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June 2024 PCS Newsletter

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What an exciting month May has been! There have been several exclusive limited-edition releases from Pez this month in addition to regularly planned releases. The Sweet and Snacks Expo was a sneak preview of the year ahead into 2025 pez and the future looks bright and very colorful! Of course, we will be adding the new dispensers to the Pez Collectors Store just as soon as they are available!

Bethany and Chris Jordan at Pez Booth at 2024 Sweets and Snacks Expo

SpongeBob is celebrating his 25th Anniversary this year and a new set of SpongeBob Pez are available now. Smiling SpongeBob comes on a blue stem, Nerdy SpongeBob comes on a green stem and Patrick with arms comes on a light purple stem. The molds for these are all new for 2024 and the heads are smaller than previous versions. The clothes are printed on the sides rather than just the front of the dispenser. The set of Smiling, Nerdy and Patrick are available now in the Pez Collectors Store!

2024 SpongeBob, Nerdy SpongeBob and Patrick Pez

Power Market is a convenience store and gas station with 81 locations in California. A Power Market Pez Advertising Truck was released and we have these in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store. Due to the limited number of Power Market locations and the geographical distribution, it has been tough to get these dispensers for collectors across the USA and worldwide, but it is always fun to add another advertising pez to the collection!

Power Market Pez Mint on Card

The Mother’s Day Pez Pandas from the USA and Europe are in stock in the Pez Collectors Store. The panda has a gold crown, a crystal head with red heart shaped eyes and the stem is printed with BEST MOM EVER. The USA and European cards are different in that the USA Card does not say Happy Mother’s Day and it comes with Strawberry, Grape and Orange Pez Candy Packs. The European version is the same dispenser and similar card, but it does say Happy Mother’s Day and it comes with 3 packs of Nashi Pear flavored Candy.

USA Mother's Day Panda Pez Mint on Card  European Mother's Day Panda Pez Mint on Card

The European Father’s Day Pez is also available now in the Pez Collectors Store. It is a Crystal head Panda with yellow star shaped eyes. The stem says BEST DAD EVER and the card says Happy Father’s Day and comes with Nashi Pear flavored candy. The USA Father’s Day Panda should be released soon and is expected to be on a card similar to the Mother’s Day Panda.

European Father's Day Panda Pez

PAMP Suisse has released a limited edition 4th of July Independence Day dispenser with 6 x 5 gram Silver Pez Candy Bricks. The pez dispenser is a USA Flag and Fireworks printed on a colorless clear crystal ball head. The stem is blue. These are limited to 2500 pieces and come with a certificate of authenticity. The 4th of July graphics feature Uncle Sam and look great! Also, be on the lookout as an exclusive USA Flag with fireworks on a red stem is expected to be released this summer as well!

PAMP Suisse 2024 4th of July Pez with Silver Pez  July 4th PAMP Suisse Pez Dispenser  July 4 Silver Pez Candy Brick

The exclusive Togetherness Bear is a new ombre Care Bear Pez with a rainbow heart on the belly. In the USA, it comes on a Care Bears Unlock the Magic card with pastel rainbow swirls and Raspberry, Cherry and Strawberry Pez Candy packs. The European version is called a Rainbow Care Bear and it comes on a rainbow card with Fizzy Pez Candy. We have a few of the USA versions in stock now!

USA Exclusive Togetherness Bear Pez Mint on Card    European Rainbow Care Bear Pez Mint on Card

The Happy Birthday Cupcake pez has sprinkles and now comes on a printed blue stem. The earlier release came on a printed red stem. The stem is printed with HAPPY BIRTHDAY and the card has balloons and says Happy Birthday as well! These are in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store. What a great party favor or treat for someone’s Birthday celebration!

Blue Stem Happy Birthday Pez Mint on Card

The Despicable Me 4 pez set includes Tim, Mel, Mega Minion Tim and Mega Minion Mel. Tim is tall with 2 half-closed eyes and a sprout cut hair. He looks very much like Kevin and seems to be the same mold but Tim comes on a light blue stem instead of Kevin’s silver stem and the G symbol is painted in black on the overalls while Kevin has no symbol on his overalls pocket. Likewise, Mel looks very much like Stuart and seems to be made from the same mold. They both have one half closed eye but Mel has hair fringe on the sides where as Stuart has hair on the top. Mel comes on a light blue stem and the G symbol is painted in black on the overalls, while Stuart is on a silver stem and has no symbol on his overalls pocket. The Mega Minion Tim has super power abilities – he is super stretchy. He is tall and has no hair has yellow around the mouth. The Mega Minion Mel has a powerful laser built into his goggle. He also has yellow around the mouth. The Mega Minions are on black stems and have an M on their overalls. We have a few sets in stock now and more are on their way!

Minions Kevin Pez  Despicable Me 4 Tim pez  Minions Stuart pez  Despicable Me 4 Mel Pez

Kevin               Tim                Stuart              Mel

Mega Minion Tim Pez Mega Minion Mel Pez

Despicable Me 4 Pez Set MIB

The Mega Minions will also be available in a twin pack. These are ordered and will be coming soon!

Mega Minion Pez Twin Pack

Many upcoming pez were on display at the 2024 Sweets and Snacks Expo! The expo is a trade show for companies to display and showcase their upcoming products to retailers and wholesale buyers in hopes of getting more outlets to carry their product. The Pez Collectors Store purchases candy collectibles and meets the qualifications to attend the show, so we can get all the newest information about upcoming Pez releases! We took lots of pictures and got lots of information about upcoming pez releases! We can’t wait to add them to our inventory!

Sweets and Snacks Expo PEZ Booth Indy Car with Pez Presenter Girl

The PEZ Candy booth gives out pez candy pack samples and has a PEZ Presenter Girl in a blue PEZ dress handing out the candy packs. The PEZ presenter girl was represented in the 2024 Sweets and Snacks Expo limited edition exclusive dispenser. The dispenser was given to customers who purchase from PEZ who spent time speaking with their sales rep or others at the show. Due to the very limited distribution at the show, PEZ Candy had some dispenser left over from the 1000 produced and these were offered to collectors who had an opportunity to enter into a drawing. If selected, the lucky collector could purchase the dispenser for $50 including shipping and some of the funds would be donated to the Connecticut Humane Society. This was a great opportunity for collectors who are unable to attend the show to acquire the Indianapolis 2024 Sweets and Snacks Presenter Girl on a blue stem, mint on a card showing the pez girl driving an Indy Car! The Indianapolis Blue Presenter Girl pez joins the Lemon Pez Presenter Girl and the Cherry Pez Presenter Girl which are available in the Pez Collectors Store on both USA and European Cards!

Sweets and Snacks Pez Presenter Girl Dispenser  Lemon Pez Presenter Girl Mint on Card  Cherry Pez Presenter Girl Pez

Disney Lion King is celebrating its 30th anniversary and a new set of pez is due to be released June 1. Mufasa now comes on a light blue stem, Simba comes on an orange stem, Timon is on green and Pumba is on yellow. The molds and painted features are different than previous releases, making this 30th Anniversary set quite different. Simba and Mufasa will come in a 30th Anniversary Lion King twin pack as well. These are scheduled to begin shipping to us on June 1 and we will have them in stock just as soon as possible!

30th Anniversary Lion King Pez

June 1 is the scheduled first shipping date for the mini Mickey and Minnie Pez Clips The mini Mickey and Minnie Mouse Pez Clips come on a twin card with 6 rolls of pez candies. The stem is modified with a loop that holds the clip which can be attached to a belt loop, a purse or backpack, etc. This fabulous Disney couple joins the mini Harry Potter Pez Clips and the mini Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Pez Clips. We have these ordered and will have them in stock soon!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse mini Pez Clips

Donald Duck is celebrating his 90th anniversary! Both Donald and Daisy pez dispensers have been updated and are scheduled to begin flowing into the Mickey and Friends assortments June 1. The new dispensers look great and will be available soon in the Pez Collectors Store.

2024 Donald Duck Pez  2024 Daisy Pez

A 90th Anniversary Donald and Mickey Pez Twin Pack with Donald Duck 90 graphics was scheduled for release July 1, but we have been notified that the twin pack has been canceled and was cut from our order. At least we will still be getting the new Donald!

Canceled 90th Anniversary Donald Duck and Mickey Pez Twin Pack

July 1 is the first scheduled shipping date for the Hogwarts Sweatshirt. This new dispenser is made using the same mold as the NHL Jersey dispensers and it is a blue shirt with ribbed neckline and bottom and it is printed with a capitol H for Hogwarts. The stem is printed with Hogworts as well. These will be flowed into the Harry Potter Pez assortment.

Hogwarts Sweater Pez

The Moana pez assortment was scheduled to be released beginning July 1, but apparently it has been delayed until August. The set includes Maui, Moana and Hei Hei. Moana is the same as previously released. Maui and Hei Hei are all new dispensers in this new assortment. Moana and Maui will also be released in a twin pack with Moana graphics!

Moana Maui and Hei Hei Pez Set

Moana and Maui Pez Twin Pack

Halloween Pez begin shipping July 1 and this year there is a new Bat and a new Witch. The green faced witch girl is cute with little freckles and the blue/grey bat with orange wings and ears is cute, too!

2024 Halloween Green Witch Girl Pez  2024 Blue/Grey and Orange Bat Pez

August 1 the new Tiana Pez will be released. She will be flowed into the Disney Princess assortment.

2024 Tiana Pez

In September the SpongeBob 25th Anniversary Gift Tin will be released. The Gift tin is shaped like the Pineapple under the sea! The dispensers in the gift tin are Smiling SpongeBob, an exclusive Silver SpongeBob, Patrick and Gary. Gary is only available in the gift tin in the USA. Nerdy SpongeBob is only available in the standard 25th Anniversary assortment and is not in the gift tin. The exclusive Silver SpongeBob is only available in the Gift Tin as well.

Silver SpongeBob Pez  2024 Gary Pez

 SpongeBob Pez Gift Tin

Minecraft pez will be released in September. There is a standard assortment that includes blue stem Steve, green stem Creeper, pink stem Pig and light green stem Alex. The assortment will be available in polybag or cards. Also, Steve and Creeper will be available in a twin pack and Alex and Pig will be available in a separate twin pack. These do not have any print on the stems.

Minecraft Pez

There will also be a Minecraft Gift Box that will feature Steve, Creeper, Alex and Enderman with various tools or weapons printed stems. The original information indicated that names would be on the stems, but the pickaxe, sword, dynamite and splatter look really cool and more fun than just names! Enderman is only available in the Gift Box and Pig is not included in in the 4-pack gift box.

Minecraft Gift Box

Amy will be added to the Sonic Assortment beginning September 1. This will be an opaque pink girl to join Sonic, Knuckles and Tails.

Sonic Amy Pez

There will be a new Sonic Gift Pack with colored crystal Amy, Sonic, Knuckles and Tails. The crystal versions will be available only in the 4 pack Gift Box.

Sonic Crystal Pez Gift Box

Sonic Crystal Pez Loose

A Giant Pikachu will be released September 1.

Giant Pikachu Pez

Pokemon Pez Clips featuring mini Pokeball and Pikachu on a twin card and Hello Kitty Pez Clips with a mini Unicorn and Hello Kitty with pink polka dot Bow pez on a twin card are scheduled for September 1 as well. These twin cards come with 6 rolls of pez candies.

Pokemon Mini Pez Clips

Hello Kitty mini Pez Clips

Christmas Pez are also due to begin shipping September 1. The new elf mold with a red cap and green trim on a red stem is new for 2024. The new Nutcracker with different painted features on a green stem will be exclusively released in tubes this year.

2024 Elf with Red Cap and Green Trim Pez  2024 Green Stem Nutcracker Pez

Valentines Pez for 2025 will begin shipping in November. There is a new pink crystal heart hugging a purple heart, a new brown bear on a printed pink stem and a new white bear with a red heart around his eye and a printed stem. These will be available in the polybag or carded assortment that will have all new package graphics.

2025 Hugging Heart Valentine Pez  2025 Valentine Pez Cards

There will also be a Valentines Bears twin pack with the new Brown and White Bears peeking out of a heart shaped window!

2025 Valentine Bears Pez Twin Pack

December 15 is the scheduled date for 2025 Easter Pez to begin shipping. The assortment will include a new white head lavender eye floppy ear bunny on a pink stem and a new pink Sitting Bunny on a yellow stem. The pink Sitting Bunny is the same mold as the White Sitting Bunny, but it looks different due to the way the eyes are printed!

White Head Lavender Eye Floppy Ear Bunny on Pink Stem 2025 Pink Full Body Bunny Sitting Bunny Pez  2025 Easter Cards

There will be new Bunny Peeps in yellow, pink and blue. The stems are printed saying Peeps and these come on cards with the PEZ and Peeps logos and Peeps bunnies.

Easter Peeps Bunnies Pez

The new Easter Egg in tube will be a purple egg with a yellow chick wearing bunny Ears and holding an Easter Basket. It comes on a yellow stem. 

25 Easter Purple Easter Egg with Chick wearing Bunny Ears Pez

For the 2025 pez releases, many were not available for display at the show, but information regarding the new releases was provided. We are showing images of those items which were on display and we will provide more information as soon as allowed!

Leading off the 2025 pez releases will be the new addition to the Pez Treats Assortment January 15, 2025. Avocado is the new PEZ Treats release to pair with tacos. Guacamole is the idea, but a pile of guac would not look great, so an avocado represents this traditional pairing! The Taco and Avocado will also be available in a Pez Treats Twin Pack!

Avocado Pez  Avocado Pez Side  Avocado Taco Pez Treats Twin Pack

Disney’s Stitch will be a new assortment released January 15. Lilo is not included in the assortment, but Stitch, Angel and Aloha Stitch with Hawaiian Hibiscus flowers on the stem are included. Stitch and his girlfriend Angel will be included in a Twin Pack.

Stitch Pez Set

Stitch Pez Twin Pack

The new Sam Wilson Captain America will be released beginning January 15 and a new red face  Hulk with spiky black hair will also be included in the 2025 Marvel Pez assortment. The new red face Hulk and Sam Wilson Captain America will also be in a twin pack.

Sam Wilson Captain America Pez

Zombie will be added to the Minecraft Assortment beginning February 1.

One or two new Hello Kitty Pez will be added to the Hello Kitty Pez assortment beginning March 1 and will also be included in a new twin pack!

April 1, Ken will be added to the Barbie Pez assortment and the blonde, brunette and purple haired Barbie pez will have updated wardrobes. Ken will be included with blonde Barbie in a new twin pack.

May 1 Gengar will be added to the Pokemon Assortment and an updated Eevee and a new happy Pikachu will also be added to the assortment.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Pez assortment will include Jack, Sally and Zero, due for release July 1. Jack and Sally will be included in a new twin pack.

The July 1 Halloween pez release will include a new pumpkin.

A sparkling Eyes SpongeBob will join the SpongeBob Pez assortment September 1. It will also be included in a new twin pack along with Patrick.

A Giant Stitch Pez is scheduled for release September 1.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Pez Gift tin will be available September 1. Jack, Sally, Zero and Oogie Boogie with awesome printed stems will be in the tin.

Of course, plans are always subject to change and not all the new releases are announced at this time, so it is a good bet that there will be more coming in 2025!

It is definitely time to get excited about summer pez conventions. They are coming up fast and we hope to see many of you at some or all of them! The Pez Collectors Store will be attending the June 20 – 23 Michigan Pez Convention in Farmington Hills, MI. This convention is constant activity and fun and we can’t wait to see what Jim and Jody and their team have in store for us this year! The theme is Team Boy Pez vs. Team Girl Pez and it will be interesting to see what they do with this theme! We hope to see you at the MIPezCon! For more information, please visit and get registered if you aren’t already!

Michigan Pez Convention 2024

The Pez Informational Gathering or P.I.G. Hi 5 is taking place at the same time which is unfortunate since many collectors would have liked to attend both! The PIG will be held in West Chester Township, OH and information can be found at

Pez Informational Gathering

The opportunity to register for Pezamania is quickly coming to a close if you want to assure your preferred t-shirt size. Pezamania will take place in Independence, OH July 17 – 20 and we are really excited about it. The theme this year is the PezOlympics and I know that Morgan and Landon will carry the torch across and way over the finish line in the planning for this huge convention. Get your room booked and your registration in today! Visit for all the details!

Pezamania 2024

The 2nd Northwest Pez Convention will be held August 15 – 17 in Spokane, WA. The Tiptons are really working hard on this convention and it sounds like it will be a blast! Visit for all the information.

Northwest Pez Convention 2024

September 12 – 14 is the 11th Pez on the River convention in Winona, MN. Sandy and Cheryl offer down home hospitality and a very laid back, relaxing but fun filled convention. It is the place to be to enjoy some quality time with fellow pez collectors and we can’t wait to see you there! The theme for the dress your pez costume contest this year is "There's no place like Winona" and this should get some really fun entries! The website for registration and hotel information is

Pez on the River 2024

October 5 is the IN Crowd Pez Gathering in Indiana and details can be found on The IN Crowd PEZ Gathering Group Facebook page

Pezylvania 14 will be held October 12 in Kutztown, PA and will now be hosted by Laura Adams and Peggy Brooks in addition to Sue and Dave! These two collectors are so much fun and it is exciting to see what they will do with this gathering!  Details can be found on the Facebook group Pezylvania Gathering page!

November 16 – 24 is the dates for the PEZheads at Sea Cruise. Hurry - bookings close June 1! Details are available at

That’s all the news for this month! Whew! That’s a lot to remember, but fortunately, the newsletters are all stored in archives in the Pez Collectors Store at /pcs-monthly-newsletters-ezp-265?chapter=2024 so you can always go back to refer to it when needed!

All the best,

Chris Jordan

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