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Mattel's Barbie pez assortment for 2024 includes diverse Barbies - Curly haired, dark skinned Barbie, Blonde long hair, light skinned Barbie, Brown hair, tanned Barbie and Lavender hair in Ponytail Barbie. 

(image for) 2024 USA Barbie Pez Set of 4 Mint in Bag
2024 USA Barbie Pez Set of 4 Mint in Bag
The USA Barbie pez released in 2024 have a new wardrobe compared to the ones released in the USA in the purse shaped tins in 2012 and the ones released in 2018 in Europe. The molds are all new with new updated hair styles and clothing. The eyes are more normal size than the previous release, the mouths are closed and no teeth are seen. Barbie with purple hair and ponytail, a black Barbie with black curly hair, blonde barbie and brunette barbie are all new for 2023, when...

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