February 2017 Newsletter

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2017 is off to a great start with new pez being released in the USA and lots of information about the upcoming releases in Europe. It looks like it will be a great year for pez collectors everywhere! Check out all that is in store for this year.

The Smurfs pez have finally arrived in the Pez Collectors Store. We were originally told they would begin shipping to us January 1, but apparently Pez Co. had to honor their contracts with 2 (large) customers first, so the orders for everyone else were delayed. Our order has arrived now and the new Lost Village Smurfs assortment looks great. These are different molds than previous series of Smurfs, so this is Smurfs Series 3 or C, if the click n’ play versions are not counted.

Smurfs The Lost Village Pez Assortment

We received an update from our Pez Sales Rep regarding the crystal emoji. The update indicated that the devilish emoji in the assortment was supposed to be a crystal head, but the factory in China made the first batch opaque by mistake. We are told that they are producing the crystal head now and the crystal heads will be ‘flowed’ into the mix once they arrive in the USA. I am not sure how long it will take until we begin seeing the crystal devilish, but I am thrilled that it is still coming and it will be awesome to have both variations available!

Crystal Devilish Emoji Coming Soon  New Pez Emojis

The European Chillin’ moji on an orange stem is on its way to us from abroad. In the USA, the Chillin’ emoji is on a red stem, but the European release of the same head comes on an orange stem. We love variations to a point – ok, 13 different heads each on 5 different stem colors like the Funky Faces was a bit extreme, but one USA vs. European variation is fun! The Euro Chillin’ moji pez should arrive very soon!

European Chillin' on Orange Stem

We are looking forward to the DC Super Hero Girls Pez, scheduled for release March 1, 2017 in the USA. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Batgirl are awesome pez and a great addition for pez collectors! The same set will be released in Europe in July, but with Pez Play Codes printed on the stems, so these will be variations for those who collect stem variations.

DC Super Hero Girls Pez Assortment

Also scheduled for release March 1 is a DC Super Hero Girls twin pack. We have our order placed and will have these in stock just as soon as possible!

DC Super Hero Girls Pez Twin Pack

The Smurfs Click N’ Play Gift Tin is also scheduled for release in the USA March 1. This mushroom shaped gift tin includes the 4 Smurfs click n’ play pez, thought to be the same as those released in Europe in 2014, and it includes a gameboard for interactive play. The Smurfs Click N’ Play Gift tin also comes with Sourz Blue Raspberry candy! The design is greatly updated and changed from the concept that was shown on display at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in 2016, but we really like the tin better than the paper box and this tin looks great on all sides!

Smurfs Click n' Play Pez Assortment

Smurfs Click n' Play Pez Tin

We are hearing rumors of a new NHL Canadian exclusive pez release coming soon. No word yet on when it is coming or how many different dispensers or what they will look like. This is the 100th anniversary of the NHL, so it is bound to be something great!

NHL 100th Anniversary Logo

Pez International has released the 2017 Sales Catalog showing the European Pez releases scheduled for 2017.

The Nintendo Pez set has already been released and the current assortment includes Mario and Yoshi from the previously released set (sadly, Toad is not included any longer) with the addition of Princess Peach and Donkey Kong. These are available now in the Pez Collectors Store.

European Princess Peach and Donkey Kong Pez   European Super Mario Brothers Pez Assortment

The PEZ Mojis set in Europe includes Chillin’ on an orange stem (it is on a red stem in the USA), Love, Happy and LOL’ing. These same dispensers have already been released in the USA as Pez emojis. It is interesting to note the names used for the series. The original Australian releases were called Emoticons, the USA calls the assortment Pez Emojis and this newest assortment in Europe is called Pez mojis.

European Pez Mojis

Smurfs 3 pez have been released in Europe at approximately the same time they were available in the USA. The images are the same as those in the USA, just on different cards and with European Pez candies.

European Smurfs Pez Mint on Card

Hello Kitty will be released in early February and we are anxiously waiting for our order to begin shipping to us. The new assortment includes 4 new dispensers with new color schemes – Hello Kitty sitting with a purple bow and purplish pink top, Hello Kitty with Heart with a light pink bow and a dark pink heart, Hello Kitty Pink with pink bow with tiny dark pink polka dots and matching stem, and Hello Kitty Purple with a light purple bow and matching light purple stem with white hearts printed on it. The Pink and Purple Hello Kitty were originally scheduled to begin flowing into the assortments beginning May 1, but it is looking like that plan has been nixed by Pez Co.

European Hello Kitty Pez 2107

In mid-March, Europe will release the Paw Patrol pez – Chase and Skye with Marshall becoming available in the 3rd quarter. The USA will get the Paw Patrol Chase and Skye, available May 1 with an additional pup (which we expect will be Marshall) possibly coming later in the year. A sneak preview of Marshall was photographed at the ISM in Cologne by Uwe Sauerland.

European Paw Patrol Pez   Paw Patrol Marshall Pez

In April, the European Transformer Robots in Disguise pez (Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Grimlock) will become interactive with PEZ Play codes printed on their stems so you can scan the codes and play games using the PEZ Play app. The only difference between the previously released European and USA Transformers Robots in Disguise will be the interactive Pez Play code on the stem.

Transformers Pez Play Scan Code    European Transformers Pez with Pez Play Codes

The Despicable Me 3 European pez assortment will be released in April and will include the new Jerry Dispenser. Jerry has 2 eyes, stubble hair, a cockeyed grin and a thinner blue collar than Dave and Stuart, who will also be included in the mix. In the USA, Jerry will be available May 19, along with Gru, plus Dave, Stuart and Agnes as standard size pez in polybag and cards. A tri-pack boxed set with a mini Jerry, mini Stuart and Gru with Banana flavored pez candy will also be available at the same time in the USA.

European Despicable Me 3 Pez

The Best of Nickelodeon pez assortment will be released in Europe in mid-June. This assortment will include Chase and Skye from Paw Patrol, Spongebob on a green stem and Raphael from TMNT. Paw Patrol Chase and Skye will be released in the USA May 1.

European Best of Nickelodeon Pez Assortment

The DC Super Hero Girls will be released in Europe with interactive Pez Play codes in July. The dispensers will be the same as those released in the USA March 1, except the stems will be printed with the Pez Play codes.

European Super Hero Girls Pez Play Scan Codes   European DC Super Hero Girls with Pez Play Codes

In late August, My Little Pony Pez will be re-released in Europe. There is some indication that they may also come with Pez Play codes on the stems. The 4 dispensers include Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.

In September, Justice League Pez including the previously released European versions of Batman, Superman, plus Flash will be released. The Flash appears to be the same as the Flash already available in the USA. There is no mention of the Aquaman that we expect to be released October 6 in the USA.

European Justice League Pez

In October, Yo-Kai Watch pez Komajiro, Jibanyan, Komasan and Robonyan will be released in Europe. This set should be a lot of fun! There is no mention of these being released in the USA at this time.

European Yo-Kai Watch Pez

The European catalog does show a logo for the Star Wars VIII (now Star Wars VIII is titled The Last Jedi), but no pez photos are included. In the USA, BB-8 and Rey will be added to the Star Wars assortment in April. In September, we expect to get a new Hans Solo (exclusively available in the Millennium Falcon Gift Tin), along with BB-8 and Rey, plus 3 additional new dispensers from Episode VIII The Last Jedi. None of these are included on the European Launch Plan, but they could still be coming to Europe as well.

Star Wars Episode VIII

The European catalog also shows the Secret Life of Pets, Angry Birds, Trolls, Disney Princess, Frozen, Mickey Clubhouse and the Best of Pixar pez, all of which are current releases.

For the Holidays, Europe will be releasing the new Easter Lamb on a full stem as well as on a mini stem in Easter Eggs, just like the ones scheduled for release in the USA.

Easter Lamb Pez     Mini Pez Easter Eggs

For Halloween, Europe will have the new Mummy, also scheduled for release in the USA.

Mummy Pez

For Christmas, Europe will be getting the blue Penguin. It is shown in the catalog as “NEW” but it is the same as the Penguin released in the USA in 2014 Christmas tubes and in 2015 in polybag and on card. The USA version in 2016 was the same dispenser but in green instead of blue.

Blue Penguin Pez

Europe will have several different twin packs – Trolls, Angry Birds, Transformers and Hello Kitty. They will also release a new Despicable Me 3 lunchbox tin with Jerry, Dave and Stuart and will continue the My Little Pony Lunchbox tin.

European Trolls Pez Twin PackEuropean Pez Twin Packs

Despicable Me Pez Lunch Box Tin  Despicable Me Pez Gift Tin back

It is going to be a great year for the USA and for Europe when it comes to new pez, and for those who collect variations, the addition of PEZ Play codes to dispensers means even more to collect!

It is not too late to get registered for the 16th Los Angeles PezCific Coast Pez Convention, but you better hurry because the price goes up for registrations postmarked after Feb. 3! Maheba Merhi has announced that this will be her last year as hostess for the PezCific convention, but never fear, someone else is lined up to take over. Given the fabulous foundation Maheba and her family have already laid for this convention, whoever takes over is likely to have continued success! We look forward to seeing you in sunny California – a welcome break from the winter blues elsewhere in the country!

Pezcific Coast Convention

That is all the news this month but we will have more to share with you next month when we can share more about Star Wars and Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy pez releases scheduled for April release! Until then, happy pezzing!

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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