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Finding Nemo Pez set with Nemo, Dory and Bruce Mint on Card

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The Disney Finding Nemo pez set was released in 2013 as an actual set with a counter display featuring the Finding Nemo movie characters. The original Nemo was released as a part of the Best of Disney Pixar set (along with Buzz Lightyear, Sully and Mike from Monsters, Inc.). Bruce the Shark was added to the Best of Disney Pixar mix a few years later. Finally, the Finding Nemo set has been released with Dory, a completely revised Nemo whos fins are now molded as part of the body instead of the separate rubbery pieces used on the original Nemo and Bruce the Shark. These are great new pez, though the original Nemo was a bit nicer with the separate fins, but it is nice to have a new and different variation!  The 2013 Finding Nemo pez set comes with Nemo, Dory and Bruce pez dispensers, all mint on cards with pez candies!

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