soon be getting the new mini Easter Bunnies released in Europe.  The mini bunnies have different color mini stems and the ears are painted different colors - pink, blue, green, yellow and lavender!  We don't have a picture yet, but they will be added to the store as soon as they arrive from Europe!

Mickey Mouse 80th Anniversary Pez Gift tins have arrived and we were a bit surprised that they did not include the DVD we were originally told they would have.  It is reported that Disney Productions changed their mind and approved inclusion of a poster instead of the originally planned cartoon DVD.  The poster is cool, but it’s really all about the pez for us!  The Mickey Gift tin is now for sale in the Pez Collectors Store under current US, in the Disney Mickey 80 Years Anniversary Tin category.

Mickey 80 Year Gift Tin

The first 7 different Major League Baseball pez have arrived!  They look great and the cards are awesome.  Each card has the team logo on the front and interesting trivia facts about the team’s stadium on the back.  On the back of each card is a MLB holographic sticker with a different number.  We aren’t sure if this is something required for all MLB licensed items, but it is cool looking!  The baseballs are available for sale now in the Pez Collectors Store in the Current US, Major League Baseball pez category.  Be sure to get them all and read the back of the cards – you never know when there might be a pez trivia question or two about these interesting facts!

Set of 7 Major League Baseball Pez

Below are a couple of sneak previews of pez we anticipate coming out in the US later this year. Virginia Tech and University of North Carolina football pez and the Pirates of the Caribbean Pez sneak preview photos are shown below and will be available in the Pez Collectors Store as soon as they are released!

                                                                            Pirates of the Caribbean Pez

Europe has some new pez available that we don’t expect to be released in the USA.  We have placed our orders and these are on their way to us now.  Be watching the Pez Collectors Store for these new additions!

Gary from SpongeBob will be available in two or three weeks! At this time, it appears that Gary is available only in European markets, but we are very excited that we will be offering it to our customers through Pez Collectors Store!

Gary from SpongeBob

Tweety and Taz have a whole new look in these great new dispensers coming from Europe.  The crystal Tweety looks wonderful and the printed stems are really awesome looking! Taz has a new face and these will be available in the Pez Collectors Store in a few weeks!

European Tweety and Taz

Shawn Peterson’s newest book the Collector's Guide to Pez, third edition is at the publisher and being printed now! Shawn reports that it should be shipping at the end of April and it will be a must have for every pez collector.  I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to review the final copy for edits in December, 2007 and the new additions to the book are fabulous!  New chapters, tons of new pictures and new information on new pez and old pez makes the third edition a whole new book!  The mockup of the cover is pretty cool!

Peterson's Guide Third Edition

PezHeads the Movie DVD is not completely new, but it is new to our store.  The DVD and the PezHeads the Movie pez dispenser are now available for sale.  PEZheads - The Movie is a documentary about PEZ and PEZ Collectors. It explores the phenomenon of PEZ collecting through interviews with a variety of collectors and vendors, as well as visits to conventions, the PEZ factory, flea markets, and anywhere else we can find PEZ. This documentary highlights the fun and quirky aspects of the hobby, as well as the community and the friendships that develop around it. It explores the PEZ phenomenon from the viewpoint of non-collectors and collectors alike, as well as collectors' families and friends. The movie features interviews with Robby Takac from The Goo Goo Dolls, Vinnie from Less Than Jake, Joe Vittoria PEZ USA President, and Wendy the Snapple Lady along with many other collectors.  There are also interviews with notable PEZ authors, including John LaSpina, David Welch, and Shawn Peterson.  Other PEZ highlights include a PEZ USA factory tour, a sneak peak at the upcoming PEZ cartoon and the making of the music video for the PEZ cartoon, featuring The Juliet Dagger rockers and a visit to the Easton Museum of PEZ.  We are particularly fond of the movie, because both Chris and Kyle Jordan are in the movie!  You will see me (Chris) talking about Charlie / Charly Brown and you will see Kyle with blue hair!

PezHeads the Movie

That about concludes the new additions to the Pez Collectors Store and the sneak previews of up and coming items for this edition of the newsletter, but before we close, we have a big announcement!

We are planning a Kansas City Gathering of PezHeads!  We are working on all of the details, but Shawn Peterson will be speaking about his new book and will have copies of the book available for sale and signing.  We will be showing PezHeads the Movie and we are looking forward to a great gathering time!  We are tentatively planning this event for Saturday, May 24, which is Memorial Weekend! What better way to spend a day than in Kansas City with lots and lots of pez collecting friends!  Details will be coming soon!  Let us know if you are interested and any ideas you might like us to incorporate into the plans! 

Happy Pezzing!

Chris Jordan



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