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January 2008 Newsletter

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Thank you for subscribing to the Pez Collectors Store Newsletter! We know that it has been a while (a long while) since we have done a news letter, but we have been very busy working on updates to make the webstore as up to date as possible. The past several months we have been very busy with stocking the store and adding items to inventory! If you have not visited in a while, you will be surprised by all the new additions! We have even been fortunate enough to add some new ‘old’ stuff previously available only through online and mail-in orders from Pez. These retired pieces are the last of the inventory according to Pez Co, so now is your chance to get them while you still can.

We have also just moved to a new, more reliable server and have updated the shopping cart to provide you with new features such as a one page checkout and a shipping estimator on the same page as your shopping cart, making it much easier for you to know the total cost of items in your cart. We have also added the ability to accept credit card payment directly, rather than having to go through PayPal. Of course, you can still use PayPal to send payment with a credit card, from your PayPal balance or through e-Check from your checking account.

The updated webstore bringing you these new features and all of the computer 'techy' work was done by my oldest son, Todd Jordan. I am deeply grateful to him for all his hours of work in developing this awesome site!

Many new Pez have been added to the Pez Collectors Store and more are being added daily! Be sure to check back often for all the newest Pez as well as the older pez you still need for your collection!

Recent Pez Dispenser Releases! A lot has been happening recently in the Pez world! 2007 added many new characters to the Pez lineup and 2008 promises to bring many more.

For those who may have missed them, Bee Movie pez were recently released and include the characters Vanessa, Barry B. Benson, Adam and “Buzz” the Pollen Jock. These are very cute dispensers and have been a big hit!

Golden Compass is a dynamite new release that features Mrs. Coulter's daemon the Golden Monkey, Iorek the armored Bear, Lyra's daemon Pantalaimon or Pan, and the King of the Ice Bears. This set of 4 are a great looking Pez release based on the Golden Compass movie that came out in December, 2007!

Also recently added for sale are the Tanker Rigs! Pez Tanker trucks with a rounded trailer were released in 2005 as a European Pez release with a few released only in bag in the USA. The big problem with releasing these in the USA was that they would not fit properly on the card inside the bubbles of a USA card and they completely fill the polybag when packaged with 2 candy packs. These redesigned semi-trucks called Rigs have rolling wheels and the tankers have large smoke stacks and yellow headlight on the cab, and the tanker truck rounded trailer. One has a green cab and blue tanker trailer, the other has a red cab with a black tanker trailer.

Hello Kitty added a 5th character – Chococat! Chococat has replaced Hello Kitty with Rabbit and this new character now is displayed on the counter display box.

Disney Princess gift sets were released in fall with two new, supposedly exclusive characters – Pocahontas and Mulan joined Snow White and the previously released Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Jasmine from Aladdin, Cinderella, Ariel from Little Mermaid and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Information from Pez Co reported that Pocahontas and Mulan would be available only in the gift set, but our recent cases of Disney Princesses have included these two characters in individual bags. We were certainly surprised, but this is great news for collectors who like to display loose or to keep their pez mint in bag! Now, the choice is yours!

A fabulous new licensed item is the Pez for Pets Dog Treat Dispenser. These are almost as large as the giant dispensers measuring about 9 inches tall and they come in two different versions - both adorable. One is the Smiling Beagle and the other is a Toothy St. Bernard. These dispensers are designed to dispense bone shaped dog treats and come with a starter pack of 6 treats. Who would have thought of this? These make a great addition to the pez collection!

Of course, 2007 also brought us the Meet the Robinsons featuring Wilbur, Lewis, Carl the Robot and Bowler Hat Guy, the Best of Disney Pixar including Nemo from Finding Nemo, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, and Mike and Sully from Monsters, Ratatouille with Remi, Emile, Skinner and Linguini, as well as the release of Shrek the Third in the USA! Of course, Elvis made a big hit in the Gift Set with CD, and three new footballs were added to the NCAA lineup – Louisville Cardinals, Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Ohio State Buckeye football pez were added.

Anticipated New Pez Releases - Coming Soon!

Christmas is barely over and the new Valentines are coming out! We expect our shipment to arrive on or before January 7 and we will have them up in the Current US Holidays Valentines section. Pez Co has outdone themselves this year bringing you Crystal Valentines! Red Crystal and Pink Crystal Valentines will come in all 13 different sayings, there is new black writing and new fonts on the Maroon, Purple and Pink valentines as well! That is a lot of new Valentines for those who like to have each variation!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is now on its way to us as well! The word on the street is that the old molds were wearing out, so they have been retooled and the pad printing process has been updated, giving the characters a slightly different look. Minnie Mouse now has a different bow, her eyes are outlined in black, Donald’s hat has changed, and the other characters also have a new updated look, while moving back to a more classic look than was seen with the Extremes. These should be arriving in the next couple of weeks and we will get them photographed and available for sale in the Current US Disney Classics category!

Mickey's 80th Anniversary Gift Tin is scheduled for release in January. Mickey will be 80 years old in 2008 and to celebrate, a set of three Mickey Mouse Pez have been made featuring full figure Mickey on a band box or stage. The first is Steamboat Willie from 1928, then a Mickey Mouse from 1940 and the current version of Mickey from 2000. The gift tin will include all three versions of Mickey as well as a DVD, all in a Mickey Mouse shaped Gift tin with great big Mickey Ears! 

Major League Baseball is scheduled for February 1. So far, it looks like there will be 7 teams--Giants, Dodgers, Orioles, Yankees, Red Sox, Braves and Cubs in this first release. These will come on cards featuring the team’s logo, much like the NCAA Football pez. The rumor is that eventually all 30 Major League Baseball teams will be added to the set! Wow, that is a lot of inventory for us and a lot of new dispensers for you!

Kung Fu Panda is set for April 1. There is no word yet on what characters will be included in the set but Pez has a lot to choose from. The movie characters are supposed to include Po the Giant Panda, Master Monkey, Shifu the Red Panda, Tigress the South China Tiger, Master Viper, Tai Lung the Snow Leopard, Master Crane, Master Mantis the Praying Mantis, Comander Vachir the Javan Rhino, Mr. Ping the Goose, Zeng the Palace Goose, and Oogway the tortoise. That should give Pez Co plenty to choose from, so we will see what they decide to add to the set of Pez characters!

Batman and Villains is due out May 1. We are anxious to see if Batman will finally get his emblem on his stem and who knows what evil villains will appear in this set!

Pirates of The Carribbean scheduled for June 1. We are really excited about this set as the preliminary info suggests that these may have the ‘real’ people look that was seen in Elvis and the OCC guys. These should be awesome!

Disney Fairies comes around July 1. Again, no word yet on which Fairies will be included, but Tinkerbelle is expected to be one of them. What a lovely addition these will be!

Star Trek Gift Set sometime in Fall. Oh yeah! Here we go! Maybe all of the different Captains? Spock? Doc McCoy? This gift set is supposed to be similar to the Star Wars gift sets released a few years ago, and we can’t wait – it should be great!

Winnie The Pooh Gift Set with two new characters is due Sept 1, but so far we have not heard what those characters will be, nor how it will be packaged. 

What a year of new Pez we have to look forward to!

Again, we appreciate your interest in the Pez Collectors Store and the newsletter. That is the latest news I have received, and the rumors that I have heard for now! I hope that you find this information helpful. Please email me at with any comments, suggestions or questions!

Be sure to visit the store at for new Pez additions!

Wishing you a Pezzant day!

Chris Jordan

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