April 2008 Newsletter

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While there have not been many new announcements of new pez in the lineup, the past month has been busy with the early release of Kung Fu Panda Pez which are now available for sale at the Pez Collectors Store. 

Kung Fu Panda Pez Set 

The new Batman and Villains Pez have just arrived, also well ahead of the scheduled ship date originally provided by Pez Candy, Inc..  These are now available in the Pez Collectors Store!

Batman and Villains Pez Set

We have stocked up on Japanese Bandai Mini Pez and the newest mini-mini pez!  The mini-mini pez are just like the mini pez, only smaller yet! These cute mini-mini pez sets join the other 20 sets of mini pez we have in stock.

Gachapin Mini-Mini Pez Set

Gachapin mini-mini pez. This set has Gachapin normal Version on an Orange stem, Mukku on a Yellow stem, Chibimimi on a White stem, P-Chan on a Red stem and the scuba version of Gachapin on a Blue stem.

Pokemon Mini-mini pez set

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl mini-mini pez. The Pokemon mini-mini set released in 2008 features 5 fully functional mini pez on stems that are even shorter than the mini series! The set features Pikachu on the yellow stem, Mew on the ivory stem, Rukario on the blue stem, Manene on the navy blue stem and Deoxys on the orange stem.

Zenmai-Zamurai Mini-mini Pez Set

Zenmai-Zamurai mini-mini pez. This set features Zenmai-Zamurai on a Light Green stem, Mamemaru on a Red stem, Zukin-Chan on a Purple stem, Botan-Chan on an Orange stem, and Maccha on the Green stem.

NASCAR fans will be pleased to know that #88 and #99 are coming soon.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be driving #88 for Mountain Dew and AMP Energy, so the old #8 pez helmet is retired after a very short run.  The #99 Carl Edwards helmet will be available at the same time and we will have them in stock as soon as they are available.

An update on the Winnie the Pooh which I personally think is really good news –production of the Gift Sets has been cancelled, but the two new characters Buster and Darby will be added to the Winnie the Pooh pez in June.  It will be exciting to add these and to see if the other Winnie the Pooh characters undergo any changes at the same time!

The details are worked out for the Kansas City PezHead Gathering and we are thrilled with the T-Shirt design! The classic look of the City of Fountains with a Country Club Plaza background has taken on a whole new look for our Gathering. Thanks Michael!

Kansas City PezHead Gathering Logo

We really hope to see many of our customers in Kansas City for this great event on May 24!  Absentee packs are available through the Pez Collectors Store though we really hope that you will register and attend if possible! Please check out all the information at www.pezcollectors.com/gathering!

That’s all the new news for the month of April.  We hope to have some more interesting information for you next month!

Happy Pezzing!

Chris Jordan


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