Short Toe Snowshoe Transition Stem Small Head Incredible Hulk Pez Loose

This small head version of the Incredible Hulk was produced during the 1990s until it was replaced in 1999 with a large head version.This one is unusual in that its 4.9 China stem is a short toe, long heel semi-spineless transition.The shoe platform is shifted backwards so that there is approximately the same distance from the back of the heel to the sleeve hole as the front of the toe to the sleeve hole. Usually, the heel only sticks out a small bit and the toes extend further in front. The spine is only about half as deep as the normal spine. The footprint size for the snowshoe stem is the same as a normal foot. The normal version is shown on the right for comparison, but you will only be buying the snowshoe stem version on the left. It comes loose and ready to display!

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