PezHeads the Movie DVD and Dispenser

PEZheads - The Movie is a documentary about PEZ and PEZ Collectors. It explores the phenomenon of PEZ collecting through interviews with a variety of collectors and vendors, as well as visits to conventions, the PEZ factory, flea markets, and anywhere else we can find PEZ. This documentary highlights the fun and quirky aspects of the hobby, as well as the community and the friendships that develop around it. It explores the PEZ phenomenon from the viewpoint of non-collectors and collectors alike, as well as collectors' families and friends. The movie features interviews with Robby Takac from The Goo Goo Dolls, Vinnie from Less Than Jake, Joe Vittoria PEZ USA President, and Wendy the Snapple Lady along with many other collectors.  There are also interviews with notable PEZ authors, including John LaSpina, David Welch, and Shawn Peterson.  Other PEZ highlights include a PEZ USA factory tour, a sneak peak at the upcoming PEZ cartoon and the making of the music video for the PEZ cartoon, featuring The Juliet Dagger rockers and a visit to the Easton Museum of PEZ.  We are particularly fond of the movie as both Chris and Kyle Jordan are also shown in it! Your DVD comes with the limited edition PezHeads the Movie pez dispenser mint in bag with Pez candies!

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