July 2009 Newsletter

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July 2009 Pez Collectors Store Newsletter

July means that the year is half over, but most of the new pez releases for the year are still to come. July is also the time to hurry and register to attend one of the Pez Conventions – they are a lot of fun and a great way to meet other collectors and learn a lot about pez.  We have some photos from the St. Louis ANPC, some photos of upcoming Pez releases and some sneak preview photos that were shared by Moresay.com from the All Candy Expo.

The Pez Collectors Store recognizes that many collectors prefer to display their pez loose and will remove the dispensers from the cards. We are now offering a SOS (Save On Shipping) option for most of our carded pez. You can now purchase the dispenser loose and shipping charges will be less due to the decreased weight and bulk of the package. Why pay extra for shipping the packaging and candies if you don't want them? We will do the work of stripping the pez off the card and will repackage the dispenser in a protective ziptop sleeve (this costs us a bit more in time and supplies, but it saves you on shipping costs)! This option is currently available for all of the NCAA Football Pez, Major League Baseball Pez and the Basketball Pez.


Speaking of Sports pez, the new Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana NCAA Footballs are due to begin shipping any day and we hope to have them in stock soon!

       Louisiana State University Football Pez

There are 4 new versions of the Major League Baseball Pez shipping soon. Boston Red Sox with a “B”, New York Yankees with the “NY”, Chicago Cubs with the cub bear and Detroit Tigers with a tiger. These teams already have a MLB pez with a different logo, but new logos make these all new pez! Of course, we will also offer these mint on card or with the SOS option so you can save on shipping!

New Major League Baseball Pez for 209

We reported in the last Pez Collectors Store Newsletter that the new Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs might have a Diego on a blue stem and these are now available. Sid the Sloth has also been found now on a red stem and it has a greenish colored eyelid. We have also received more Sid the Sloth on blue stems and they also have eyelids! This means there are three variations of the Sid the Sloth or at least two variations for those who only collect head variations.

Sid the Sloth with eyelid on Blue Stem Pez    Sid the Sloth Pez with eyelid on red stem

Pez Neck Coolers are a must have for PezHeads! We found them to be a great refresher on our trip to St. Louis! The weather is only going to get hotter for a while and these neck coolers provide magic relief from the heat. Soak them in water and the crystals inside will swell up then provide a cooling effect when worn around the neck. The crystals dry out over time and return to their tiny dehydrated state. Keep a few in the glove box in case you find yourself out and about on a hot day. A large cup of ice water from the drive thru will allow you to hydrate your neck cooler and help you keep your cool at the ball game, camp out, garage sales shopping for pez or wherever you may be.  Made from pezzy fabric, you can show you’re a true Cool Neck PezHead with these PezNeck coolers! Choose your favorite fabric styles and order a few today from the Pez Collectors Store.

PezNeck Cooler Pezzy Fabric

Our trip to St. Louis was a blast. We didn’t get to take as many pictures as we hoped – we were just too busy having fun. The photo gallery in the Pez Collectors Store shows the photos we did get, but here are just a few highlights for your enjoyment. For the Pin Collectors, we have just a few of the Red background and Orange background St. Louis 2009 ANPC Pumpkin Patch pins available in the Convention Pez section of Current US Pez

2009 ANPC Red Pumpkin Patch Pin   2009 ANPC Orange Pumpkin Patch Pin

Steve Barnes is having fun at Bingo 

 Chris Jordan Award  

 The Devlins Award 

 Russ MacKimmie in front of the Pez Collectors Store  

 Pez Collectors Store in St. Louis 


August is the scheduled release time for several new Pez releases. The Marvel Super Heroes are due to begin shipping August 1. This set includes a revised Spiderman, a revised Hulk, a revised Wolverine and Iron Man joins the team!

August is also the date scheduled for new Disney Fairies to be added to the mix.  Fawn, Rosetta and Terence are the new fairies that will be mixed in with the previously released Tinkerbelle, Iridessa and Silvermist.

2009 Disney Fairies Pez with Terrence, Rosetta and Fawn

Also due out in August are the three new NASCAR helmets for the Darlington racetrack, the Talladega racetrack and the Daytona racetrack.

Daytona, Darlington and Talledega NASCAR Racetrack Pez

We are sad to say that we will not be able to attend the Pez-A-Mania convention in Cleveland this year, but that makes us look forward to the Minnesota MNPezCon even more! The MNPezCon is a blast! Located directly across the street from the Mall of America, there is plenty for everyone to do – room hopping to visit all the dealers, pezzy games, charity auctions, special seminars and of course the show on Saturday as the main event. The seminars this year will be a very special treat – expecially the one being presented by Maryann Kennedy. Maryann is fondly known as the mother of pez collectors – our very own PezHead Zero. Maryann collected pez before anyone else and she has an extensive collection of very rare, one of a kind items. Her stories go back far before the internet when connecting with others who might have pez was done by mailed letter or telephone. The knowledge that Maryann has is pez history and her return to the convention circuit is history happening. We have obtained her permission to videotape the seminar and we will share information on where you can view the seminar when it is done! If you can possibly make it to attend a convention this summer, try to make it to the MNPezCon! The hotel block and special room rates will be gone soon, so get your reservations for the hotel and the MNPezCon made now. Visit www.mnpezcon.com for all the details! Stop by the Apache Suite where the Pez Collectors Store will be set up for room hopping!

We know that September will bring us new releases such as the Wizard of Oz, Toy Story, and the Winnie the Pooh Gift sets, but we are not allowed to have or share the photos of those yet. Be watching for them in the next issue of the Pez Collectors Store Newsletter. While we cannot release any official photos of upcoming products, we did find a few photos online at Moresay.com featuring Thomas the Train in a lunchbox gift tin, a Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs gift set with the Dwarfs on mini stems, and full body Hello Kitty pez which seem to be scheduled for release in July 2010. The Moresay.com article indicates that these photos were taken at the All Candy Expo so these sneak previews are not official yet, but should be coming next year!

Thomas the Train Lunchbox Pez Gift Set  Full Body Hello Kitty Pez

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Pez Gift set

Other news in the world of Pez includes the appearance of new, short cards being released only at WalMart stores. The short cards are a few inches shorter than the regular carded pez and have two packs of candy stacked one on top of the other. These short cards were apparently produced for WalMart stores to save space at their checkout isles. The pez on the short cards cost more to produce because the machinery at the factory is set up to lay three packs of candy flat on the card. The stacking of two candy packs takes two passes through the machinery. The result of this is that the packages with two packs of candy cost more than the tall packages with three packs of candy.

The last bit of news is rather sad for all involved. A lawsuit was filed on June 22, 2009 in the US District Court, Northern District of California, San Jose by PEZ Candy, Inc. against Nancy Yarbrough Doss, Gary Doss and the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia. The complaint can be found at http://www.courthousenews.com/2009/06/26/Pez.pdf
We sincerely hope that all issues between PEZ Candy, Inc, Gary and Nancy Doss and Burlingame Museum of Pez can be resolved quickly.

Now, on a more cheerful note, Independence Day is July 4 and my birthday is July 7th, so let's celebrate with a Pez Collectors Store discount coupon code, valid for the first week of July. Simply type JulySavings5% in the discount coupon redemption code box on the checkout page to receive 5% off on purchases made between July 1 and July 7th. We look forward to your order!

That is all the news for this month. We look forward to seeing you in Minnesota in August – get your reservations made now, before the hotel block is gone!

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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