December 2020 PCS Newsletter

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The last month of the year is finally here! As much as 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, we have enjoyed a lot of great pez releases. There are more to look forward to coming in December and into 2021! As many of us continue to social distance and ride out the pandemic, all the pez you are looking for can be delivered to your door, ordered from the safety of your home! The Pez Collectors Store looks forward to helping you fill those stockings and wish lists for all those on your shopping lists!

Today is the 10th Anniversary of “Bring Your Pez to Work Day”, officially started November 30, 2010 by an employee at the Providence Journal in Rhode Island. Who knew back then that many would be working from home which makes it infinitely more convenient to Bring your Pez to Work! It is also a great time to reorganize and display your pez! We have the perfect solutions to your display needs – grandstands in 21” for shelves or 29.5” lengths for Billy Cabinets, 6 Shelf Adjustable Wall Displays with or without cover doors, Plastic Display Cylinders for Cello and other really special pez, and one size fits all shoes for Pez to help those without feet to stand tall and proud! Visit us in the Pez Collectors Store for all your display needs!

Grandstand for Pez

Covered Wall Display for Pez

Display Cylinder for Pez  

  Wide shoes for sideways facing pez

PAMP Suisse Gingerbread man Pez and Silver candy bricks are arriving today! This is the third Silver Pez boxed set released, and the silver candy bricks will feature the Gingerbread man. This limited edition of only 3000 Pez Gingerbread Man with 6 pez candies made with 5 grams of silver comes in a boxed set and is available now through the Pez Collectors Store. The front of the 5-gram Pez Candy features the weight and purity of the bar, sandwiched between the letters P.A.M.P and a Gingerbread Man on the front. The back of the Silver Pez Candy bricks displays the iconic PEZ logo. The silver candies are in a plastic box with the PEZ logo on the lid of the box. Each box has a certificate of authenticity.  We will have these in stock just as soon as they are physically in hand!

PAMP Suisse Pez Gingerbread Man Silver boxed set  Gingerbread Man Silver Pez Candy Brick

European Christmas pez with Play Codes printed on the stems are in stock. The assortment includes the 2020 Santa Clause, a Gingerbread Man on a green stem, the Blonde Angel, and the Christmas Tree, all with Play Codes printed on the stems. The set comes loose with a Play Code instruction sheet.

2020 European Christmas Pez with Play Codes

The 2020 Christmas Polar Bear in tube is available now in the Pez Collectors Store. This cute new bear wears a red and green stocking cap like the previous polar bear, but both ears are showing.

2020 Christmas Polar Bear Pez in Tube

Baby Yoda has a name! Grogu, previously known as The Child, is now a pez on full size stem and they are now in stock, mint on card with pez candies. This Grogu on a full size stem joins the Mandalorian Pez Twin pack with full size Mandalorian and Grogu on a mini stem. Adapting to the new name is going to be hard! Whatever size stem, he will always be Baby Yoda to me!

The Child Baby Yoda Grogu on full size stem Pez on Card

A new Minnie Mouse pez with a red stem and a red bow with white polka dots is in stock. This is the new mold for Minnie Mouse and she is shown for comparison alongside the Rock the Dots version which also has a red bow with white polka dots, but is the older mold.

2020 Minnie Mouse with Polka Dot Bow Pez

Blue’s Clues Pez Twin Packs with Blue and Magenta are available now. We offer the pair in the pez twin pack or loose and ready to display for those who prefer to save on shipping!

Blue's Clues Pez Twin Pack  Blue and Magenta Pez Loose

2020 Wawa is in stock. This year’s promotional truck features a white Wawa logo, white Wawa goose and white snowflakes on a red background on a red trailer with a red cab. The sticker also says 2020 edition. These come mint on card with pez candies.

2020 Wawa Promotional Truck Pez

European Oktoberfest pez are back in stock. The Pez candy brick mascots are dressed as Oktoberfest boy and girl pair. Hans is wearing Bavarian lederhosen and Resi wears a dirndl in a classic Oktoberfest style! The pair comes loose and ready to display!

European Oktoberfest Pez Pair Loose

LOL Surprise Series 2 pez are available in 12 count counter display boxes and the series 2 box is included! The blue wrapper is completely opaque so it is a complete surprise which pez are in the counter display box. We also offer a guaranteed set of 3 different dolls and the surprise is which variation you will get – Stylin’, Special or Super the variation.

12 count LOL Surprise 2 Pez with Display   LOL Surprise 2 - 9 different Pez

Guaranteed Set of 3 different LOL Series 2 Pez

European 44 Cats Lampo, Meatball and Milady are in stock in the Pez Collectors Store. These characters are from the Buffycats musical group staring in the Italian animated children’s television series. Cute kittens are always popular and these European pez dispensers are, too!

European 44 Cats Pez Set

We have a few M2 Pez themed 1987 Ford Mustang GT models available along with the pez themed M2 VW Beetle. Hurry, the few we have won’t last long! We will add more to inventory as we are able to get them in stock!

M2 Pez Themed 1987 Ford Mustang GT Model

M2 Machines Pez Themed VW Beetle car

Pez Face Masks feature a blue burst design complete with the PEZ Logo and candy tablets. They have a 100% polyester face with anti-microbial treated polyester inner, for non-medical use. We have just a few of the medium youth size 8.25” wide x 5’ high masks available now.

Pez Face Mask

Ace Hardware has released a new promotional truck featuring a full, upright gallon of Clark Kensington paint. These are expected to arrive on Thursday, Dec. 3 and we will have them available as soon as we physically have them in hand.

2020 Ace Hardware Clark Kensington Pez Truck

Peeps are coming in yellow, pink and blue versions! These cute Easter Peeps Pez are supposed to begin shipping December 15 so we should have them in stock within a week or so after that.

Peeps Pez

Marvel Eternals Pez are also scheduled to begin shipping soon. The set includes Kro, Ikaris, Sersi and Celestial. The Eternals is a race of immortal beings who lived on earth and shaped its history and civilization. These will be available in twin packs with Ikaris and Sersi, and with Kro and Celestial, and will be available individually in polybag! Sorry, pictures are still not available, but we will have these soon!

Marvel Eternals

The Treats Pez Assortment will be released January 15, 2021. This set includes Pizza, Hamburger and Taco pez! These will be available as soon as they are released.

Pez Treats Assortment

The 2021 ISM Sweets and Snacks show in Cologne, Germany has been canceled due to the COVID pandemic. This international candy trade show is an opportunity for companies to show their product line for the upcoming year and Pez International always has a booth to display the pez scheduled for release through the year. Sadly, we won’t be getting sneak peeks at the lineup due to the cancellation, but Pez International releases a catalog of their products, so we will share that information as soon as the catalog is released next year! Meanwhile, we have a few early announcements for first quarter releases.

ISM Logo

European Hello Kitty Pez with Bee hats are scheduled for release early next year. The set has Hello Kitty with a bee bonnet and flower on a light pink stem that says Hello Kitty, on a fuscia pink stem that says BEE happy and a crystal Hello Kitty with bow on a yellow stem that says Just BEE you. We have our order placed and will have these in stock as soon as possible!

European Hello Kitty Bee Pez Assortment

Europe has plans to release a new Disney Animal Friends set which will include Simba from Lion King, Penny from 101 Dalmatians, a new Bambi with a different mold and a new Dumbo pez. These are scheduled for release during the first quarter of 2021 and we have our order placed.

European Disney Animals Pez

Funko Mr. Monopoly, Operation Sam and Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robot POP Pez are in stock. These are available as a convenient bundle or individually! Get your game on!

Funko Games POP! PEZ Bundle

Naruto Silver Special Edition POP! PEZ are due to arrive on Thursday, Dec. 3. The Silver Special Edition sticker is reserved for US retailer exclusives that have been made available to an international retailer as well. The US retailer for these was GameStop and they all have the GameStop exclusive sticker. These are the Silver Special Edition versions.

Naruto Silver Special Edition POP! PEZ

Funko is releasing a POP! PEZ twin pack with Mandalorian and the Child POP! PEZ. We have these ordered, but the expected date of arrival is still up in the air, though we expect to have them soon.

Mandalorian and the Child POP! PEZ Twin Pack

There have been several exclusive POP! PEZ releases. The Disney Holiday set is an Amazon boxed set exclusive featuring Piglet and Pooh both wearing Santa hats.

Amazon Exclusive Holiday Pooh and Piglet POP! Pez

GameStop has a Venomized Fantastic Four Mystery Box with one of four different POP! PEZ - Venomized Silver Surfer and Venomized Dr. Doom, in regular and Metallic versions.

Venomized Dr. Doom and Silver Surfer regular and Metallic POP! PEZ

The next Virtual Pez Convention will take place on December 12. Visit for all the details to join the final VPC event of 2020.

Virtual Pez Convention Logo

That’s all the news for this month! Wishing everyone the Happiest of Holidays. Stay safe and healthy and have a very Merry Christmas. Until next year, Happy Pezzing!

All the best,
Chris Jordan

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