Limited Edition Exclusive Bitcoin Pez Loose - SOS!

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Save on Shipping! This Limited Edition Bitcoin Pez is one of a single production run of 30,000 dispensers. This is an exclusive dispenser, so it is limited in distribution channels and will not be found in retail stores like ordinary pez. The puck dispenser has the Bitcoin cryptocurrency logo on the puck and it comes on a matching orange stem. This dispenser will be popular among not only pez collectors, but also cryptocurrency enthusiasts - from investment brokers to those who just like to play around a bit gambling on the rise and fall and rise again of crypto! Due to the higher price of the Bitcoin dispenser and the limited distribution, I suspect relatively few of the production run will end up in the hands of pez collectors and in the future, the price will go up. But, much like Bitcoin, it is all just speculation!  The Bitcoin pez dispenser comes loose and ready to display for those who prefer to save on shipping!

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