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2011 CVS Hauler Red Truck Rig Promotional Pez

The 2011 CVS truck is a promotional Pez Hauler Rig with the CVS Pharmacy logo on the side of the red truck and the year 2011 (despite the fact that these were released in 2010!). This is the second release of the CVS Pharmacy Promotional Hauler - the 2010 version was a white truck and the 2011 is a red truck and the sticker does not say "Experience something Extra" as it did last year! CVS Pharmacy has retail locations in 44 states with some 7000 locations, but these pez haulers have been rather hard to get as stores seem to be getting only one 12 count box per store, if they are getting any. This promotional CVS pez dispenser comes mint on a generic Rigs card (not a special CVS limited edition card like the 2010 version) with pez candies. These pez dispensers are available now through the Pez Collectors Store!

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