5 Tier Grandstand Stadium Display 29.5 inch Holds 120+ Pez

This five tier Acrylic Grandstand Stadium Pez Display is perfect for displaying your pez on a table top or in a shelving unit such as the 30 inch Billy cabinets and bookcases. The assembled display unit measures approximately 29.5"wide  x 7.5"deep x 8.5"tall (approx. 12 inches base to top of head of pez on top row) and holds 120+ pez. The shelves have a toe clip that holds the feet of current pez or the toes of a Pez Collectors Store shoe, to keep the pez from falling, yet allows them to be slid from side to side for easy rearrangement without having to move each pez individually as you have to do with a slotted or notched display. Square toe shoes from Gliha will also fit tightly in the display. The display is made of clear acrylic and it just seems to vanish from sight when loaded with Pez! The display ships flat and is quick to assemble, with a stabilizing bar at the top to hold the assembled display rigid and secure. This display is perfect for those who may need to travel with their pez to conventions as it breaks down to ship or travel flat! To assemble, slide the shelves through the slotted triangular end pieces and leave approx. 7 inches of shelf on either outside end. Insert the top stabilizer bar slots into the slots on the triangular ends so they interlock, then gently move the bottom of the triangular ends outward to add tension for stability. Add pez and display!


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