Vintage Pez Stickers and Costumes

In the 1960s and 1970s, Pez included various fun inserts, costumes and stickers with the Pez Dispensers and candy refill packages. Not many of these are available today and sadly, Pez USA seldom includes anything special in packages of pez dispensers or pez candy refill packages. The vintage stickers can sometimes be found on vintage dispensers, placed there by a kid, just as intended. There are a variety of different stickers and costumes and they are a fun addition to the Pez Collection!
(image for) Sheriff and Indian Chief Double Square Vingage Pez Stickers
Sheriff and Indian Chief Double Square Vingage Pez Stickers
In the 1970s these stickers were included with Pez Candy Refill packages and Pez dispenser packages. This double square sticker set features the Pez Sheriff and the Pez Indian Chief stickers. These were often applied to the pez dispensers by kids. This sticker pair is intact and has not been peeled from its backing. These vintage pez stickers make a great addition to the pez collection!

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