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September 2019 PCS Newsletter

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August was a very busy month in the Pez Collectors Store with new pez arriving and new POP! Pez from Funko, along with a 10 day trip to Europe for the Slovenia Pez Convention and the Vienna International Pez Convention! More pez are on the way and more Funko POP Pez have arrived with more coming soon!

The LOL Surprise Pez have arrived, both in polybag and on blister card. These mystery pez include 3 different dolls, each with 3 different variations. The polybags are opaque, without a window, and the blister cards have an opaque plastic mystery cover, so you can’t see which of the 9 different dolls you will get.  We are keeping the suspense going by offering these in 12 count counter display boxes or 12 count counter displays of carded pez, or as a guaranteed set of 3 different dolls, but which variation remains a surprise.

12 count Counter Display Box with LOL Surprise Dolls Pez in Polybag    12 Count LOL Surprise Dolls on Card   Set of 3 different LOL Surprise Dolls Pez MIB

9 different LOL Surprise Dolls

Princess Peppa and Pirate George pez dispensers arrived from Europe. These fun dispensers are really cute and come loose and ready to display!

European Princess Peppa and Pirate George Pez

Zuma is the chocolate Labrador pup who aides in water rescue in the Paw Patrol series. This dispenser is currently a European release and is available now in the Pez Collectors Store, loose and ready to display!

European Paw Patrol Zuma Pez

We hoped to receive the new Wonder Woman pez along with the version of Superman and Batman currently available in Europe. We were greatly disappointed that we received the old Justice League assortment instead. The new assortment is now delayed until some unspecified time next year, so the wait will continue.

DC Justice League Pez

The 12 Days of Christmas Pez Ornament Gift Sets are shipping to us now and we are quite excited about them! I realize it is a bit early for many of us to be thinking of Christmas, but it will be here before you know it!

12 Days of Christmas Mini Pez Ornaments Gift Set

We are expecting to receive a new shipment of the 29.5 inch grandstand shelves and will have these available again in the Pez Collectors Store within a few weeks. Meanwhile, we still have 21 inch 5 Tier Grandstands available.

21" 5 Tier Grandstand Pez Display

21" Pez Grandstand Pez Display

We have been notified by PEZ of licensor embargos which will prevent the sales of The Grinch Pez Twin Packs until October 1 and Frozen Pez Twin Packs and polybag assortments, and Star Wars Episode 9 Twin Packs and Gift tins until October 4, so the shipment dates have been pushed back until late September. We expect to have these available as soon as the embargo dates are cleared.

While at the conventions in Europe, we were able to acquire a few older European sets, some of which have been added to our inventory in the Pez Collectors Store. We may have only one of just a few of each of these! Check them out and keep watching as we list other new/old items in the Pez Collectors Store!

Japanese Lip Color Pink Chrome Heart   Japanese Lip Color Pink Heart on Pink Stem  Japanese Lip Color Pink Heart on White Stem  Japanese Lip Color Red Minnie Mouse  Japanese Lip Color Pink Minnie Mouse

10 Kleinmuenchner Pez Gathering Dispenser    Original Kyoro Chan Pez Dispensers  Mr. Men Pez Set

Mr Bean Pez Set  Original Pokemon Pez Set  Gundam Pez Set MIB

Black and white Pez Girl Peppermint tin  Blue and White Pez Logo Peppermint Tin  Pez Girl Sitting on Candy Pack Pez Tin

Pez Girl with Regular Pez Tin  

Funko has been keeping everyone on their toes with new releases and announcements!

Thundercats Lion-O and Mumm-Ra are available, and Betty Boop, as are the Ralph Breaks the Internet with Wreck It Ralph, Fix It Felix and Vanellope as a convenient bundle or as singles in the Pez Collectors Store.

Thundercats Lion-O POP! PEZ  Thundercats Mumm-Ra POP! PEZ        Betty Boop POP! PEZ

Ralph Breaks the Internet POP! PEZ bundle      Wreck It Ralph POP! PEZ  Fix It Felix POP! PEZ  Vanellope POP! PEZ

The DC Comics assortment with Dark Knight Batman, Bane, Suicide Squad Joker, and Harley Quinn are available now as a singles or as a convenient bundle.

Dark Knight Batman POP! PEZ  Bane POP! PEZ  Suicide Squad Joker POP! PEZ  Harley Quinn POP! PEZ

DC Comics POP! PEZ Bundle

H. R. Pufnstuf, Cling, Clang, and Witchiepoo will be arriving soon.

H.R. Pufnstuf POP! PEZ  Cling POP! PEZ  Clang POP! PEZ  Witchiepoo POP! PEZ

Sleestak from Land of the Lost and Tron and Sark from Tron are also expected soon.

Land of the Lost Sleestak POP! PEZ      Tron POP! PEZ  Sark POP! PEZ

The second series of Nightmare Before Christmas with Dapper Jack, Dapper Sally, Oogie Boogie in Burlap, Lock, Shock and Barrel will be coming later this month.

NBC Series 2 Dapper Jack POP! PEZNBC Series 2 Dapper Sally POP! PEZNBC Series 2 Oogie Boogie in Burlap POP! PEZNBC Series 2 Lock POP! PEZNBC Series 2 Shock POP! PEZNBC Series 2 Barrel POP! PEZ

Elvira is coming this month as well.

Elvira POP! PEZ

Disney Villians Maleficent, Ursula, Cruella, and Evil Queen POP!  Pez are also coming this month.

Disney Villains Maleficent POP! PEZ  Disney Villains Ursula POP! PEZ Disney Villains Cruella POP! PEZ Disney Villains Evil Queen POP! PEZ

The long awaited Lando and the Holiday Boba Fett, and Prototype Boba Fett are scheduled to ship early this month.

Star Wars Lando POP! PEZ  Boba Fett Holiday POP! PEZ  Boba Fett Prototype POP! PEZ

A Year Without Santa Claus Heat Miser and Snow Miser are coming soon.

A Year without Santa Heat Miser POP! PEZ  A Year Without Santa Clause Snow Miser POP! PEZ

Felix the Cat will be added later this month.

Felix the Cat POP! PEZ

A Christmas Story Bunny Suit Ralphie and Sheriff Ralphie are expected late in the month, along with Buddy the Elf!

A Christmas Story Bunny Suit Ralphie POP! PEZ    A Christmas Story Sheriff Ralphie POP! PEZ

Funko announced several new expected releases including Myths – Bigfoot (Sasquatch) and Snowy Bigfoot (Yeti). 

Bigfoot POP! PEZ  Snowy Bigfoot (Yeti) POP! PEZ

Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders is also expected to be released at the end of October. The photo shown here is a mockup made by a collector – official images are not yet available! As always, we will have all of these in stock. We never do pre-orders but will list as soon as we physically have items in hand.  We will have everything available for your shopping pleasure so save your money in case you find them elsewhere, then order from us if you don’t!

Mockup of Colonel Sanders POP! PEZ

The Pez Visitors Center has received a new limited release Blonde Hair Pez Pal Boy with only 100 produced. These are being given away through social media, as a prize at the Visitors Center and with random orders from the online website.

Pez Visitors Center Blonde Pez Pal POP! PEZ

Funko CEO Brian Mariotti shows us another limited release Zebra Batman. A few of these are being given away through random contests on Twitter and perhaps on other social media! Good luck to all who enter these contests!

Zebra Batman POP! PEZ

Stay tuned, we are expecting a few more announcements of other POP! PEZ releases coming soon!

The next convention in the USA will be Pez on the River, October  10 – 12 in Winona, MN. Sandy and Cheryl, the PezHeads of the Year for 2019, are the hosts and they have lots of fun events in store. A riverboat ride, a BBQ cookout, a pez costume contests with the theme All Caged Up (!?!?) are a few of the fun things in store in addition to pez room hopping and show, Captain’s Log games and more! We hope to see you there!

Pez on the River Pez Convention

That’s all for now! Happy Pezzing!

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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