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July 2024 PCS Newsletter

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Pez Candy has been quite busy with new releases. Planned and scheduled regular releases as well as limited-edition exclusive pez are abundant!  The ombre Togetherness Bear may have been a nod to June Pride month as it was released on May 20. It sold out and as a limited edition, it will not be remade by Pez. It was also released in Europe and comes on a different Rainbow card. We have both versions available now.

USA Pastel Ombre Togetherness Care Bear Pez  European Pastel Ombre Rainbow Togetherness Care Bear Pez

On June 3, the limited-edition exclusive Father’s Day Panda pez was released in the USA. This pez is the same as the European Father’s Day Panda pez which came at the same time as the European Mother’s Day Panda pez. The European Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Panda cards say Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Father’s Day, respectively, while the USA cards do not have the greetings. We now have these in stock in the Pez Collectors Store.

USA Father's Day Panda Pez MOC  European Father's Day Panda Pez MOC  USA Mother's Day Panda Pez MOC  European Mother's Day Panda Pez MOC

On June 10, the limited edition exclusive American Flag with fireworks in the background on a clear crystal ball mold with a red stem was released for Flag Day (June 14) in the USA. This dispenser was originally reported to be a release for Memorial Day and was shown on a blue stem. The red stem USA Flag is available now!

USA Flag Pez Mint on Card

The blue stem American Flag pez was actually released as part of the PAMP Suisse 4th of July Pez Set with 30g of silver formed as pez candy bricks! The 4th of July set is a much more limited release for PAMP Suisse with only 2500 produced worldwide. We have a few of these in stock now in the Pez Collectors Store.

PAMP Suisse July 4 USA Flag on Blue Stem with Silver Candy Bricks  July 4th USA Flag Silver Candy Brick

On June 24, pez released another limited-edition exclusive Candy Brick Mascot in an ombre fade Red, White and Blue. It comes on an identical patriotic themed card as the American Flag with red stem pez. This Red White and Blue Mascot is in celebration of the 4th of July. Pez is certainly celebrating all of the holidays and is emphasizing the limited edition exclusive pez!

Red White and Blue Ombre Candy Brick Mascot Pez

Despicable Me 4 Mega Minion pez and twin packs arrived in the Pez Collectors Store. The Mega Minion pez Tim and Mel are featured in the twin pack with Despicable Me 4 graphics. Unfortunately, our order arrived in very poor condition so we have only a few of the twin packs available at this time. We will have more in stock soon if you miss out on getting them now. Meanwhile, we have plenty of the Despicable Me 4 pez sets in stock!

  Despicable Me 4 Pez Set MIB  Despicable Me 4 Mega Minion Pez Twin Pack

Mickey and Minnie Pez Clips arrived in the Pez Collectors Store. The mini stems have a molded loop with a jump ring that attaches the stem to a clip, so the dispensers can be connected to a belt loop, a purse strap, a backpack or anywhere you choose! Mickey and Minnie are the newer molds and are cute as can be!

Mickey and Minnie mini PEZ Clips

The 2024 Paris Olympics will begin July 26 and the 2024 Paris Paralympics will begin August 28. We now have a few of the Paralympic pez dispensers in stock in addition to the Olympic versions. The Phryge hats are the official mascots of Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. They are two anthropomorphic Phrygian caps that are a symbol of freedom in France, and each has the French Flag on the side by the eye. The white smile Phrygian cap has the Olympic Rings logo and the black smile Phrygian cap comes with the Paralympic Agitos logo. The copyright on the dispenser is Paris, 2024.

2024 Paris Olympics Pez Loose  2024 Paris Paralympic Pez with Black Smile and Agitos Logo

Lion King Pez have arrived in the Pez Collectors Store. The set includes new molds for Mufasa, Simba, Timon and Pumba. There is also a 30th Anniversary twin pack which includes Mufasa and Simba.

2024 Lion King Pez Set MIB  2024 Lion King 30th Anniversary Pez Twin Pack

The 50th Anniversary Hello Kitty pez from Europe is a purple glitter crystal full body pez with outstretched arms and comes in a special 50th Anniversary Hello Kitty box. The purple stem is printed with 50th Anniversary! We have just a few in stock now and more are expected soon.

European 50th Anniversary Hello Kitty Pez Boxed Set

Europe has released a 50th Anniversary Playmobil Golden Knight to join the knight, policeman, fireman and princess in the European Playmobil set. These are on their way to us from Europe now and will be in stock soon!

European 50th Anniversary Playmobil Golden Knight Pez

New Donald Duck and Daisy Pez are expected to be released soon. These two new molds will be flowed into the existing Mickey and Friends assortment and shipped out as existing inventory is depleted. We will have them in stock just as soon as possible!

2024 Revised Donald Duck Pez  2024 Revised Daisy Pez

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Sweater pez is scheduled for release July 1. It will be added to the existing assortment, but the existing cases of Harry Potter pez assortments already packed up will need to be sold before the new assortments with the Hogwarts Sweater will be sent out from Pez. We hope to get the new Sweater in stock soon!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Sweater Pez

The Moana Pez Assortment with Moana, Maui and Hei-Hei was originally scheduled for release in July, but it has been delayed until August. Our order was placed long ago and we hope to receive them just as soon as they are available from Pez Candy!

Moana Pez Set with Moana, Maui and Hei-Hei

Moana Pez Twin Pack

The revised Princess Tiana is expected to join the Disney Princess pez beginning August 1. This new mold has arms on the sides of the bust mold, the neckline of her dress is much more spiky and she is on a green stem rather than the yellow stem of the original Tiana pez. The Pez Collectors Store will have them available as soon as they are released by Pez Candy and flowed into the Princess assortments!

2024 Revised Tiana Pez

Halloween Pez will begin shipping July 1. The new assortment will include the cute green Girl Witch with freckles and the Blue/Gray and Orange Full Body Bat. The bat looks very contented, like he has just had a nice belly rub, using the same mold as the 2019 Gray and Purple Bat. The green Girl Witch uses the same mold as the 2018 Cute Witch! We will have these in stock just as soon as possible.

Green Witch Girl Pez  Blue and Orange Bat Pez

Don’t expect the limited-edition exclusives to slow down any time soon! A Hawaiian themed summer dispenser is expected to be released in the USA and Europe sometime in mid to late July. Hopefully, it won’t drop while collectors are busy enjoying the Pezamania Pez convention! Another surprise dispenser is expected in August in both the USA and Europe, as well as the Orange Pez Presenter Girl and another yet to be revealed Presenter Girl. Limited edition exclusive Halloween pez and winter holiday pez can also be expected in both the USA and Europe! Clearly, Pez has taken a page from other collectibles and has fully embraced the limited edition, exclusive product promotions to keep the collectors on their toes and excited about the hobby!

Pez convention season is well underway! The Michigan Pez Convention and Maryland Pez Gathering are in the history books and were both fantastic events enjoyed by all attendees! We attended the Michigan Pez Convention and it was a blast. It is always wonderful to connect with fellow collectors, catch up and find out what is going on in their lives and share good times, not to mention buying, selling and trading pez, playing games, supporting the charities and all the other awesome events we expect at pez conventions! We are very sorry to report that apparently the PIG Hi5 was cancelled without notice. This is quite unfortunate for our hobby and is not what we would expect from a convention host. Hopefully those who registered as attendees and absentees will receive their packets in the mail. According to the website, things should have been mailed by June 26.

Next up is Pezamania XXXIII, coming quickly July 17 – 20 in Independence, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. We are really excited about this convention and can assure you without a doubt that it will take place and be fantastic! The theme this year is the PezOlympics and I know that Morgan and Landon will carry the torch across and way over the finish line in the planning for this huge convention. We can’t wait to see you at Pezamania. Find us in room 115!  Visit for all the details!

Pezamania Logo

The 2nd Northwest Pez Convention will be held August 15 – 17 in Spokane, WA. The Tiptons are really working hard on this convention and it sounds like it will be a blast! Visit for all the information.

Northwest Pez Convention Logo

September 12 – 14 is the 11th Pez on the River convention in Winona, MN. Sandy and Cheryl offer down home hospitality and a very laid back, relaxing but fun filled convention. It is the place to be to enjoy some quality time with fellow pez collectors and we can’t wait to see you there! The theme for the dress your pez costume contest this year is "There's no place like Winona" and this should get some really fun entries! The website for registration and hotel information is

Pez On the River Logo

Matt and Holly Rider have offered to host The IN. Crowd Pez Gathering in Fort Wayne, IN on October 5. This gathering takes place each year and rotates hosts and locations. They welcome collectors from anywhere – you don’t have to be a Hoosier or live in Indiana! Visit The IN. Crowd PEZ Gathering group page on Facebook for all the details!

Pezylvania 14 will be held October 12 in Kutztown, PA and will now be hosted by Laura Adams and Peggy Brooks in addition to Sue and Dave! These two collectors are so much fun and it is exciting to see what they will do with this gathering!  Details can be found on the Facebook group Pezylvania Gathering page!

November 16 – 24 is the dates for the PEZheads at Sea Cruise. Hurry - bookings close June 1! Details are available at

That’s all the news for this month. Happy Pezzing!

All the best,

Chris Jordan

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