September 2022 PCS Newsletter

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We have sweat our way through the dog days of summer to enter the 'ber months and September is the month we most look forward to most! As the days begin to cool, the pez releases will really heat up! Gift Tins are due to be released along with new twin packs and holiday pez will be arriving soon. We look forward to helping you add these to your pez collections!

PEZ Mini Gingerbread House Kits are available now in the Pez Collectors Store. These kits contain prebaked Gingerbread House pieces, premade icing, PEZ candy bricks for decorating and cut-outs of an elf, a reindeer and a snowman to complete the scene! The box prominently displays the PEZ logo and is a great new licensed item!

PEZ Mini Gingerbread House Kit

The PEZ Large Gingerbread House Kits with Mystery Dispensers are expected to arrive later in September and we will list them as soon as they are available in the Pez Collectors Store!

PEZ Large Gingerbread House Kit

The Sours Blue Raspberry Pez Mascot joined the other candy brick mascots and his crazy eyes make it look different than the regular candy mascots. We have just a few of these in stock now!

Sours Blue Raspberry Pez Mascot

The new 2022 Halloween Party Bag assortment has been pushed back to begin shipping from Pez Candy in mid-September. The new assortment has 4 different mini pez than the 6 mini pez in the previous assortment, and the party bag looks different as well. You will want to be sure you have them all in your collection!

Halloween Party Favor Mini Pez

2022 Mini Halloween Pez

Game of Thrones Pez Twin Packs each featuring the new Drogon dispenser will be released in time to celebrate the GOT prequel, the House of the Dragon.  Drogon comes in a twin pack with Dany and in a twin pack with Jon. These are scheduled to begin shipping from Pez Candy beginning September 1 and we hope to have them in stock soon!

Dany and Drogon Pez Twin Pack  Jon and Drogon Pez Twin Pack

The Black Panther Pez Gift Tin features Black Panther, Shuri, Purple Black Panther and Okoye dispensers in a Black Panther shaped gift tin with a Black Panther face featured on the back. It is scheduled to begin shipping September 1, ahead of the November 11 release of Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie. Suri and the Black Panther will also be available in a twin pack!

Black Panther Pez Tin 

Black Panther Pez Twin Pack

The Mandalorian Pez Gift Tin is also coming soon! The gift tin is shaped like Baby Yoda in the Pram and that is what it features on the back. Mandalorian and the 2022 Boba Fett are included along with new dispensers - Baby Yoda (Grogu) in a Pram and Fennec Shand. These new dispensers will be available only in the gift tins. This gift tin is sure to be a sell out! The first scheduled shipping date for the tin is September 1 and we will have them in stock just as soon as our shipment arrives!

Mandalorian Pez Tin

Mandalorian Pez Tin Back

The 2022 revised Snow White and Cinderella have been released in Europe. The new molds and updated colors make these new versions really stand out from previous versions of these classic Disney Princesses. These will be available in the Pez Collectors Store soon!

2022 European Cinderella Pez  Cinderella B Pez  Cinderella A Pez

2022 European Snow White Pez  Snow White C Pez  Snow White B Pez

Funko Five Nights at Freddy’s POP! PEZ have been released and will be arriving in the Pez Collectors Store soon! Freddy, Chica, Foxy and Bonnie are hanging out at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and will move on to us quickly!

Five Nights at Freddys POP! PEZ

We have a small number of older Poopers from Imaginings 3 Flix arriving later today. Like many older pez, the candy may be expired, but the dispensers are still lots of fun and having them mint in package is great for the collection! Be sure to check back and we will have these listed within the next couple of days!

Oh Poop! Christmas Tree Pooper  Oh Poop! Halloween Pooper

Pez On The River is rapidly approaching! Hopefully you have your entry for the Pucker Up Pez Costume contest ready. If not, get busy dressing up your pez in the Pucker Up theme! We hope to see you next week, September 8 – 10 in Winona MN!

Pez on the River

The next Virtual Pez Convention is the VPC Fall Event and Charity Art Auction, October 8 at 5 pm Eastern time. Join the event for some awesome PEZ room tours, an enabler tour, and the annual charity art auction that supports the VPC scholarship fund! Registration is free, but to get the link to join the convention, you need to register. Visit to get all the details!

2022 VPC  VPC Scholarship Fund

That is all the news for this month. Happy Pezzing! 

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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