January 2022 PCS Newsletter

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Happy New Year! We welcome the new year with renewed hopes and dreams, new expectations and promises, and many optimistic wishes! Fortunately for Pez collectors, we can be fairly certain that at least some of our desires will be fulfilled – at least, sooner or later! There are a lot of new pez planned for 2022 that we can look forward to!

To ring in the New Year, PEZ released 2022 Gold Candy Brick Mascot Pez with Happy New Year 2022 printed on the stem. Approximately 1011 of these limited edition pez were exclusives distributed by Pez International and the remaining 1011 were distributed exclusively through the USA pez website or the visitors center. The USA releases were limited to 1 per person and they sold out very quickly. We have just a few of the USA releases available mint on card. We will also have the 2022 Happy New Year Pez loose from Europe arriving soon!  

Happy New Year 2022 Gold Candy Brick Mascot        Happy New Year 2022 Gold Candy Brick Mascot Pez Loose

European Limited Edition Crystal Christmas Tree pez with play codes on the stem arrived from Europe and we have these in stock now. These were available only in the European Christmas Advent Calendar boxed sets, but we have them loose and ready to display!

European Crystal Christmas Tree Pez Loose

Money Heist Pez have been released in the USA on a different card that says Netflix Money Heist rather than the European version that says La Casa de Papel which came with cherry pez in Gold Bar candy packs. The Opaque hood Dali and Crystal hood Dali pez are in stock now, mint on card with cherry flavored pez candy, but the wrappers are not designed to look like gold bars. For those who would like gold bar candy packs, we do have some of the European Gold candy packs with cherry flavored pez available.

Money Heist Pez Pair MOC    European Gold Candy Packs

We received our first order of The Office Gift tins, but they sold out quickly. More are now on the way. We have been anxiously waiting for The Office Twin Packs which were supposed to begin shipping from Pez September 1. We finally received an invoice December 30, which means our order for The Office tins and twin packs are shipping to us now! We  expect to receive the tins and twin packs early next week and when we have them physically in our possession, we will list them as available in the Pez Collectors Store!

The Office Pez Gift Tin

The Office Pez Twin Packs

TA Petro has a new promotional truck pez! It looks quite similar to the previous version, but the new pez has the TA logo in a blue box on the card and on the side of the trailer. We will have these in stock soon!

2020 TA Petro Promotional Pez   2021 TA Petro Promotional Pez

The White Bear with kiss on his forehead is new for Valentine’s Day, 2022. These should be available soon in the Pez Collectors Store!

Valentines Day White Bear with Kiss Pez

The European Hello Kitty with Puppy pez set is on the way to us and we hope that shipment delivery times improve now that the holiday season is over. The set of 3 includes Hello Kitty with LOVE printed on the stem, Hello Kitty with paw prints on the stem and the new full body Hello Kitty Puppy.

European Hello Kitty Puppy Pez

The Pez Visitors Center celebrated its 10th Anniversary in December, 2021 and to celebrate, they released a limited numbered edition of 1000 exclusive 10th Anniversary Cupcake pez. These were available through the Visitors Center, or by lottery invitation. There was a limited window to sign up for the lottery drawing, then collectors had to wait patiently, hoping to receive a magic email saying you were randomly selected to purchase one of these dispensers. The 10th Anniversary Cupcake has a blue stem printed with 10 Years Pez Visitors Center.

Pez Visitors Center 10th Anniversary Cupcake Pez    

If you were not able to get one of these, don’t despair, because the cupcake pez will be released as a flow in to the Pez Treats assortment beginning January 15! The Treats version of the Cupcake pez comes on a purple stem, but the cupcake itself is the same sweet cuteness! We will have these in stock soon!

Pez Treats Cupcake Pez

The Care Bears pez assortment is scheduled to be released January 1, 2022. We hope that there is not a delay and that our order will be filled so that we will have these in stock within a few weeks if not sooner! Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, Grumpy Bear and Share Bear are included in the assortment and these are full body Bears with their symbols on their bellies!

Care Bears Pez Assortment

Mickey with a Red Baseball cap with Mickey silhouette and Minnie with a blue polka-dot bow are expected to be released as part of the Mickey and Friends Assortment beginning January 15. We will have these in stock as soon as possible!

2022 Mickey and Minnie Pez

February 1 is the first scheduled ship date for Sonic the Hedgehog. He comes in an assortment with Knuckles and Tails and these are a great tribute to the Sega video game! Our order is in place and we will get these in stock in the Pez Collectors Store in February!

Sonic Pez Assortment

Batman Twin packs are scheduled for release February 1. Batman has a new mold and the twin pack will feature the modern black hood and cape Batman and the retro Blue hood and cape Batman with the bat emblem in the yellow oval.

Batman Pez Twin Pack

Other USA releases scheduled for the year include:

  • March 1 – Doctor Strange in the Marvel Assortment
  • April 15 – Buzz Lightyear assortment to include Buzz Space Ranger, Buzz XL – 14 Suit and Sox
  • April 15 – Mandalorian, Grogu and a new Boba Fett assortment
  • June 1 – E.T. Mini Pez Twin Pack with brown and red hood versions
  • June 1 – Mini Mickey and Mini Mickey with Blue Ballcap Backpack Clips twin cards
  • July 1 – Animal Crossing assortment with Isabelle, Tom Nook and K. K. Slider
  • July 1 – LOL Surprise Series 3 with 9 new characters (3 dolls in popular, fancy and rare versions)
  • August 1 – Game of Thrones twin pack pairs with Jon Snow and Dragon and Daenerys with Dragon
  • September 1 – Black Panther Gift Tin with the Black Panther and 3 additional new dispensers
  • September 1 – Mandalorian Pez Gift Tin with Fennec Shand exclusive dispenser
  • September 1 – Grogu in Pram in Mandalorian Twin Pack and Assortment

There will undoubtedly be a few surprises along the way and more information will be available for sharing after the Sweets and Snacks Expo. We will share images of these new pez 30 days prior to the first scheduled ship dates or earlier if possible!

Pez International will be sharing the 2022 International/European Pez Brochure after the ISM show in Cologne January 30 – February 2. Last month, we shared information about the upcoming European Emoji pez release coming soon.

European 2022 Emoji Pez Assortment

Here is a sneak peek of the Pezimals assortment coming in Spring. The first dispensers in this potentially unlimited assortment include a Monkey, a Giraffe and what has been called an Elephant (it is grey, but it doesn’t have very big ears or a very long trunk and has a cute little tuft on the top of its head). Since the Pezimals Assortment is whatever design Pez chooses, they can make the animals look anyway they want and can make any animals they choose to add to the assortment! Thanks to Pez Palz Blogspot for sharing these images!

European Pezimals Set MOC

European Pezimals Loose

New My Little Pony Pez are also being planned for release in Europe in the third quarter of 2022. Sunny and Izzy are in the works and collectors were asked to vote for their favorite between Pipp, Zipp or Hitch. Who will be chosen?

2022 European My Little Pony Pez

Europe will also have updated versions of Disney Princess Snow White and Cinderella pez for 2022. We will share more information about European 2022 releases as soon as the International catalog is released!

As you switch over to the new calendar for 2022, be sure to add the dates for the 2022 Pez Conventions! In the USA, the dates of a few of the larger conventions are as follows:

That is all the news we have for you this month! We wish you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year! 

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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