2014 SpongeBob Pez Set - SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward MIB

SpongeBob has been re-released in the USA in 2014. There are several differences between the original USA release, the later European release and the newest re-release. The 2014 assortment includes only Patrick, Squidward and SpongeBob on a red stem. The European release of SpongeBob Pez and the newer USA release have a 2008 Viacom copyright (original USA release has a 2004 Viacom copyright). The new release is 'half dressed' as the clothes are printed only on the front of the dispenser, not around the sides like the original release, just as the European release has. The USA re-release is very much like the European release, except that the newer stems on Patrick and SpongeBob have the ledge at the top of the stem that is seen in more recent dispensers. Squidward originally came on a light green stem that matched his head, but he is now on an orange stem. Great variations!

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