Worlds Smallest and Zuru Mini Brands Pez

The World's Smallest Pez are mini pez from the World's Smallest Toys line. There are two pez in this set - a mini Pez Pal Boy with cap like the Visitor's Center Pez, and Peter Pez, the PEZ mascot. These cute mini pez come mint in package with a roll of assorted fruit flavor Pez candies.The Zuru Mini Brands pez are surprises that come inside balls and you never know what items or brands from the series you might get!

(image for) Zuru Mini Brands Pez Candy Packs on Card
Zuru Mini Brands Pez Candy Packs on Card
The Zuru Mini Brands Surprise Pez Candy Pack is a replica of a Pez Refill card with 8 candy packs on a blister card. The Mini Brands candy pack card measures only 2.25" x 15/16" wide. These tiny candy pack cards are great for making earrings or displaying with your pez collection! 

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