Droopy A Moveable Ear Pez 3.9 thin feet Transition Stem

This Droopy A with moveable ears sits on a very unusual experimental transition stem. This is a 3.9 patent stem with thin feet! The depth of the spine is the same as the depth of the channel, the same as a no feet stem, but the feet were added to the mold for this stem. This is seen occasionally on some 3.9 transition stems. The copyright on Droopy's head is MGM 1980 and 3.9 patents were in use by that time, so it is likely that old molds were used to experiment with adding feet and this stem is an example of that experimentation. This Droopy A has moveable ears and a full head of hair (not flat in the back like it was shaved off as seen in some of the later Droopy B versions). This is an awesome transition piece and shows a great deal of Pez history! The dispenser is in excellent condition!

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