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March 2009 Newsletter

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February went by really fast and it is now time for the March 2009 edition of the Pez Collectors Store Newsletter. Each new month hopefully brings new Pez and March is no exception! Some of the new Pez were expected and others were a bit of a surprise! The new Star Wars Clone Wars Pez have now arrived. Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi look great and are, of course, totally new pez!

The full Clone Wars set also includes R2D2 on a 5. 9 China spaced out stem. The blue paint is slightly darker shade on the newer version shown on the left in the photo but the difference is pretty subtle. General Grievous is also on a 5. 9 China spaced out stem. Clone Trooper is on a 5.9 Hungary stem (my old one is on a 4.9 Slovenia stem) and is a brighter, whiter shade of white. The newer Yoda (shown on the left) is on a 5.9 Hungary stem and his head is a darker mint green than the previous version (shown on the right), a very obvious difference when the two are side by side. C3PO is on a 5.9 Hungary stem and otherwise seems to look the same.

New R2D2 (left) and older R2D2 (right)     New Yoda (left) and old Yoda (right)     Full Set of Clone Wars Pez

Of course, the counter display box has a totally new Star Wars look for the Clone Wars release and these are available, too.

Star Wars Clone Wars Counter display box

The GetGo pez hauler truck was a rather unexpected promotional pez that has just been released. The GetGo Hauler Truck Pez from Giant Eagle is a promotional item for GetGo Gas Stations. These gas stations are associated with Giant Eagle Grocery Stores in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland. The motto for these self-service gas stations is Get In. Get Out. Get Going. and they claim to have Quality fuel Guaranteed. The company had these special small stack rigs produced with their Get Go logo and these are only available through these gas stations, thus distribution is quite limited. We have been in contact with people at Giant Eagle and have been told that all of the GetGo Haulers have been distributed to their retail locations and that there are no remaining haulers.

GetGo Gas Station Hauler Truck Pez

We were told that a second production run had been requested from PEZ company, and that these would be the same color, etc. We wrote back to suggest that they request a different cab for their second production run, but who knows if they will take our advice! The GetGo pez dispenser comes mint in bag with candies and they are available now through the Pez Collectors Store!

Pete the Cat from the Disney Clubhouse Mickey Mouse series has finally made its way to the Pez Collectors Store. This pez has been in short supply in our shipments and has been hard to find across the country. We also have a few of the new Goofy Pez back in stock. Pete and Goofy join the other Clubhouse Mickey Mouse pez in a modified classic Disney style.

     Disney Clubhouse Goofy Pez

The Easter Rubber Duckie and the Chocolate Bunny are the new pez for the Easter series in 2009, but there are also some new paint variations showing up for the older molds. The Mrs. Bunny on the China stem is showing up with gray hair and eye shadow, while the Hungary stems still have the lavender hair and eye shadow. Additionally, the pink of the nose and mouth on the newer China stems is a darker pink – almost a fuchsia color. The mold is the same, it is just a difference in the paint, but this is interesting for the variation collectors!

Easter Rubber Duckie Pez   Easter Chocolate Bunny Pez   2009 Mrs. Bunny variation Pez

Two new Major League Baseball Pez are expected to begin shipping any time now. The New York Yankees Stadium 2009 Inaugural Season Commemorative dispenser and the Philadelphia Phillies baseball pez are ordered and should be arriving soon. The initial ordering information we received showed the Phillies baseball with the Liberty Bell inside a home plate logo, but we are now seeing sales sheet information that shows the Phillies pez with a cursive capital letter P in red ink. We think the other logo was much more interesting, but we will have to wait until our shipments arrive to find out what we get!

Major League Baseball Pez

Also shown on the Major League Baseball sales sheet are 4 new versions of previously released teams. The Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers will be getting a new look with a different logo on the baseball. These are ‘upgrades’ to the existing baseball pez, and will be distributed as inventory status warrants. As best as we can tell, this jargon means that when Pez Co begins to run out of the old baseballs, the new ones will be shipped in their place, so we don’t really have a definite date for the four new 2009 baseballs!

The Kansas City PezHead Gathering is coming together nicely! Registration is required and we have several options available. The Best Value – The Works Registration includes the T-Shirt, two 2009 KC PezHead Gathering Lapel Pins, the special KC PezHead Gathering Dispenser, candy packs, the Buffet BBQ Lunch, admission to the Toy and Miniature Museum, the seminar, the swap and shop show, and all the pezzy games and prizes. This registration option includes everything except the special Charity Pin for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation.

2009 Kansas City PezHead Gathering T-Shirt          2009 KC PezHead Gathering CCFA Charity Pin 

We also offer the No Frills Economy Registration which includes all the pezzy fun, the Buffet BBQ Lunch and admission to the Toy and Miniature Museum, the seminar, the swap and shop show, and all the pezzy games and prizes. This budget minded registration does not include any of the souvenirs, but includes all of the fun! As much as we wish we could ship the fun to absentees, the best we can do is offer Absentee packets with all of the goodies.  Of course, gathering pins and Charity Pins are available separately and 100% of the proceeds from the Charity Pin will go to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. Dealer tables are free, but we need to get your reservations soon to be sure that table space is available for you. Please check out the 2009 Kansas City PezHead Gathering Registration information in the Pez Collectors Store!

We have added a few new features to the Pez Collectors Store for your convenience. At the very top of the page, there is now an RSS feed available so that you can always see the newest products added to our webstore. We also added a Bookmark and Share function, so you can easily share and show our cool items through email, Digg, My Space, Facebook, Twitter or whatever blog you are into! We do ask that our images and information be linked to and/or credited to the Pez Collectors Store, but you are welcome and encouraged to share the great information from our website with your pezzy friends!

That is all the news for this month!
Happy Pezzing,
Chris Jordan

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