D Series Joe Somers Truck Pez

The D series trucks are an interesting series. They feature semi trucks with non-rolling wheels in 32 different variations of colored cabs and trailers. There is also a series of Joe's trucks. These 32 D series trucks are named after Joe Somers, an entrepreneur from Chicago who contracted with Pez Candy, Inc. to have a set of unique D series trucks produced for his exclusive sales. This special production of D series trucks were made with black cabs and silver cabs in each of the 4 standard (R1, R2, R3 and R4) styles, with white trailers and glow in the dark trailers, with red wheels or with orange wheels. Like the standard D series trucks, the color of the rear wheel fender matches the color of the cab. After producing Joe's exclusive trucks, Pez Company then did another run of Misfit trucks that also come with a black cab and a silver cab on a white trailer or on a glow in the dark trailer. These have non-rolling wheels in orange and in red. The difference between Joe's trucks and the Misfit trucks sold by Pez Candy through mail order is that the misfit trucks have a fender that matches the trailer (white or glow in the dark), while Joe's truck fenders match the color of the cab, much like the regular D series trucks do. This makes a set of 32 different Misfit trucks and 32 different Joe's trucks.
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