Skipper the Penguin Pez from Madagascar Loose

Skipper the Penguin is a new European Pez released with the Madagascar set for 2008. The original release of Madagascar pez released in 2003 was supposed to include Skipper the Penguin, but Skipper was not released.  The rumor mill suggested that Pez Co had a difficult time keeping the flexible wings attached and that would, of course, create a potential choking hazzard, so the first Madagascar release in both Europe and the USA had just Alex the Lion (with and without lines under his nose), Marty the Zebra (with big pupil and little pupil variations) and Gloria the Hippo. Madagascar has been retired in the USA for a few years now, and there is no word that they will be rereleased in the USA.  In Europe, the Madagascar set is being rereleased and joining the set are Skipper the Penguin and Melman the Giraffe. These really do look great! The giraffe head is soft and flexible while the penguin wings are a harder, not quite so flexible plastic.  The wings are separate pieces as can be seen from the inside of the head, but they do seem to be firmly attached! Skipper is a fabulous new European Pez!

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