May 2012 Newsletter

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This past month has flown by with many new pez additions! May will bring even more different pez releases and having visited the Pez Factory we were able to see them in action working on these new dispenser releases!

Kyle Jordan and Chris Jordan at the Pez Visitor Center   Visitor Center Lobby

 Kyle Jordan and Joe Vittoria - the Pezident!   Pez Factory Tour 

The Pez Visitor Center

The HyVee Pez Hauler truck arrived in mid-April. It is different from the other promotional pez rigs because the HyVee logo is pad printed on the trailer rather than a sticker – probably because it is a mono color and easily printed! The HyVee advertising promotional pez is available now in the Pez Collectors Store.

HyVee Promotional Pez Hauler

The Marvel Avengers Pez arrived and the Metallic Ironman Pez with a gold face and red stem has replaced the yellow face on yellow stem version. These are also available in the Pez Collectors Store – just click the picture to link directly to them!

Metallic Ironman Pez

We have added the Pez Visitor Center exclusive dispensers to the Pez Collectors Store. The Pez Visitor Center Pal Boy is an exclusive pez release produced for sale at the Pez Visitor Center in Orange CT. This pez pal boy is a dispenser which looks like the very large Pez Pal Boy in the entrance of the Visitor Center and it comes in a special official exclusive box and six rolls of assorted fruit pez candy packs!

Pez Visitor Center Giant Pez Boy         Pez Visitor Center Pez Boy Exclusive dispenser

The Pez Visitor Center in Orange, CT offers three different blank dispensers with stickers so you can decorate your own dispenser any way you want. These exclusive Pez Visitor Center dispensers are available only through the Visitor Center or from the Pez Collectors Store – they are not available in general retail outlets.  First is a blank Pez Ball with stickers on the insert which include a variety of facial features so you can make a face of your choosing! The ball pez dispenser comes mint in bag with pez candy and stickers!

Blank Ball Pez Make A Face

Next is a blank Pez Hockey Puck with stickers.There are two blank circular stickers that you can draw on or print on to make your own image or logo, a Pez Visitor Center logo and three blue stars so you can decorate any way you want! The hockey puck pez dispenser comes mint in bag with pez candy and stickers!

Blank Hockey Puck Pez

The third dispenser is a blank Pez Rigs Truck with a Pez Visitor Center logo sticker, two PEZ logos in the pez block font and two blank stickers so you can design your own! The truck pez dispenser comes mint in bag with pez candy and stickers! All three of these blank trucks are available now through the Pez Collectors Store!

Blank Pez Hauler Truck

A visitor center exclusive set of the Caucasian Bride and Groom pez dispensers come mint on a special Pez Visitor Center exclusive card with a pez candy background! The bride is a brunette pez pal and is beautiful alongside her pez pal groom! This special packaging is available only at the Pez Visitor Center or here in the Pez Collectors Store.

Pez Visitor Center Exclusive Bride and Groom Pez

This Pez Visitor Center exclusive set of Pez Regular remake dispensers comes mint on the official Visitor Center cards and are available for purchase only at the Pez Visitor Center or through the Pez Collectors Store. This special card features the Pez Girl and has outstanding graphics! The 6 different colored regular pez include red, white, blue, yellow, purple and grey dispensers and each comes with 6 packages of pez candy, mint on the great visitor center exclusive cards.

Pez Visitor Center Exclusive Regulars Set

While at the visitor center, the factory was packaging Halloween pez dispensers which will include the new 2012 pumpkin! We were able to purchase just a few of these pre-release pumpkins, mint on card! This pumpkin pez dispenser is a completely new mold and looks really great!

Halloween Pez in Polybag line at Pez Factory Halloween Pez in Polybag at Pez Factory 2012 Halloween Pumpkin Pez Mint on Card

Catwoman is supposed to be added to the DC Comics assortment and is scheduled for release soon. These were also being packaged while we were at the visitor center and we have a few available on the Batman graphics card and available in bag as a pre-release.

DC Comics Catwoman Pez Mint on Card        DC comics Catwoman Pez mint in bag

The University of North Carolina with 2009 NCAA Champion printed on the stem has been very difficult for us to get in cases ordered from Pez, so we purchased a number of these while at the visitor center and they are now finally available in the Pez Collectors Store!

University of North Carolina 2009 National Champions Pez

The 23rd Edition of the Original Collector’s Price Guide to Pez by John LaSpina has just been released and has all the new dispensers, plus many old, vintage dispensers which have recently been discovered from Brazil along with updated pricing. As always, it includes checkboxes to help you track your collection and includes pricing information about other candy dispensers such as Yummy, Totems, Funny Face and TV Pals. It is available now!

LaSpina's Original Collector's Guide to Pez 23rd Edition

While at the NorthEast Pez Convention we were able to pick up some dispensers that we have not had in stock for a while. We added just a couple of the Elvis Mini Mint sets, a couple of Silver Whistle pez, some Droopy Dog and some Tykes and Spikes, and a variety of other older pez. We also have added some more of the Bandai Mini pez dispensers from Japan, so if there are items you are wanting but have not found, you may find them if you check again. We are working on getting all the pez we acquired listed in the website so more are being added daily! Have fun browsing through the Pez Collectors Store!

Elvis Mini Mint Pez   Limited Edition Silver Coach Whistle Pez

Droopy Dog B Pez  MGM Tyke Pez  MGM Spike Pez

 Thomas the Train mini pez

Pirate Pucks from the European Pirate bags have made their way across the ocean and the dispensers are now in stock in the Pez Collectors Store.

European Pirate Puck with Skull and Crossbones Pez

The European Sports bags now include a soccer ball or an American football in addition to the basketball, hockey puck and baseball. These all have the PEZ candy brick font logo on the balls. These will also now in stock in the Pez Collectors Store!

European Sports Soccer ball pez  European Sports Football pez  European Baseball Pez  European Hockey Pez  European Basketball Pez

The Amazing Spiderman and Lizardman are shipping to us today, May 1, and we expect to receive our first order within a week! We saw several of these while taking the tour at the Pez Factory and they look even better in person than they do in the photos!

The Amazing Spiderman and Lizardman Pez    Amazing Spiderman Mint on Card    Lizardman at the Pez Factory Tour

The next Pez release is scheduled for June 1 – Strawberry Shortcake and her friends Lemon Meringue and Orange Blossom. We now have images of the dispensers and they will just be the heads instead of bust up versions! They look very cute! Just another month until they are released!

Strawberry Shortcake, Lemon Meringue and Orange Blossom Pez                  Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie Gift tin on display at Visitor Center

If you missed the NorthEast Pez Convention, the 20th Annual National Pez Convention will be held in St. Louis June 14 – 16. While it may not include a tour of the Pez Factory, Shawn Peterson will be presenting a seminar and will surely have lots of insider information from Pez Candy. Shawn is a collector who wrote the Peterson’s Collectors Guide to Pez and is now an employee at Pez Co. The Visitor Center is his brain child and seeing him speak is great opportunity if you can’t make a trip to the Visitor Center! The St. Louis ANPC is always a lot of fun with games and activities, room hopping and the hotel filled with Pez Collectors having a great time! We hope to see you there!

20th Annual National Pez Convention

That’s all the news for now!
Happy Pezzing!
Chris Jordan

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