Football, Baseball, Basketball, NASCAR, Soccer, Hockey and all the greatest sports are represented as Pez Dispensers in this section! Whether you are looking for NCAA College Sports Pez with your favorite college team logo or a Helmet or Hauler for the great NASCAR race drivers, you will likely find a sports pez to match!

Many of the college footballs, basketball, Major League Baseball and even the NASCAR Haulers come to us on card from the Pez Company or from the exclusive retailer. We recognize that many collectors prefer to display their pez loose and will remove the dispensers from the cards. We are now offering a SOS - Save On Shipping - option for most of our carded pez. You can now purchase the dispenser loose and shipping charges will be less due to the decreased weight and bulk of the package. Why pay extra for shipping the packaging and candies if you don't want them? We will do the work of stripping the pez off the card and will repackage it in a protective ziptop sleeve (this costs us a bit more in time and supplies, but it saves you on shipping costs)!


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